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Can you pay people to write essays

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business plan vision The idea of a business plan is very comforting. Pay People To Write! It makes people feel safe and secure to know that there is thesis higher education, a plan guiding business activities in can you pay people essays the “right” way. But why is it that business plans almost never come to life? Why do almost all of music persuasive essay, them, once written, sit on a shelf and gather dust, while the futures they describe never see the light of day, and the businesses they describe wobble their way into their uncertain futures? From the E-Myth perspective, a business plan is pay people, flawed right from the start unless it’s based on the right intention. In order for a business plan to workto truly be usefulit must be based on writing speech your business vision. Can You Pay People To Write Essays! Your vision is informal group, your dream for the future of the business and can you pay people to write, the path you will take to make it a reality. No matter what stage of the business development cycle your business is in (infancy, adolescence, or maturity), as the leader of the organization, your vision should be absolutely clear, it should describe where you are going and what the destination will be like. A business without a vision is directionless.

It lacks purpose and heart. Essays On Humanism! It lacks the essential idea from can you to write essays, which commitment, growth and the sense of personal achievement arise and flourish. The same holds true for persuasive essay, a business plan created without vision. Your business plan is the link between the work of your business and the vision that work is pay people essays, intended to produce. Your business plan needs your vision to make it come alive, to make it a reality.

And similarly, your vision needs the music persuasive form, direction, and clarity of a business plan to give it relevance to the day-to-day operation of your business. Writing a traditional business plan is usually precipitated by one of two thoughts: either 1) we’d better write a business plan because “that’s what successful businesses do,” or 2) we need to write a business plan if we want to go out and borrow some money. Can You Pay People Essays! Most business plans, therefore, are developed from writing, a head-centered place. In other words, they’re analytical and they’re dry. They’re full of charts and graphs and cerebral motivation which don’t appeal to emotions at all. A plan that starts in the head, based purely on logic and reason, lacks passion, excitement and purpose. As we all know, humans make choices based on emotions. That’s why we always advise, when attracting and to write essays, converting new customers, to an introduction speech appeal to their emotional mind rather than their rational mind.

It’s the emotional part of the mind that makes the can you pay people to write essays buying decisions. Doesn’t it then make sense that your business plan should inspire that same kind of emotional “buy in” with your employees, lenders, investors etc.? In contrast, a business plan that’s based on your business vision is propelled forward because you want it to work, as the expression says, with all your heart. In fact, you can also think of it as a heart-centered plan. Your vision-based business plan is informal essay, a statement of your vision and a current description of the main strategies and tactics you’ll use to to write make your vision come true. From the strategies and tactics discussed in your plan, each department and position will be able to develop the additional strategies, tactics, and systems to essay achieve their results and, ultimately, the strategic objective of the can you to write essays company. Here are some “productive points of view” about planning that will make it a truly worthwhile endeavor: Start with what’s important to you.

A mediocre plan that you (and others) feel passionately about will serve you better than a technically superior plan that you don’t feel strongly about. Approach planning as more of an art than a science. Professionally-formatted plans with tons of quantification and data can give a false impression of certainty and precision. Use your best thinking when you plan, but don’t forget that even the diplomatic immunity best thinking involves educated guesswork. Create a planning framework that accommodates change. Don’t think of your plan as a rigid, “final product” with every detail pinned down. Think of it more as a series of can you pay people to write essays, guideposts of key topics to focus attention on and targets to aim for. Treat the plan as a living, growing document.

Review it, evaluate it, and revise it. Keep questioning your assumptions. Persuasive Essay! Stay flexible and open to change. A traditional business plan simply won’t give you the results you want or need because nobody’s committed to working it. The business plan that always works may look a lot like the pay people traditional business plan; you could put them side by side and not notice any difference. But their appearance is where the similarity ends. A business plan based on informal essay vision, enthusiasm and purpose will trump your traditional business plan every time. (Ready to revisit your business plan? Sign up for the next Business Plan 101 virtual seminar and we'll show you how to approach it from the pay people to write essays E-Myth perspective.) How do you use your business plan? Is it a living document that helps guide your vision or has it been on a shelf since you completed it? Post a comment and tell us about it. This article made me laugh.

Reminds me of the business plan I found in a dusty old file cabinet when I worked for the division of a Fortune 500 company. Online Tool! It was slick with graphics and charts and data -- obviously they spent a lot of money just putting it together. I read it, and while we did some of the can you pay people to write stuff it mentioned, it certainly didn't resemble the business even though it was only immunity, a few years old. Just as this article suggests, it sat in can you a file cabinet that nobody used and in all the years I worked there, nobody even mentioned it. Writing! Submitted Sep 8, 2010 9:37 AM. I have been using a proprietary Strategic Business Planning methodology for over 25 years.

It works. Can You To Write Essays! The ideas in this article are completely valid based on my experiences. Your plan should act like your GPS where updates /modifications are part of the process. Implementation is the key to a successful plan. Everyone must be committed to essays do their part and execute the plan. I have Coached more than 700 sales teams using this process and hundreds of business owners. Planning is not about writing fiction novels to essays appeal to an introduction speech your higher ups. For a business owner it is a critical factor to success.

For more information go to. Submitted Sep 8, 2010 11:38 AM. Strategy or business plan as a road map? A strong strategy shows the chosen route to pay people to write essays reach the long term goals of your company. A strategy is a living document - a tool that is adjusted from time to time, is used to country essay decide where and how to employ resources and to evaluate if new business opportunities are to be pursued. Can You Pay People Essays! Your strategy should not be seen as a straitjacket but rather as a road map clearly pointing out the goal, describing the terrain and the chosen route under the online tool known or assumed conditions. According to Lars Bo Hansen Strategiplanen Your strategy plan should answer 4 questions: For more input to can you pay people essays vision based strategies you may want to visit.

Submitted Sep 8, 2010 11:57 AM. Strategy or business plan as a road map? A strong strategy shows the persuasive essay chosen route to reach the long term goals of your company. Pay People To Write! A strategy is a living document - a tool that is adjusted from time to time, is country essay, used to decide where and pay people to write, how to employ resources and to evaluate if new business opportunities are to be pursued. Your strategy should not be seen as a straitjacket but rather as a road map clearly pointing out the goal, describing the terrain and music persuasive, the chosen route under the known or assumed conditions.

According to can you essays Lars Bo Hansen Strategiplanen Your strategy plan should answer 4 questions: For more input to vision based strategies you may want to on humanism visit.

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oedipus guilty essay The Young Marriage of can you pay people essays, c Ai sh ah. Mother of the Believers. Muslim Answers - Orlando, Florida, All Rights Reserved. T he marriage of the Prophet Mu h ammad (P) to c Ai sh ah bint Abû Bakr when she was at quite a young age has been the focus of quite a bit of criticism in the West. Unfortunately, in this Neo-Colonialist Age of Smart bombs, MTV and the Big Mac, some of those who profess to be Muslims have themselves become critics. Many Muslims, faced with the juggernaut of allegedly universal Western liberal values that have permeated almost everyone around them, sheepishly avoid discussion of such embarrassing Islamic issues. It is country persuasive essay a keenly true observation that even though the can you pay people to write essays, European powers have pulled their colonial armies out of Muslim lands and granted them independence , an even worse plague continues. This curse is Colonialism of the Mind and it is more dangerous since it is much more subtle. Insha'Allah , this article will be a contribution to essays on humanism, making both Muslims and non-Muslims aware of not only the objective facts regarding the Prophet's (P) marriage to c Ai sh ah, but how to pay people to write essays, understand it in an introduction speech, light of Islam and life in the modern world. Regrettably, for those of can you to write essays, us trying to spread the truth of Islam in the West, we often have to agree with the on humanism, Orientalist W. Montgomery Watt when he wrote:

Of all the world's great men none has been so much maligned as Muhammad. 1. But here, for a change, were are dealing with something that is an authentic part of Islamic history, not an apocryphal or fabricated event that Westerners have been duped into believing is authentic, such as the so-called Satanic Verses incident. Can You! That a man in his fifties would marry such a young girl - especially a man who is supposed to be a living example of piety - is not only difficult for many modern Westerners to diplomatic immunity, come to terms with, but it has even gone so far as to stir up disgusting sexual misconduct charges amongst them. In the face of such criticism, Muslims have not always reacted well.

In the pay people to write essays, past century, when so many Muslims were so Westoxicated and ready to monkey Europeans in almost anything, the usual reaction was to deny the immunity, sources that reported the alleged embarrassing problem. To Muslim modernists, who argued that only a legal ruling found in the Qur'ân was Islamically valid, brushing aside this aspect of the Prophet's (P) life was rather easy. Can You! They simply denied that it had occurred and attacked the sources which reported it. Music Persuasive! Fortunately for Muslims, the apologetics of these Uncle Toms of Islam has faded to the periphery to can you, a large extent. However, there are still many Muslims out there who try to get around what they see as a problem by an introduction speech ignoring authentic Islamic sources while claiming to be followers of the Ahl as-Sunnah . (which basically means orthodox Sunni Muslims, for can you essays, those unfamiliar Islamic terminology).

Many other Muslims possibly wonder whether the group essay, story is authentic and can you essays how to understand it if it is. The Islamic Evidence Of c Ai sh ah's Marriage. Due to the apparent ignorance of many Muslims, possibly due to reading modernist apologetic literature like that mentioned above, a look at what the authentic sources of Islam say about the age at which c Ai sh ah married the Prophet (P) is in order. This way, before we move on to an online writing tool analysis of the facts, we will first establish what the authentic Islamic facts are. At this point, it should be mentioned that it is absolutely pointless from an Islamic standpoint to say that the age of c Ai sh ah is can you not found in essays on humanism, the Qur'ân , since the textual sources of Islam are made up of both the Qur'ân and pay people to write essays the Sunnah - and the Qur'ân tells us that. For those wanting (or needing) to learn more about the status of the Sunnah in Islam, please read An Introduction to the Sunnah , by Suhaib H asan.

Now in regards to what the authentic Islamic sources actually say, it may come as a disappointment to some modern and essays on humanism cultured Muslims that there are four a h âdîth in S a h î h al-Bu kh ârî and three a h âdîth in S a h î h Muslim clearly state that c Ai sh ah was nine years old as the can you pay people to write, time that her marriage was consummated with the Prophet (P) . These a h âdîth, with only slight variation, read as follows: c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her, narrated that the Prophet (P) was betrothed (zawaj) to her when she was six years old and he consummated (nikah) his marriage when she was nine years old, and thesis diplomatic then she remained with him for nine years. ( S a h î h al-Bu kh ârî , Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64 ) Of the four a h âdîth in S a h î h al-Bu kh ari , two were narrated from c Ai sh ah (7:64 and 7:65), one from Abû Hi sh âm (5:236) and one via 'Ursa (7:88). All three of the a h âdîth in S a h î h Muslim have c Ai sh ah as a narrator. Additionally, all of the a h âdîth in both books agree that the pay people to write, marriage betrothal contract took place when c Ai sh ah was six years old , but was not consummated until she was nine years old. Additionally, a h adîth with the same text ( matn ) is reported in Sunan Abû Dâwûd . Needless to say, this evidence is - Islamically speaking - overwhelmingly strong and Muslims who deny it do so only by sacrificing their intellectual honesty, pure faith or both. This evidence having been established, there doesn't seem much room for diplomatic immunity, debate about c Ai sh ah's age amongst believing Muslims. Until someone proves that in the Arabic language nine years old means something other than nine years old , then we should all be firm in our belief that she was nine years old (as if there's a reason or need to believe otherwise. Essays! ). In spite of these facts, there are still some Muslim authors that have somehow (?) managed to push c Ai sh ah's age out to as far as fourteen or fifteen years old at the time of informal group essay, her marriage to the Prophet (P) . Pay People To Write Essays! It should come as no surprise, however, that none of them ever offer any proof, evidence or references for their opinions. This can be said with the utmost confidence, since certainly none of an introduction speech, them can produce sources more authentic than the can you to write essays, h adîth collections of Imâms al-Bu kh ârî and Muslim! Based on the research that I've done, I feel that there is a common source for those who claim that c Ai sh ah's age was fourteen or fifteen years old at writing tool, the time of the marriage. This source is The Biographies of Prominent Muslims which is published in book form, on CD-ROM and is posted in several places on the Internet.

Just another example of why going to can you, the sources is immunity important . . Pay People! . The Prophet's (P) Marriages In Perspective. To put all of this in perspective - hopefully without undue apologetics - the first thing that one should be aware of is that c Ai sh ah was the third wife of the Prophet (P) , not the first. Prior to this, the Prophet's (P) first and only wife for twenty-four years was Kh adijah bint al- Kh uwaylid, who was about nineteen years older than him. He married Kh adijah when she was forty and he was twenty-one - which might be called the years of a male's sexual prime - and stayed married only to her until her death. Thesis Statement Education! Just after Kh adijah's death, when he was round forty-six years old, the Prophet (P) married his second wife Sawdah bint Zam'ah.

It was after this second marriage that the pay people essays, Prophet (P) became betrothed to c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her. She was the daughter of Abû Bakr, one of the Prophet's closest friends and devoted followers. Abû Bakr, may God be pleased with him, was one of the earliest converts to Islam and hoped to solidify the deep love that existed between himself and the Prophet (P) by uniting their families in marriage. The betrothal of Abu Bakr's daughter c Ai sh ah to statement higher education, Mu h ammad (P) , took place in the eleventh year of Mu h ammad's (P) Prophethood, which was about a year after he had married Sawdah bint Zam'ah and before he made his hijra (migration) to al-Madinah (Ya th rib). As mentioned above, the marriage with c Ai sh ah bint Abû Bakr was consummated in can you pay people, Sh awwâl, which came seven months after the Prophet's hijra from diplomatic, Makkah to al-Medinah. At the time of his marriage to c Ai sh ah, the Prophet (P) was over fifty years old. It should be noted about the Prophet's (P) marriage to c Ai sh ah was an exceedingly happy one for both parties, as the h adîth literature attests. c Ai sh ah, may God be please with her, was his favourite wife and the only virgin that he ever married. After emigrating to can you pay people to write, al-Madinah, Mu h ammad (P) married numerous other wives, eventually totaling fifteen in his lifetime. Even though we do not have time to go into the details of each one of essays on humanism, them here, each of these marriages was done either for political reasons, to can you pay people essays, strengthen the ties of kinship or to help a woman in need. Quite a few of the wives were widows, older women or had been abandoned thus were in need of a home. Additionally, it should be mentioned that the same collection of Muslim h adîth literature that tells us that c Ai sh ah was only nine years old at the time of the marriage tells us that the marriage was Divinely ordained:

Narrated c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her: The Messenger of statement higher, God (P) said (to me): You have been shown to me twice in (my) dreams. A man was carrying you in a silken cloth and said to me, 'This is pay people essays your wife.' I uncovered it; and an introduction speech behold, it was you. I said to myself, 'If this dream is from pay people essays, God, He will cause it to come true.' ( S a h î h al-Bu kh ârî , Volume 7, Book 62, Number 15 ) Thus like everything that the essays, Prophet (P) did, there was wisdom behind it and lessons to be learned from it. The wisdom behind such incidents provides us guidance on the basis of human morality, exposes the double standards of can you to write essays, misguided hypocrites from other religions that criticize Islam and on humanism much more. Essays! But more on that subject below. . . Criticism Addressed Entertained. Myself and many other Muslims should no longer be surprised by the double standard that Christians display when they criticize the statement, conduct of can you pay people to write essays, Prophet Mu h ammad (P) , since we've heard it for so long. To have an atheist, agnostic - or anyone else who does not believe in a Divinely revealed basis for morality - criticize something that is thesis higher politically incorrect by pay people essays today's moral standards comes as no surprise. Such people will always find something to criticize, since they simply have a bone to pick with religion in statement, general. All of this absolute morality talk gets in the way of them having a good time, so they want to mock it, discredit it and to write essays do away with it. Speech! The criticism of Christians, however, is another matter.

While it is true that Christians speak out against can you the moral relativity which is spreading amongst the thesis, increasingly secular society today, they too are unconscious victims of it. The values of pay people to write essays, most Christians today come from the humanist values of Western Europe (or, at a minimum, are heavily influenced by them). Informal Group Essay! Their values do not come straight out can you pay people to write, of the Bible - in theory or in practice - regardless of what they may claim. Thesis! That Christians today try to take credit for the so-called Freedom, Human Rights, Democracy and Women's Rights in Europe and America is to write nothing short of a joke. It may impress uneducated people in so-called Third World countries, but anyone who has studied history knows that these things came about in spite of the Church, not because of it. The way in which many Christians uncritically mix non-Christian values with (allegedly) Biblical values has always fascinated me. One interesting example of this is how nationalism and patriotism are supported amongst the majority of Evangelical Protestant (and even other) Christians in the United States. In America, good Christians are flag wavers. Few, if any, of group essay, these fiercely patriotic minds ever seem to realize that narrow-minded patriotism is both selfish and non-universal at its core.

That patriotism and Christianity go hand-in-hand in the minds of many people is just an example of how we can be blindly sucked into moral relativism without even realizing it. According to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, right and wrong are ordained by Almighty God. As such, morality does not change over can you essays, time based on our whims, desires or cultural sensitivities. In cultures where there is diplomatic immunity no Divinely revealed ruling on an issue, what is right and what is can you pay people to write wrong is determined by cultural norms. In such cases, a person would only be considered immoral if they violated the accepted norms of their society. As we will demonstrate, the online writing, Prophet Mu h ammad's (P) marriage to c Ai sh ah, viewed both in the light of Absolute Morality and the cultural norms of his time, was not an immoral act, but was an act containing valuable lessons for to write essays, generations to come. Additionally, this marriage followed the essays, norms for all Semitic peoples, including those of Biblical times. Based on can you essays this, and writing speech other information that we will provide below, it is grossly hypocritical for Christians to criticise the Prophet's (P) marriage to c Ai sh ah at such a young age. In case Christian readers are under the false impression that their values today are timeless and somehow reflect those of Biblical times, please consider the following points which are directly related to the question of at can you to write, what age a person is properly ready to be married: Keeping in an introduction, mind the ideas of political correctness and absolute morality, in Biblical times the age at which a girl could marry was puberty. However, during the Middle Ages it was usually twelve years old.

Now in most Christian countries it is pay people between fourteen and sixteen years old. I live in country where some states allow partners of the writing, same sex to legally marry, but consider an eighteen year old boy who sleeps with a sixteen year old girl a statutory rapist. So even though Christians might disagree with much of what is becoming all too prevalent in Western society today - whether it be drug abuse, gay marriages or abortion - they too have been swallowed up (possibly unknowingly) by can you pay people the ugly monster of moral relativism Certainly, they might be giving in less quickly than people who have no Divine basis for their morality, but they're giving in nonetheless. Historically, the age at which a girl was considered ready to be married has been puberty . This was the higher education, case in Biblical times, as we will discuss below, and is still used to determine the age of marriage in what the can you pay people to write essays, culturally arrogant West calls primitive societies throughout the world. As the a h âdîth about c Ai sh ah's age show, her betrothal took place at least three years before the consummation of the marriage.

The reason for this was that they were waiting for her to come of age (i.e. to have her first menstrual period). Puberty as a biological sign shows that a women is capable of country music persuasive essay, bearing children. Can anyone logically deny this? Part of the wisdom behind the Prophet's marriage to c Ai sh ah just after she reached puberty is to firmly establish this as a point of Islamic Law, even though it was already cultural norm in pay people essays, all Semitic societies (including the one Jesus (P) grew up in). The large majority of Islamic jurists say that the earliest time a marriage can be consummated is on the onset sexual maturity ( bulugh ), meaning puberty. Since this was the norm of all Semitic cultures and it still is the norm of many cultures today: it is persuasive certainly not something that Islam invented. However, widespread opposition to such a Divinely revealed and accepted historical norm is certainly something that is pay people relatively new. The criticism of Mu h ammad's marriage to c Ai sh ah is something relatively new in that it grew up out of the values of online tool, Post Enlightenment Europe. This was a Europe that had abandoned (or at to write essays, least modified) its religious morality for diplomatic, a new set of can you pay people, humanist values where people used their own opinions to determine what was right and wrong. It is interesting to note that Christians from a very early time criticized (again hypocritically) the Prophet's (P) practice of polygamy, but not the marriage to c Ai sh ah. Certainly, those from a Middle Eastern Semitic background would not have found anything to criticize, since nothing abnormal or immoral took place.

It is modern Westernized Christians who began to thesis, criticize Mu h ammad on this point, not earlier pre-Enlightenment ones. It is upon reaching the age of puberty that a person, man or woman, becomes legally responsible under Islamic Law. At this point, they are allowed to make their own decisions and are held accountable for their actions. To Write! It should also be mentioned that in Islam, it is statement education unlawful to force someone to marry someone that they do not want to marry. The evidence shows that c Ai sh ah's marriage to the Prophet Mu h ammad (P) was one which both parties and their families agreed upon. Based on the culture at that time, no one saw anything wrong with it. On the contrary, they were all happy about it.

None of the Muslim sources report that anyone from the pay people, society at that time criticized this marriage due to c Ai sh ah's young age. On the contrary, the marriage of c Ai sh ah to the Prophet (P) was encouraged by c Ai sh ah's father, Abu Bakr, and was welcomed by the community at large. It is reported that women who wanted to help the thesis statement, Prophet (P) , such as Kh awlah bint al- H akîm, encouraged him to to write essays, marry the young c Ai sh ah. Due to the Semitic culture in which they lived, they certainly saw nothing wrong with such a marriage. Society's ideas of love, family and marriage are much different in the so-called modern and civilized West of today than they were in an introduction speech, Biblical or Qur'ânic times.

Unfortunately, many of us carry the baggage of romantic love and ideas about sex that have managed to poison our minds since the Europeans (and their ideas) came to dominate the globe. These ideas have not only penetrated into the minds of Muslims, but actually permeate many of them. The European colonial powers have pulled out of almost all Muslim lands, but the colonization of the pay people to write, minds continues! As we mentioned above, the music persuasive essay, sad part is that most people do not even realize that they are under such un-Godly influences. Just to reference the way things have changed, a statement in The New Encyclopaedia Britannica makes it clear that values regarding the to write, proper age of marriage have been changing over the years: . . . in the United States and parts of Europe the association of adult status with sexual maturity as expressed in an introduction speech, the term puberty rites has been unwelcome . Can You Pay People To Write! 2. The significance that sex and sexuality are thought to thesis immunity, play in human psychology has its roots in Freudian thought. Even though many of Freud's ideas are being heavily challenged today, many of can you pay people, his ideas still play a role in persuasive, the thinking of many people. Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) taught that humans are basically sexual beings whose childhood sexual urges are the key to understanding them.

He developed the methodology of psychoanalysis and his ideas on sex, repressed guilt and sexuality, the pay people, unconscious sex drive, the writing, Oedipus complex and other ideas have come to almost haunt the can you pay people to write essays, Western view of sexuality (almost as much as the repressive views of the Roman Catholic Church). Needless to say, Freud's ideas have been criticized by believing Jews, Christians and tool Muslims since they basically deny human moral responsibility. To Write Essays! In Freud's view of informal, things, human beings are prisoners to the effects of unconscious forces and their sex drive. Such ideas are always welcomed by liberals, humanists and others like them. The point of to write, all this in regards to young marriage, however, might be less clear. What needs to be pointed out is the contradictory modern Western view of sexuality. They are taken aback by the thought of marriage at the age of puberty, even though it's an age old custom. However, they have junior high schools where sex education is taught and group essay a society where sexually promiscuous dating is considered the norm.

Sometimes sex is simply a natural pleasure to be enjoyed, but at other times it is a psychological demon of far reaching consequences. In short, everything from their private lives to their court systems, have fallen victim to essays, the moral relativity of the psychiatrists and psychologists. The attitude that any experience in life can be seen as some sort of trauma is very widespread. An Introduction Speech! Many people go through life constantly obsessed about what sort of can you pay people to write essays, complex they may be suffering from due to essays, experiences they've had in can you, their relatively normal life. The morality which is an introduction produced by such attitudes all but does away with human responsibility. People who are guilty of serious crimes, instead of being held responsible for their actions, are themselves considered victims, since they are only doing what their psychological makeup causes them to do. Puberty = Maturity = Marriage. These points having been presented, some additional details on a few of them is worthwhile.

An interesting article on the age at pay people to write, which people married in Biblical times is essays Ancient Israelite Marriage Customs , by essays Jim West, ThD - a Baptist minister. This article states that: The wife was to be taken from thesis education, within the larger family circle (usually at to write, the outset of puberty or around the age of 13) in music, order to maintain the can you pay people essays, purity of the family line; This is just one reference to the fact that the onset of puberty was considered the age at which young people could marry. Tool! That people in essays, Biblical times married at immunity, an early age is widely endorsed. Can You! While discussing the meaning of the word 'almah , which is the group, Hebrew word for young woman or adolescent female , Gerald Segal says: It should be noted, however, that in biblical times females married at an early age . 3.

In spite of its somewhat arrogant Western talk of can you essays, primitive cultures , An Overview of the World's Religions makes it clear that puberty is an age old symbol of adulthood: Almost all primitive cultures pay attention to speech, puberty and marriage rituals, although there is a general tendency to pay more attention to the puberty rites of males than of females. Because puberty and marriage symbolize the fact that children are acquiring adult roles , most primitive cultures consider the rituals surrounding these events very important. Puberty rituals are often accompanied with ceremonial circumcision or some other operation on the male genitals. Can You Essays! Female circumcision is less common, although it occurs in several cultures. Female puberty rites are more often related to the commencement of the menstrual cycle in young girls. Some female authors agree:

Puberty is writing an introduction defined as the age or period at which a person is first capable of sexual reproduction, in pay people to write, other eras of history, a rite or celebration of this landmark event was a part of the persuasive essay, culture. ( Rites of Passage: Puberty , by Sue Curewitz Arthen) Getting your period marks a rite of passage for can you to write, young girls entering womanhood. Writing Tool! (From the Women's Resource Center ) Another contemporary reference relating marriage age to puberty is an can you pay people essays article on informal group Central Africa, which says: There are many other references which should prove to any intelligent person what anthropologists and historians already know: in centuries past, people were considered ready for marriage when they reached puberty . It should be mentioned that from an Islamic point of view, many problems in society today can be traced back to the abandonment of early marriage. Can You To Write! Due to the way that Almighty God has created man and woman, i.e., with strong sexual desires, people should marry young. In the past, this was even more true since life expectancy was very low (i.e. you were considered old if you made it to 40!) Not only diplomatic does marriage provide a legal outlet for people with strong sexual desires, but it usually produces more children. One of the main purposes of can you to write essays, marriage is to produce children - be fruitful and multiply as the Bible says (Genesis 8:17). This was especially important in the past, when people did not live as long as they do now and the infant morality rate was much higher. The Age Of Puberty. Even though we have established that puberty has been the historical, cultural and religious norm for indicating readiness for on humanism, marriage, some may wonder at which age puberty normally takes place. This is somewhat meaningless in regards to our specific discussion of Mu h ammad (P) and c Ai sh ah, since the hadith literature makes it clear that she had reached puberty. However, in regards to puberty and at what age most girls have their first menstrual cycle, c Abdul- H amîd S iddiqî says:

Islam has laid down no age limit for puberty for it varies with countries and races due to the climate, hereditary, physical and social conditions. Those who live in cold regions attain puberty at to write essays, a much later age as compared with those living in hot regions where both male and female attain it at a quite early age. Diplomatic! The average temperature of the country or province, say the well-known authors of the to write essays, book Woman , is considered the chief factor here, not only with regard to thesis immunity, menstruation but as regards the whole of sexual development at puberty. 5. Raciborski, Jaubert, Routh and many others have collected and collated statistics on the subject to which readers are referred. Pay People To Write! Marie Espino has summarised some of these data as follows: (a) The limit of age for the first appearance of menstruation is thesis higher between nine and twenty-four in the temperate-zone; (b) The average age varies widely and it may be accepted as established that the nearer the Equator, the earlier the average age for can you to write, menstruation. 6. Additionally, an article entitled Puberty in Girls by an Australian government Public Health organization, says: The first sign of puberty is usually a surge of growth: you become taller; your breasts develop; hair begins to grow in the pubic area and under the arms. This may start from 10 years to 14 years - even earlier for some and later for others . During puberty, a girl's body changes, inside and out, into the body of a woman . The changes don't come all at once, and they don't happen at the same time for everybody. Most girls start showing physical changes around age 11, but everyone has her own internal schedule for group essay, development.

It's normal for changes to start as early as 8 or 9 years of age , or not until 13 or 14. Pay People To Write Essays! Even if nothing looks or feels different yet, the changes may have already begun inside your body. Many will readily agree with the information above, but still might harbour reservations about whether a marriage to an older man could be happy for such a young girl. Putting aside the modern Western notions of happiness for a moment, the thesis diplomatic, marriage of c Ai sh ah and can you to write essays the Prophet (P) was a mutually happy and loving one as in expressed in numerous h adîth and seerah books. That happy marriages occur between people with a fairly large difference in immunity, ages is known among psychologists: When the differences (in ages) is great, e.g. exceeds fifteen to twenty years, the results may be happier. To Write Essays! The marriage of an elderly (senescent) not, of tool, course, an old (senile) man to a quite young girl, is often very successful and harmonious. Can You! The bride is immediately introduced and accustomed to moderate sexual intercourse. 7. More Wisdom Behind It. In his comments on the ahadith in Sahîh Muslim which mention c Ai sh ah's young marriage to the Prophet (P) , c Abdul- H amîd S iddiqî shows three other reasons for this marriage: c Ai sh ah's marriage to the Prophet Mu h ammad (P) at essays on humanism, an early age allowed her to be an eyewitness to the personal details of his life and carry them on to the succeeding generations.

By being both spiritually and physically near to the Prophet (P) , the marriage prepared 'Ai sh ah to be an example to all Muslims, especially women, for all times. She developed into a spiritual teacher and scholar, since she was remarkably intelligent and wise. Her qualities help support the Prophet's work and further the cause of Islam. c Ai sh ah, the Mother of the Believers, was not only a model for wives and to write mothers, but she was also a commentator on the Qur'ân, an authority on h adîth and knowledgeable in Islamic Law. She narrated at least 2,210 a h âdîth that give Muslims valuable insights into essays on humanism the Final Prophet's daily life and behaviour, thus preserving the Sunnah of Mu h ammad (P) . At that time, this marriage refuted the notion that a man could not marry the daughter of a man who he had declared to be his brother (even in the religious sense). Can You To Write! Since the Prophet (P) and Abu Bakr had declared each other to be brothers , this notion was done away with. Diplomatic! This is demonstrated in the following h adîth: Narrated 'Ursa: The Prophet (P) asked Abu Bakr for c Ai sh ah's hand in marriage. Pay People To Write Essays! Abu Bakr said, But I am your brother.

The Prophet (P) said, You are my brother in God's religion and His Book, but she ( c Ai sh ah) is lawful for me to marry. ( Sahîh al-Bukhârî, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 18 ) The marriage did away with the writing an introduction, pagan Arab superstition that it was a bad omen to be married in the month of Sha wwal. Pay People Essays! They thought that the thesis education, month carried this omen since the essays, word Sha wwal was derived from Sh aala, which carried a bad omen. The authentic ahadith indicate that the thesis diplomatic, Prophet (P) and c Ai sh ah were married in this lunar month. Not Much Ado Back Then. Above, we established the fact that getting married at puberty was an accepted practice amongst not only today's primitive cultures , but specifically amongst the Semitic (i.e. Hebrew, Arab, Syriac, etc.) peoples of the Middle East. Pay People To Write! In order to provide additional proof that Mu h ammad's (P) marriage to c Ai sh ah did not raise any eyebrows at that time, I submit here quotations from two Western female scholars who have studied Islam in detail: It is informal not clear just when the essays, marriage actually took place. According to some versions, it was in thesis diplomatic immunity, the month of Shawwal of the Year 1, that is, some seven or eight months after the arrival at Medina; but, according to others, it was not until after the Battle of Badr, that is, in Shawwal of the second year of the to write, Hijrah . In no version is there any comment made on on humanism the disparity of the ages between Mohammed and Aishah or on the tender age of the bride who, at the most, could not have been over ten years old and who was still much enamoured with her play. 8.

In the above quotation, the sources which are given for the latter are Nawawi and can you pay people essays Tabari . Both Imâms al-Nawâwî and al- T abarî were great Muslim scholars, but their works contain material that is less than authentic by Islamic standards, which is probably the immunity, reason over her questioning which date is authentic. This is all beside the point, since we've already shown that authentic Islamic sources state that c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her, was nine years old . Can You Essays! The main point to note is that no version was any comment made on their age difference or on c Ai sh ah's young age. Why? Such an early marriage was normal in persuasive essay, all Semitic societies - such as the ones that Abraham (P) , Moses (P) , Jesus (P) and Mu h ammad (P) grew up in! Another author, Karen Armstrong, has this to add: Tabari says that she was so young that she stayed in pay people essays, her parents' home and the marriage was consummated there later when she had reached puberty . 9. This further establishes that the diplomatic immunity, marriage took place at puberty and can you pay people to write that, as such, no eyebrows were raised.

Tabari , it should be mentioned, refers to country, Abû Ja c far Mu h ammad ibn Jarîr al- T abarî (225-310 AH / 839-923 CE), who was a great Muslim scholar who is to write well known in the West for his Qur'ânic commentary and history of the world. It is no surprise that both of the above authors agree on essays the fact that the marriage of pay people to write, c Ai sh ah and Mu h ammad (P) took place when the former had reached puberty and on humanism that this was normal at the time. This is no surprise, since anyone who studies the Muslim sources and Semitic culture would be forced to come to the same conclusion, since it is simply a historical fact. It should be pointed out that both of the above quoted female authors do not hesitate to misrepresent Islam (intentionally or unintentionally) in their other writings. Suffice it to say that if there was some other damaging information available, they would not hesitate to bring it to to write essays, light. Persuasive! Nabia Abbott, who has done some useful research on Islam in to write essays, some areas, was basically an essays on humanism Orientalist in the classic sense.

Her book which was quoted above, Aishah-The Beloved of Mohammed , is actually nothing but a disgusting second-guessing of c Ai sh ah's life. If a book with a similar mix of speculation and pay people to write essays inauthentic sources were written about someone of significance in the West, it certainly would not be sitting on scholarly bookshelves. It has long been established that Orientalists with a bone to thesis immunity, pick with Islam liked to decide on the authenticity of a story based on their preconceived notions. If an can you pay people inauthentic story seemed to belittle the Prophet of country music essay, Islam, it became oft quoted. However, any authentic material that contradicted their theories was simply ignored. To Write! It's analogous to writing a historical biography of persuasive, Jesus (P) and using quotations from apocryphal gospels to can you pay people essays, override the Canonical ones whenever whimsically deemed appropriate. Group Essay! This is how Orientalists and Christian missionaries have been treating Mu h ammad (P) for centuries. For those who want to know more about this, please read our article Orientalism, Misinformation and Islam . So What's The Verdict? Overcoming cultural bias or admitting your own double standards is not always easy. For some people, it takes years for them to admit that they've been hypocritical.

Hopefully, the pay people to write essays, thoughts presented here will plant the writing an introduction speech, seed of reflection in some people so that they may reflect on the truth. Admitting that there's a problem is often half the battle, so before the reader heads off to make a final personal judgment on can you to write where they stand on this issue, I want to provide some more food for thought. Montgomery Watt, a long time scholar of Islam, had some choice words on how the West should judge Mu h ammad (P) . I have never agreed with many of Watt's conclusions about Islam, but I have always viewed him as one of the more open-minded and speech open-hearted Orientalist scholars. Possibly, this is because he was more of a promoter of understanding than a narrow-minded Christian missionary. Can You To Write Essays! Years of studying Islam brought Watt to this conclusion: The other main allegations of moral defect in statement higher, Muhammad are that he was treacherous and pay people essays lustful . . . Sufficient has been said above about the interpretation of these events to show that the case against Muhammad is much weaker than is sometimes thought.

The discussions of essay, these allegations, however, raises a fundamental question. How are we to judge Muhammad? By the standards of his own time and to write essays country? Or by those of the most enlightened opinion in the West today? When the sources are closely scrutinized, it is thesis clear that those of can you pay people essays, Muhammad's actions which are disapproved by thesis the modern West were not the object of the can you pay people essays, moral criticism of his contemporaries . They criticized some of his acts, but their motives were superstitious prejudice or fear of the consequences. If they criticized the thesis higher, events at Nakhlah, it was because they feared some punishment from the offended pagan gods or the worldly vengeance of the Meccans.

If they were amazed at the mass execution of the Jews of the can you pay people, clan of Qurayzah, it was at the number and danger of the blood-feuds incurred. The marriage with Zaynab seemed incestuous, but this conception of incest was bound up with old practices belonging to essays, a lower, communalistic level of familial institutions where a child's paternity was not definitely known; and can you to write this lower level was in process being eliminated by Islam . Higher! . . Can You To Write Essays! From the standpoint of Muhammad's time, then, the allegations of treachery and sensuality cannot be maintained. His contemporaries did not find him morally defective in essay, any way. On the contrary, some of the can you pay people essays, acts criticized by the modern Westerner show that Muhammad's standards were higher than those of his time. In his day and generation he was a social reformer, even a reformer in essay, the sphere of can you essays, morals. He created a new system of social security and a new family structure, both of online, which were a vast improvement on what went before. By taking what was best in the morality of the nomad and adapting it for settled communities, he established a religious and social framework for the life of many races of men. That is not the work of can you to write essays, a traitor or 'an old lecher'. 10. From Abraham (P) To Pick-And-Choose / Feel Good Religion

Everything that we have discussed above logically frees Mu h ammad (P) from the unjust criticism that he has received (at least amongst those who can be intellectually honest and fair-minded). One point, however, still needs to be made a bit more clear. Even though we've mentioned it in writing speech, passing, the hypocrisy and double standards of Christians who criticize Mu h ammad (P) for his morality needs to be more thoroughly analysed and exposed. Before moving on to an analysis of Biblical morality, I would like to offer some advice and encouraging words to my fellow Muslims. My main piece of advice is to not be discouraged by to write slanderous attacks on Islam or how it is distorted in the media. Certainly, we all hate to see such things occur, but in the Information Age which was brought about by a culture that (allegedly) places a supreme value on freedom of speech, there is on humanism not much that we can do to stop it. The flip side to this coin is the fact that the Truth of Islam is still out there and can you essays people are finding it.

Yes, Islam is spreading in spite of these hypocritical methods that Christians and others are using to stop it. From the moon god lies of Robert Morey to the almost daily distortions in the media, Islam is still spreading in the West. Actually, the fact that those who make a career out of attacking Islam, such as Christian missionaries, have to country music persuasive, resort to lies and pay people essays distortions when they discuss Islam, is a good sign. Certainly, if they discussed Islam as it was meant to informal group essay, be understood, they would only be hurting their own cause. When Islam is to write presented by non-Muslims in the West, usually matters of peripheral importance are addressed and criticised.

The core beliefs of informal group essay, Islam, if discussed at all, are presented in essays, a distorted manner. If Islam was just some ridiculous Third World religion with no appeal, they would not have to treat it this way. Group! As a matter of fact, a great deal of the anti-Islamic literature that fills Christian bookstores (and the Internet) is not designed to convert Muslims, but to can you pay people essays, turn Westerners off to Islam. Informal Essay! The people who write these lies are just trying to poison the minds of people so that they won't be receptive to the message of Islam when they hear it. Their methods, however, are failing. In Europe especially, the Christian religion is in can you pay people, a severe state of stagnation and people are looking for truth elsewhere. Christians have always been embarrassed by their almost complete inability to convert a notable Muslim to Christianity.

Certainly, they have their converts that they hold up as examples, however all of an introduction speech, them seem to essays, have been only nominal Muslims (at best) when they converted. However, many notable Westerners have embraced Islam, recently as well as in the past. One of the most interesting things about this is many (if not all) of these people could be called Searchers for the Truth. By this I mean that they were the type of people who were spiritual, open-mined and writing an introduction read books on many subjects. They were not brainwashed simpletons who simply wanted to can you, join an easy religion and the dominating culture of the time.

They were people who knew a lot not only about religion, but about history, philosophy and other disciplines. Suffice it to say that the truth of Islam is out there, in spite of all the country persuasive, negative press that it gets today. The following is just one testimony that Islam is can you pay people to write spreading in the West: Unprecedented numbers of British people, nearly all of them women, are converting to Islam at a time of thesis immunity, deep divisions within the Anglican and Catholic churches. The rate of pay people, conversions has prompted predictions that Islam will rapidly become an music essay important religious force in pay people to write essays, this country . Diplomatic! . . Within the next 20 years the number of British converts will equal or overtake the immigrant Muslim community that brought the faith here, says Rose Kendrick, a religious education teacher at a Hull comprehensive and the author of a textbook guide to the Koran. She says: Islam is as much a world faith as is can you pay people Roman Catholicism. No one nationality claims it as its own.

Islam is diplomatic immunity also spreading fast on the continent and in America. ( The Times , London, Tuesday, November 9th, 1993, Home-News page) Thanks be to God that many of pay people to write essays, us who are former pew warmers finally decided to diplomatic immunity, go out and investigate what they try to spoon feed us from the pulpit and TV. Why does Islam succeed in to write essays, attracting Christians and others? Because it's the on humanism, Clear Way of Abraham . No other religion today can honestly claim this! Islam isn't just a feel good religion where they just tell you what you want to hear and can you essays read selected verses from the Bible. Most Christians today approach religion like they do Sunday brunch: they take what they like and leave what they don't like. They have this attitude in spite of the fact that Abraham is held up in their Bible as a towering example of writing an introduction speech, faith. Abraham (P) , who was going to can you, sacrifice his own son because Almighty God commanded it, certainly knew the basis of morality.

It is clear in both the thesis education, Bible and the Qur'ân that Abraham knew that whatever God commands is the right thing to can you pay people to write essays, do. However, how many Christians today can say that they honestly believe that on writing an introduction speech all issues? How many of them have reflected on the moral ramifications of what is contained in their Bible? Seemingly, not even their learned apologists who attack Islam have reflected on it too deeply! The question What is our basis for morality? is an easy one for those who follow the faith of Abraham (P) - and that's what Islam is. Islam is submission to the Will of Almighty God - We hear and can you to write essays we obey - the faith of our father Abraham. If it was good enough for group essay, Abraham (P) , Moses (P) , Jesus (P) and Mu h ammad (P) , then it's good enough for me! It is this truth and this attitude that attracts people to Islam.

The entire basis of Islam, which produces this attitude, is Unity - the Unity of Almighty God and the unity of mankind. To be sure, the message of Islam appeals to the very nature of man. No wonder it is pay people to write essays spreading! A Christian theologian, relatively recently, observed: It is probable that early in the twenty-first century Islam will have become numerically the largest of the world religions. 11. Quite possibly, if you count only Sunni Muslims (which are at least 85% of country music, Muslims), we are already the largest religion in the world when compared not to Christians as a whole, but to can you essays, either the country music persuasive, Orthodox, Roman Catholics or Protestants each separately. A Case Study In Biblical Morality.

Now that we've taken a detailed look at pay people, an alleged moral difficulty in the life of country music essay, Mu h ammad (P) , for the sake of balance, let's take a look at a moral difficulty in the Bible. Can You To Write! We've already made statements above concerning the nature of Biblical morality, but many readers may be unaware of some of its difficulties . For better or for worse, in Sunday school they generally skip the verses which we are going to deal with below. However, these verses certainly are useful tools in putting intellectually honest Christians in informal group, the same moral dilemna that they think Muslims should be in due to Mu h ammad's (P) young marriage to c Ai sh ah, may God be pleased with her. It should be kept in can you, mind that the purpose of this discussion is the basis for morality, not the writing speech, inspiration of the Bible (or lack thereof). For the purposes of this discussion, we accept the Bible as is . However, this should not be interpreted to mean that we are endorsing it as the to write, Word of God in toto . On the other hand, it should not be interpreted to mean that we are attacking the Word of essays on humanism, God, since we are discussing it simply because Christians consider it to be the Word of God (whatever their particular definition might be). Can You Pay People! For those wanting more detailed information on the Muslim view of the Bible, please click here . The portion of the Bible that we want to look at begins with the Book of music, Numbers, Chapter 31, verses 17 and 18. Here, Moses (P) , following the Lord's command , orders the can you pay people to write, Israelites to kill all the Midianite male children. The order continues with the following: . . . kill every woman who has known man by lying with him, but all the female children , that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for writing, yourselves . One can only guess how the Israelites determined who the virgins were. Most probably, they did it based on age and maturity, assuming that all of the essays, female children who had not reached puberty were virgins. Diplomatic Immunity! Keep in mind that this was done, according to the Bible, on to write God's command to Avenge the Israelites on the Midianites . Later, God gives Moses (P) instructions on how to divide up the booty, whether persons , oxen, donkeys, sheeps or goats . Persuasive Essay! Based on this command, thirty-two thousand persons in all, women who had not known a man by pay people lying with him were divided up. This was done so that the Israelite soldiers could have these young girls for thesis statement education, themselves . To Write Essays! I do not suspect that anyone reading this is either so naive or ignorant of King James English to not know what this means!

Moving along to another great example of persuasive, Biblical morality, . . . in Deuteronomy 21:10-14 the Biblical God of Love gives the following command: When thou goest forth to war against pay people to write thine enemies, and the Lord thy God hath delivered them into thine hands and informal essay thoust has taken them captive, and can you to write seest among the captives a beautiful woman , and an introduction speech had a desire unto her , that though would have her to to write essays, thy wife, then though shalt bring her home to thine house . . . and after that you may go into diplomatic her and be her husband, and essays she shall be your wife. But if though have no delight in her, then thou shalt let her go. This should serve as sufficient proof that the morality that is taught in the Bible often is not what Christians make it out to be. Diplomatic! In spite of what they teach in Sunday school, the above mentioned verses demonstrate the following: * Almighty God, at least according to the Bible, ordered innocent babies to be killed; and. * He allowed young women to be forced into sex against their will.

Before moving on, it should be noted that killing women and children in war is never permitted under Islamic Law (the actions of pay people essays, some ignorant Muslims around the informal, world notwithstanding). Some Christians may take issue with the words innocent babies above, since they believe that even babies are tainted with Original Sin. However, this is not the pay people, topic of the discussion at immunity, hand. Suffice it to say that Biblical support for the Doctrine of Original Sin is contradictory at best. There are some verses that seem to support it, but there are others that seem to clearly deny it. Can You Pay People To Write Essays! One strike against Original Sin, besides the fact that it's simply unjust, is the fact that the Jews - who read the essays on humanism, Old Testament - never believed in it the way Christians do. But anyway . . . when faced with the problematic parts of the Old Testament, Christians react in various ways. Many offer up the ill thought out pay people essays, Well-That's-in-the-Old-Testament defense.

In spite of the fact that they usually don't brush the Old Testament aside so quickly when they are being shown alleged prophecies which match Jesus (P) , a few other thoughts can be presented. Some of the things that make brushing aside the Old Testament a bit more difficult (at least for Christians who want to remain intellectually honest) are: 1) the same God that inspired the Old Testament inspired the New Testament; 2) this same God is unchanging according to the Bible; 3) Jesus (P) in the New Testament endorses the Law and the prophets (i.e. the Old Testament) in several places; and.

4) without the Old Testament there is no basis for Christianity. When put in this predicament, Christians have one of tool, two choices: 1) Stop thinking about it and fall back on to write a liberal pick-and-choose religion that just makes them feel good but does not answer any of life's more difficult questions; or. 2) Accept the Divinely Revealed morality of the Bible as is . There are Christians out there who claim to accept the Divinely Revealed morality of the Bible. Informal! They understand what's at stake and the issues at hand. Can You Pay People To Write Essays! If people are allowed to on humanism, whimsically decide what is right and what is wrong, there would be chaos. To Write Essays! Just as importantly, if people decide what is online writing tool God's Word and can you to write essays what is not His word based on their preconceived notions and modern sensibilities, nothing would be left of the Bible. As such, there are Christians who, in principle, say that killing babies is informal group moral as long as God clearly commands it. Can You Pay People Essays! For someone who understands the nature of Divinely Revealed morality, we would have to agree in principle but with certain reservations.

As mentioned above, Almighty God - according to Islam - never commands the killing of informal essay, innocent children. That is one difficulty that I am glad that Muslims don't have to explain their way out of! Killing babies is okay as long as God commands it. So much for pay people to write, having Christians as baby-sitters! The bottom line is that morality comes from essay, Almighty God and from Him alone. However, if ones studies the Bible, it is plain to see that it is not a foundation for can you essays, morality. The examples above are just a few that can be provided from group, both the Old and the New Testament.

The people who promote Biblical morality pick and choose from the text as they please. Can You To Write Essays! Only in Islam can one with good conscience accept the whole package without ignorantly or hypocritically denying things that they don't like. This is how true internal peace and balance are achieved. If one belongs to an introduction, a religion without accepting everything in its scripture (real or alleged) one is can you to write not only bearing false witness against oneself but against God Himself. With all the false ideas in the modern age, it's easy to be lead astray.

The liberal Western morality that has now touched all corners of the writing tool, globe is, culturally speaking, something like an eight-hundred pound gorilla. Essays! It's very hard to stand in its way or speak out against country it. However, being encouraged by others to follow vain desires has been an can you pay people to write eternal problem for mankind, as Almighty God makes clear in an introduction, the Qur'ân: Say: 'I will not follow your vain desires: if I did I would stray from the path and be not of the company of those who receive guidance.' Guideposts To Be Thankful For. The Prophet Mu h ammad (P) was a great example for all of humanity and peoples of different cultures (from modern Europeans to the aborigines of pay people to write, Australia). Not only was he a great Prophet and Messenger, but he was also a statesman, military leader, ruler, teacher, neighbor and friend.

Family life was one of the most important areas where he was a great example, since he was both a husband and a father. Due to God's wisdom, His last and final prophet experienced a wide array of statement, marriages and can you pay people to write essays family situations. Due to persuasive essay, this, he is an essays example for people who are monogamous, for those who are polygamous, for those wishing to marry those older than themselves and for statement, those wondering how early someone can rightfully marry. Mu h ammad (P) reestablished the Religion of Abraham (P) so that it would continue to the Last Day. As Muslims, we should be thankful for can you pay people to write, these guideposts in our moral journey through life. Reflecting on them aids us in informal group essay, avoiding being led astray into moral relativism . This is a very dangerous thing, since it can lead to the worst of all sins - associating others with Almighty God in can you pay people, worship, belief and/or Lordship. By knowing the diplomatic, Prophet's (P) life we can see how to stay within the boundaries laid by Almighty God and stay on the Natural Religion of Islam which was made to suit the natural disposition ( fitrah ) of mankind. To Write! I pray that we, as Muslims, make Almighty God's limits our limits, and that we are not influenced by other societies and cultures. If it was good enough for Abraham (P) and Moses (P) , then it's good enough for me . . Statement Higher Education! . That's the way I see it, but God knows best . . . 4 Central Africa , The New Encyclopaedia Britannica , 15th Edition (1987), Volume 15, page 646. See also Aboriginal Australia , The New Encyclopaedia Britannica , 15th Edition (1987), Volume 14, page 425. Can You To Write! For additional references to the marriage customs in Biblical times, see Israel: Its Life and Culture , by Johannes Pedersen, Volume 1, page 60ff.

5 Herman H. Ploss, Max Bartels and on humanism Paul Bartels, Woman , Volume I, Lord Bransby, 1988, page 563. 6 English-translation of Sahih Muslim , Volume 2, International Islamic Publishing House, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, page 715.

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15 Algae Startups Bringing Pond Scum to Fuel Tanks. Updated: If corn-based biofuels are the Britney Spears of the cleantech world (a fallen star but still all over the place), fuel made from algae is the next great American Idol winner (major potential in the pipeline). And despite the fact that algae-to-biofuel startups have been taking their sweet time bringing a pond scum fuel product to can you market, some inroads have been made recently — GreenFuel is building its first plant, PetroSun starts producing at their farm on April 1, and big oil Chevron and Shell have made some early bets as well. Informal Group Essay. As we watch this play out, here are 15 algae biofuel firms that you should know about: GreenFuel Technologies : The Cambridge, Mass.-based algae firm led by telecom bigwig Bob Metcalfe (whom we interviewed here) has reached an agreement to build its first fuel plant — worth $92 million — in Europe, says Xconomy. It’s good news for the firm, which has hit some speed bumps over the past year, including layoffs, switching CEOs, shutting down a greenhouse in Arizona and discovering that its algae tech was more expensive than first planned. The startup builds algae bioreactor systems, which use recycled CO2 to feed the algae, which is then converted into biofuels; it uses the containers to carefully control the algae’s intake of sunlight and pay people to write, nutrients. Essays On Humanism. GreenFuel is can you pay people to write essays backed by Polaris Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (our video interview with DFJ here) and Access Private Equity and has been working on raising a Series C funding.

Solazyme : The five-year old firm uses synthetic biology and music persuasive, genetic engineering to tweak algal strains for pay people, better biofuel yields. Based in South San Francisco, the company grows its algae in fermentation tanks without sunlight, by feeding it sugar. The company is one of the few that have managed to statement higher education do deals with a major oil company — Chevron — as well as biodiesel maker Imperium Renewables. Backers include Blue Crest Capital Finance and can you, The Roda Group. Blue Marble Energy : The Seattle-based company finds algae-infested polluted water systems, cleans up the environment, and turns the algae into biofuel. Country Music Essay. “If the can you to write future of biofuels is algae…you’re never going to get enough volume in bioreactors or ponds…It has to persuasive be something with greater volume,” the company told the Guardian . We’re not sure how Blue Marble will control the essays wild algae settings, but it sounds like it could be difficult. Essay. Inventure Chemical : Also out of Seattle, this startup is working on an algae-to-jet fuel product, and told the Seattle PI that it has already created algae-based fuel in 5- to 10-gallon tests and essays, plans to set up a test plant to higher education see if it can produce between from three and 15 million gallons of biofuel each year. Inventure Chemical closed its first round of funding mid-2007, and investors are reported to be biodiesel company Imperium Renewables, Cedar Grove Investments, Brighton Jones Wealth Management and undisclosed angel investors. Solena : Profiled in pay people, the New York Times today, Solena uses high temperatures to gasify algae and other organic substances with high-energy outputs. The Washington state-based company is talking with Kansas power firm Sunflower to build a 40-megawatt power plant run on gasified algae, according to the NYT; the diplomatic immunity algae would be grown in big plastic containers, and fed by a combination of sunlight and the sodium bicarbonate biproduct of the adjacent coal plant. Live Fuels : Instead of attempting to can you pay people essays convert algae directly into ethanol or biodiesel, this startup is trying to create green crude that could be fed directly through the nation’s current refinery system.

The Menlo Park, Calif-based startup uses open-pond algae bioreactors and plans to statement commercialize its technology by 2010. Investors include the can you essays Quercus Trust (David Gelbaum’s well-known environmental funding group) and Sandia National Labs. Solix Biofuels : Like Live Fuels, Solix is also working on a biocrude, but using a closed-tank bioreactor set-up. Based in writing, Fort Collins, Colo., and pay people to write, founded in online, April 2006, the firm is backed by Colorado State University’s Engine and Energy Conversion Laboratory. Can You Pay People. The company has said that construction will begin shortly on its first, large-scale bioreactor at the nearby New Belgian Brewery, where CO2 waste produced during the informal essay beer-making proicess will be used to feed the algae. Aurora Biofuels : Developed at the University of California at Berkeley, the company is using genetics ally to isolate modified exclusive algae strains that can efficiently create biodiesel.

Aurora claims the technology can create biodiesel fuel with yields that are 125 times higher and pay people, have 50 percent lower costs than current production methods ( Update: developed by microbial biology professor Tasios Melis was an thesis early advisor to the team). According to the company’s web site, backers include Gabriel Venture Partners, Noventi, Oak Investment Partners (and angel investors include Auttomatic CEO Toni Schneider) Aquaflow Binomics : The New Zealand company’s goal is to become “the first company in the world to to write economically produce biofuel from wild algae harvested from open-air environments.” Like Blue Marble Energy, the essays three-year-old startup sources its algae from algae-infested polluted water systems, cleaning the polluted environment in the process. Late last year, publicly held Aquaflow used its algae-based biodiesel to run a Land Rover driven by can you essays, New Zealand’s Minister of Climate Change. And it’s been working with Boeing on algae-to-bio-based jet fuel. Petro Sun : This company is also publicly held, but we thought it was important to include it because they plan to start up their algae-to-biofuel production factory in Rio Honda, Texas, on April 1. The algae farm has 1,100 acres ponds that Petro Sun thinks will make 4.4 million gallons of algal oil and 110 million pounds of biomass per year.

Some think the company is just jumping on the algae-slimed bandwagon. Bionavitas : Based in Snoqualmie, Wash., the company says it has developed technology for the high-volume production of on humanism algae using bioreactors. Check out their WIPO patent app for the bioreactor setup. Mighty Algae Biofuels : The little we do know about Mighty Algae Biofuels we learned through their entrance in the California Cleantech Open last year. We know, for pay people essays, example, that it uses closed bioreactors to grow the group algae. To Write. They were also quoted in the San Jose Mercury this month on a story about algae biofuel. Music. Bodega Algae : Another newbee, this one with roots at essays, MIT, the one-year-old firm has developed a set-up to grow algae in country music essay, bioreactors with light and nutrients that it says is lower cost and more efficient than the current methods. Back in May 2007 Bodega said it was looking for $300,000 for can you pay people to write, “capital equipment, salaries and testing materials to country complete the first prototype and begin a pilot study with a biodiesel manufacturing facility.” (Their web site is down, so we’ll if they’re still around). Seambiotic : The five-year-old Israeli startup produces algae for applications, including the budding biofuel industry, and is working with Inventure Chemical. The firm has been working with Israeli Electric Company, utilizing IEC’s smokestack for a source of CO2 and grows algae in eight open algae ponds. Pay People Essays. Cellena : A joint venture created by Hawaiian algae-to-biofuel startup HR Biopetroleum and oil company Shell.

Shell has majority share of the company, which is in on humanism, the process of pay people to write essays building a demo facility on the Kona coast of essays Hawaii. Hey, great article. If the lakes I have visited here this summer are any indication, there is indeed a never ending source of fuel in the area of algae! Seriously though, I like the idea, and think you did a great job in presenting it. Business Roundtable, Research and Networking Forum SOLD OUT.

Yet another firm. One more for the list, and a big one: Algenol, which is helping to can you to write build an $850m solar algal bioreactor plant in thesis statement, the Mexican Sonoran Desert, and whose algae are distinctive in that they actually SECRETE ethanol, rather than having to be harvested and processed for lipids (the base for biodiesel). This is the answer to can you pay people to write essays the nations energy problem! There should be a mandate from congress to start mass production of algae biofuel. Statement Education. It should be made available first to the truckers before many have to cease operation.

I think the clowns at OPEC are getting nervous about pay people essays, this one. I can#8217;t wait to see their faces when they can#8217;t even give away their dirty oil. Hurray up guys!! i want to an introduction speech start it but can any one tell me the cost of project and if some one for joint venture i would also go ahead. email me at I like to invest,Can any one suggest the pay people to write essays project cost viable at the starting level. XL Renewables recently announced that they have developed an statement education economical system for the large-scale production of algae and they will be installing a 40 acre commercial-scale facility in can you to write, Arizona. You can start at any initial investment size depending on who you have collaborating on a project.

Finding equipment suppliers or advisors is not the principal challenge. Once you start, you will want to know who will be investing in the following steps to build on the first initial investment. On Humanism. I am also bringing together investors for to write essays, possible participation in new initiatives; they may like to also hear about what you want to do. Essays On Humanism. Letaˆ™s discuss on my website-blog if you like. I am having the large land plots in Rajasthan in India and to write essays, wish to go for the production of country music essay Alge for the biofuel. Can any one suggest the project cost viable at the starting level. Can You Pay People. a non-profit company in New Mexico involved in developing an integrated system for production of algae biodiesel: Cequesta of Jerusalem, Israel ( are leaders in large-scale algae field (LSAF) technology. Of all plants, algae have the writing an introduction most exciting future since their potential productivity per hectare is many more times any other plant variety. To achieve their full potential, improvements are needed in can you to write essays, algae strains, photo-bioreactor design, and processing. Cequesta knows and understands these areas very well and has retained the most experienced researchers in country music essay, this exciting field.

The company has independent development teams in four places around the world, coordinated from Jerusalem. Pay People. We believe we will be the first to produce low-cost bio-fuel from thesis education, algae, along with other very important commercial products like fishmeal; natural neutraceuticals; replacements for synthetic neutraceuticals and synthetic food additives and fish oils. Our senior staff are: Chief Operational Officer: Shlomzion Landau. Chief Technical Officer: Dr Michael Kagan. Chief Scientist: Professor Amos Richmond. To Write. Chief Excutive Officer: David Waimann. Chief LSAF designer: Eitan Sharir.

Chief Labs: Jenia Gutman. t: +972 2 6738158. f: +972 2 6738157. Our laboratories and test centre are at Mevo#8217;ot Yam by the Mediterranean sea. | Prof. Amos Richmond | Dr. Michael Kagan | David Waimann | Pond Scum Shows Promise as Fuel. by Jan TenBruggencate Honolulu Advertiser May 12, 2007. Could pond scum solve the world#8217;s energy and global warming crises?

University of Hawai#8217;i professor Pengchen #8220;Patrick#8221; Fu thinks it can, with a little push from biotechnology. Fu has developed strains of cyanobacteria one of the components of pond scum that feed on atmospheric carbon dioxide, and produce ethanol as a waste product. He has done it both in his laboratory under fluorescent light and with sunlight on higher the roof of his building. Sunlight works better, he said. #8220;It#8217;s a promising technology,#8221; said Maria Tome, energy engineer with the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism#8217;s energy office. #8220;It has a lot of appeal and can you to write, potential.#8221; Tome, who has been briefed on the project, said that if it works, its benefits could be significant. #8220;Turning waste into thesis something useful is a good thing,#8221; she said. The technique may need adjusting to increase how much ethanol it yields, but #8220;I think this technology has a future. This work is very good,#8221; said C.Y. Hu, associate director for pay people, research with the university#8217;s College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, which houses the informal group essay Department of Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology. The process was patented by Fu and UH in January, but there#8217;s still plenty of work to do to bring it to a commercial level, Fu said. ETHANOL PLANT PLANS. Fu figures his team is two to three years from being able to build a full-scale ethanol plant, and they are looking for investors.

He is fine-tuning his research to find different strains of can you to write blue-green algae that will produce even more ethanol, and that are more tolerant of high levels of diplomatic immunity ethanol. Can You Essays. One problem Fu encounters is that as the cyanobacteria produces ethanol, the increased concentration of ethanol eventually kills the algae. Recently, he clambered over Kilauea volcano on the Big Island seeking out new strains of thesis higher cyanobacteria that might be more effective. Fu started out in chemical engineering, and then began the study of biology. Can You Pay People. He has studied in China, Australia, Japan and thesis higher education, the United States, and came to UH in 2002 after a stint as scientist for a private company in California. He is an assistant professor in the university#8217;s Department of Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology, although his contract ends this summer.

He is working with NASA on the potential of cyanobacteria in future lunar and Mars colonization, and is also proceeding to take his ethanol technology into the marketplace. Can You Pay People To Write. A business plan using his system, under the thesis diplomatic immunity name La Wahie Biotech, yesterday won third place and a $5,000 award in the Business Plan Competition at UH#8217;s Shidler College of Business. Pay People To Write Essays. Daniel Dean and Donavan Kealoha, both UH law and business students, are Fu#8217;s partners. Kealoha said the time seems to writing tool be right and the technology compelling, so they are in the process of can you pay people turning the higher business plan into can you pay people to write essays an operating business. The production of ethanol for fuel is one of the nation#8217;s and the world#8217;s major initiatives, partly because its production takes as much carbon out of the atmosphere as it dumps into the atmosphere. That#8217;s different from an introduction, fossil fuels such as oil and coal, which take stored carbon out of the ground and to write essays, release it into the atmosphere, for music persuasive, a net increase in greenhouse gas. Most current and planned ethanol production methods depend on farming, and in the case of corn and sugar, take food crops and divert them into energy. To Write. Fu said crop-based ethanol production is slow and resource-costly. He decided to work with cyanobacteria, some of which convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into their own food and thesis statement education, release oxygen as a waste product. Other scientists also are researching using cyanobacteria to pay people to write essays make ethanol, using different strains, but Fu#8217;s technique is unique, he said.

He inserted genetic material into informal one type of freshwater cyanobacterium, causing it to produce ethanol as its waste product. It works, and is an amazingly efficient system, he said. #8220;We have no need to use anything but sunlight and carbon dioxide,#8221; plus a trace amount of nutrient materials, he said. #8220;We are very confident about pay people to write essays, this.#8221; The technology is fairly simple, he said. Higher Education. It involves a photobioreactor, which is a fancy term for a clear glass or plastic container full of something alive, in which light promotes a biological reaction. Carbon dioxide gas is bubbled through the green mixture of water and cyanobacteria. #8220;Solar energy drives the conversion#8221; of the carbon dioxide into can you pay people ethanol, Fu said. The liquid is then passed through a specialized membrane that removes the ethanol, allowing the water, nutrients and writing an introduction, cyanobacteria to to write return to the photobioreactor. The benefit over country music persuasive essay, other techniques of producing ethanol is that this is can you pay people essays simple and quick-taking days rather than the months required to grow crops that can be converted to ethanol, Fu said.

And he believes it can be done for significantly less than the cost of gasoline and also less than the persuasive cost of ethanol produced through conventional methods. Also, this system is can you to write essays not a net producer of carbon dioxide: Carbon dioxide released into the environment when ethanol is burned has been withdrawn from the environment during ethanol production. To get the carbon dioxide it needs, the writing system could even pull the gas out to write of the essays emissions of power plants or other carbon dioxide producers. That would prevent carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere, where it has been implicated as a major cause of global warming. Source: Honolulu Advertiser. This will change the world for the better. Say good-bye to OPEC.

We have a pond property near Boston that an pay people to write algae researcher might be interested in. We have a pond property near Boston that an algae researcher might be interested in. Nice summary. Petro Sun management includes Dallas Cowboys legend Rayfield Wright. They sponsor a college football bowl game in writing speech, addition to harvesting algae.

Maybe they#8217;re going to break through into can you pay people the open with their farms on the Gulf Coast. Good to see that Algae is getting some traction in on the web. This article spurred me to post my own summary about different companies related to the Algae for BioFuels. I just added a few comments but I think it can be a pretty good start for anyone interested in knowing more. I welcome feedback, comments and contacts.

Good article. Thank you, Ms. Informal Group Essay. Fehrenbacher. One criticism. The media have got to can you stop using cute little tag lines like #8220;Turning pond scum into fuel#8221;. It is demeaning of a very serois technology that offers the world a MAJOR solution to a myriad of problems. Thesis Statement Higher Education. Great report, and interest in your follow-up story that could discuss technical hurdles, harmful biproducts, current cost comparison to ethanol, rates of progress toward cost reduction, etc. XLTechGroup#8217;s PetroAlgae LLC.

As a resident of China, I am wondering if any of these companies have moved into China, and if so what the reception has been. Pay People To Write Essays. Last summer there were no less than 14 large lakes that experienced sever algae blooms, and already we have seen 10 tributaries of the Yangtze experience algae blooms this year (in the cold season). In my mind, and of course this depends on the ability of the technologies listed above, there could potentially be a large market in China. Global Green Solutions, whose Vertigro solution is a vertical closed system. Located near El Paso. Valcent is another company working on algae to biodiesel. Check the research being done at the National Biofuels Energy Laboratory at an introduction, Wayne State University in Detroit ( and click on #8220;projects#8221;) #8212; some very cool research into which particular breed of pond scum will make the can you pay people best diesel oil. Informal Group. Some of these startups should be linking up with this lab for research.

Thanks Tom! Anyone else have any additions to the list? One more: Algae @ Work, Essays. They were formed when Jim Sears left Solix to pursue a different vision for the technology. Katie: Way 2 Go!

Green biodiesel is the #8220;way 2 go#8221;. We live on Lake Champlain. Currently, the dairy farms dump manure on fields which drains into the lake fertilizing seaweeds which choke the shoreline. We can harvest the on humanism seaweed biomass and blend with the manure, cut the carbon, produce methane and power.

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Essay On Japan Tsunami Essays and Research Papers. TSUNAMI IN JAPAN Japan was hit by to write essays, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11, 2011, that triggered a deadly 23-foot . tsunami in the country's north. The giant waves deluged cities and rural areas alike, sweeping away cars, homes, buildings, a train, and boats, leaving a path of death and devastation in its wake. Video footage showed cars racing away from surging waves. The earthquake—the largest in Japan's history—struck about 230 miles northeast of Tokyo. Thesis Immunity! The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued warnings. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Chernobyl disaster , Honshu 1425 Words | 4 Pages. 10/16/2012 | | | | TSUNAMI HITS JAPAN NATURAL DISASTER KILLS THOUSANDS Japan suffered a . devastating earthquake 230 miles northeast of Tokyo on March 11, 2011 which caused a seven meter tsunami that surged through cities and can you to write essays villages in the countries north destroying everything in its path.

According to the United States Geological Survey the on humanism, Earthquake hit with a magnitude of 8.9 to 9.0, this is the largest recorded earthquake in Japans History and it moved the island by up to eight. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Earthquake engineering 879 Words | 3 Pages. Japan Earthquake and can you Tsunami 2011. Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 After doing research on significant events that occurred in . the past 12 months within the Pacific Rim, the diplomatic immunity, topic I finally decided to can you to write essays, do my research report on was the statement education, recent earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan’s many cities. I chose this topic because I was really interested about learning more about the issue and how significant it actually was.

My purpose in essays, writing this research essay is writing tool, simply to explore and explain. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Earthquakes in Japan 1692 Words | 5 Pages. Tsunamis become disasters because of the human context in which they occur. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use examples of . known tsunami events recently and in the past to illustrate your arguments. Can You To Write! According to Wisner et al 2004, disasters occur when hazards meet vulnerability,” implying that in unpopulated areas hazards can not become disasters as there is no vulnerability (Quarantelli E.L. 1998). Without humans being involved, tsunamis are nothing but giant waves; they may. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Chernobyl disaster , Nuclear power 1745 Words | 5 Pages.

? When an essay, earthquake followed by to write, a tsunami hit Japan , the people were devastated and everyone was scrambling for their safety. . The earthquake was one of the strongest on record and group this caused an overwhelming tsunami that destroyed most of the nation. Can You To Write Essays! These events not only tore down Japan , but this natural disaster is going to greatly affect the rest of the world and thesis higher the global economy. Before these events, the global economy was stable and now after these events the global economy is going to. Affect , Country , Earthquake 1764 Words | 5 Pages. ?How tsunamis occur. As one plate subducts below another (moves underneath), pressure builds for many years resulting in a section of the . mega-thrust giving away. As this section gives away, it ruptures the ocean floor, resulting in a massive displacement of water, causing a tsunami . Tsunamis are barely felt as a ripple on the ocean’s surface, but as the waves reach land, they increase in size as the water becomes shallower. Pay People Essays! Japan earthquake and tsunami At 2:46pm Japanese time, on essays on humanism, March. Convergent boundary , Earth , Earthquake 1556 Words | 6 Pages. Japan was hit by an enormous earthquake on March 11, 2011, that triggered a deadly 23-foot tsunami in the country's north. The . giant waves deluged cities and rural areas alike, sweeping away cars, homes, buildings, a train, and boats, leaving a path of death and devastation in its wake.

Video footage showed cars racing away from surging waves. The United States Geological Survey reported the earthquake and on Monday revised its magnitude from 8.9 to pay people, 9.0, which is the largest in Japan's history. Thesis Higher Education! The. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Chernobyl disaster , Nuclear power 2250 Words | 7 Pages. Tsunami Statistics Damaging Tsunamis vs Non-damaging Tsunamis - Worldwide 107 82 137 99 54 80 112 88 67 . Pay People! 76 12 13 12 17 13 14 16 18 5 21 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 1900-1909 1910-1919 1920-1929 1930-1939 1940-1949 1950-1959 1960-1969 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1999 Decade (20th Century) Number of Tsunamis Damaging Tsunamis Non-Damaging Tsunamis Most Damaging Tsunamis Worldwide Deaths Year Location Name 40000 1782 S. CHINA SEA 36500 1883 S. JAVA SEA 30000 1707. Alaska , Harshad number , Japan 340 Words | 4 Pages.

Tsunami Abstract This essay covers about education, Tsunami , being one of the fatal natural disasters that have attacked . many countries, endangering the human lives. This essay will cover on pay people to write essays, what tsunami is, how and why it happens, and country persuasive the severe consequences and the measures taken to prevent it. Before getting started for the essay , I started doing a research on the types natural disasters. Once I have chosen the topic of my extended essay , which is tsunami , I planned on what information that I should. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Japan 1146 Words | 4 Pages. The Nuclear Disaster in Japan Essay. The nuclear disaster in can you, Japan , March 2011 Assignment A: Account According to the online information site HowStuffWorks, the whole nuclear . disaster in Japan in 2011 was started because of an earthquake. As a result of the earthquake the writing an introduction, four reactors was automatically shut down. The plants then stopped producing power, and can you the cooling pumps were started. On Humanism! The cooling pumps should help cooling the to write, water.

The cooling pumps needed electricity to work, but because of the automatically shut down, the. Coal , Cooling tower , Earthquake 1373 Words | 4 Pages. ? 1. Where is diplomatic immunity, your country located? Japan is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean 2. What's its capital . city or cities? The capital of Japan is Tokyo 3. Can You To Write! Who is its President/Queen/King/Prime Minister? The Prime Minister of Japan is the an introduction speech, head of government of Japan . He is Shinzo Abe. Can You Essays! 4. Country! What's its GDP? The economy of Japan is the can you pay people, third largest in the world by nominal GDP, the thesis, fourth largest by Purchasing Power Parity and is the world's second largest developed. African Development Bank , International Monetary Fund , Japan 1293 Words | 5 Pages. [pic] Japan Geography Japan is about the same size as California.

Japan is made up of pay people, many islands. The . four largest islands in Japan are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and thesis immunity Shikoku. Japan forms an arc in the Pacific Ocean. Japans total area is about 378,000 square kilometers. About 75% of Japans land is mountains. Japans highest mountain is Mount Fuji at 3776 meters. Japan has several volcanic regions and pay people to write essays 80 volcanoes are considered active. Mount Fuji hasn’t erupted since 1707 and is considered. Democratic Party of Japan , Diet of Japan , Government of Japan 1633 Words | 5 Pages.

Anderson-Manrique English 101: Essay 1:Cause and Effect Essay . Thesis Statement! 9,Oct.2011 Outline I .Introduction: A. Hook: . Japan was hit by the most powerful earthquake in recorded history on can you essays, March 11, 2011. B. Country Music Persuasive! The center of the nine-magnitude earthquake was near the east coast of Japan , C. Can You To Write! Thesis statement: The Earthquake in Japan , besides being a disaster, also caused other disasters, such as a tsunami and nuclear leaks. II. Essays On Humanism! Body: A. Earthquake B. Tsunami 1. The horrifying earthquake. Chernobyl disaster , Nuclear fission , Nuclear power 1537 Words | 5 Pages. Background Information Japan , otherwise known as, The Land of Rising Sun, is can you pay people to write essays, located in Eastern Asia and is slightly smaller than California. . With a population of 127,368,088 the majority of the population are Japanese. The people are 98.5% Japanese, .5% Korean, .4% Chinese, and .6% other. The average age of the people is 45.4 years, 0-14 years makes up 13.5% of the population, 62.6% 15-64, and 23.9% other.

Much of the population practice both Shintoism and Buddhism religions, while about 9%. Automotive industry , Government of Japan , Honda 2425 Words | 7 Pages. What Are Japan’s Main Physical Features? As you can see Japan is split into four main islands. We have: Hokkaido (North) Honshu (West) . Shikoku (East) Kyushu (South) As you can see, they are all located on the map (left). The northern part of Japan (Hokkaido) is seen to thesis, be remote and fairly mountainous. Snow-capped peaks cover the centre of the Hokkaido. Winters are extremely cold with substantial snowfall.

The western island, Honshu is said to be mountainous, with very little flat land. Earthquake , Great Hanshin earthquake , Honshu 1190 Words | 3 Pages. Japan (??, Nippon) is a country in Asia. It has many islands. Four of them are big, and the biggest is the can you pay people to write essays, 7th largest island in the world. . This island is called Honshu.

The islands are near the East Asian coast, in the western part of the informal group, Pacific Ocean. Japanese people call their country Nihon or Nippon, which means the origin of the can you essays, sun in Japanese. HISTORY In 1941, Japan hit Pearl Harbor in thesis higher education, Hawaii, a water base of the can you pay people, United States and destroyed or damaged many ships and airplanes. Empire of diplomatic, Japan , Hokkaido , Honshu 726 Words | 3 Pages. 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami Introduction The 2011 Tohoku earthquake, also known as the Great East . Japan Earthquake,[6][7](Japanese: Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Disaster was a magnitude 9.0 (Mw) undersea megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan that occurred on Friday, 11 March 2011 It was the most powerful known earthquake to have hit Japan , and one of the can you pay people to write, five most powerful earthquakes in the world overall since modern record-keeping began in 1900. In addition to. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Honshu 1673 Words | 6 Pages.

?Present day Japan and the United States share political economic and social similarities and differences such as both countries have a . democratic government based around a constitution; however japan has incorporated a more traditional aspect of thesis immunity, their culture by retaining the position of the can you essays, emperor. Writing! Economically both are very similar in that they both run on the concept of free market and are both in can you essays, the top five largest economies in the world. Differences would include the fact that Japan’s economy. Economy of the music essay, United States , Federal government of the United States , President of the essays, United States 1449 Words | 4 Pages. Western countries. Japan also became more militaristic in hopes of group, not being a victim of imperialism. Although Japan experienced . Essays! some changes, Japan continued the ideology of kokutai as a method for thesis diplomatic, imperial advancement. Japan’s cultural and political structure changed from can you essays, being a weak isolated nation to a modern imperialist country. Essays! Before Japan westernized, it was under the rule of the pay people to write essays, Tokugawa shogunate. This was an agricultural economy with a population of 13 billion.

Japan did not associate. Boshin War , Edo period , Emperor of an introduction speech, Japan 1090 Words | 3 Pages. ? Introduction Tsunami is known by many as the can you to write essays, devastating wave that has no remorse. The wave that has devastated many countries and has . Online Tool! such power to practically destroy all of Japan in 2011, which was the most popular tsunami viewed by society as a whole. Through this paper we will research what a tsunami is, how does a tsunami start, the dangers of tsunamis , most common places a tsunami is known to hit, ways to predict a tsunami , and will be ending with a closing statement with my view point. Atlantic Ocean , Earthquake , Japan 1541 Words | 7 Pages. xcxxvvcvvfdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf vfdfdfv Tsunami : the Great Waves Tsunami is a Japanese word with the English translation, . harbor wave.

Represented by two characters, the top character, tsu, means harbor, while the to write essays, bottom character, nami, means wave. In the past, tsunamis were sometimes referred to as tidal waves by thesis immunity, the general public, and as seismic sea waves by the scientific community. The term tidal wave is can you pay people to write essays, a misnomer; although a tsunami's impact upon a coastline is dependent. Coast , Earthquake , Japan 794 Words | 3 Pages. The Tsunami Story Tsunami is a set of ocean waves caused by any large, abrupt disturbance of the sea-surface. Essays On Humanism! . If the can you pay people to write, disturbance is speech, close to the coastline, local tsunamis can demolish coastal communities within minutes. Can You Pay People Essays! A very large disturbance can cause local devastation AND export tsunami destruction thousands of miles away. Informal Essay! The word tsunami is a Japanese word, represented by two characters: tsu, meaning, harbor, and nami meaning, wave.

Tsunamis rank high on can you pay people, the scale of. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis , Earthquake 1265 Words | 4 Pages. Tsunami * Tsunami : An Introduction A tsunami is a series of ocean waves with very long wavelengths . (typically hundreds of kilometers) caused by large-scale disturbances of the essays on humanism, ocean. Can You To Write Essays! Tsunamis can be caused by submarine volcanic eruptions, submarine landslides, meteor impact, underwater explosions, and glacier calving’s and major earthquakes occuring beneath the seabed causing large vertical movements. The term ‘ Tsunami ’ has been coined from the Japanese term Tsu meaning ‘harbour’ and nami. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Indian Ocean , Ocean 2067 Words | 7 Pages. Tsunami A tsunami , also called a tsunami wave train, and at on humanism one time incorrectly referred to can you to write, as a tidal wave, is a . Country Music! series of water waves caused by to write essays, the displacement of a large volume of a body of water, usually an ocean, though it can occur in large lakes. Tsunamis are a frequent occurrence in Japan ; approximately 195 events have been recorded.

Owing to the immense volumes of water and the high energy involved, tsunamis can devastate coastal regions. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and group essay other underwater. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Coast , Earthquake 1478 Words | 4 Pages. be talking to to write essays, you about the thesis immunity, earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th, 2011 at 2:46pm (local time). This was the . most powerful earthquake recorded in Japanese history with an can you pay people to write, estimated 8.9 -9.0 on the Richter scale. This catastrophic earthquake struck off the coast of Honshu, Japan . Essays On Humanism! The tremors were the can you pay people essays, result of thesis statement higher, a violent uplift of the sea floor 80 miles off the coast of essays, Sendai, where the Pacific tectonic plate slid beneath the plate Japan sits on. Tens of miles of crust ruptured along.

Earthquake , Japan , New Zealand 917 Words | 3 Pages. Tsunamis: Causes, Effects and Differences. ?A tsunami us a large wave caused by online tool, a displacement of a large volume of water. A tsunami are the effect of a natural primary . hazards meaning that they are a secondary hazard, mostly the result of tectonic activity. Can You Pay People Essays! The Boxing Day tsunami was caused by the subduction of the indo-Australian plate boundary underneath the Eurasian plate (240km off the coast of Indonesia). In contrast, the Japan tsunami was caused by the Pacific Plate subducting under the North American plate. The Asian and the Japan. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Convergent boundary , Earthquake 1522 Words | 4 Pages. Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Sion Hau 7D 31/07/11 An . earthquake occurred in persuasive, Sendai, Japan on the 11th of March in can you pay people to write, 2011; this earthquake also resulted in a tsunami . An Introduction Speech! The earthquake measured at magnitude 8.9-9.0 on the Richter scale, the scale is measured in powers of ten (e.g. magnitude 2.0 is ten times more than magnitude 1.0). Japan sits on the Ring of Fire (an area encircling Pacific Ocean that has high volcanic and earthquake.

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Japan 450 Words | 2 Pages. ? For Japanese Women, a Competition to to write, be Thin In Japan , only 3.5 percent of the population is writing, considered obese. In contrast, the U.S has a . climbing obesity rate that is currently thirty percent. A main reason for the contrast in can you to write, obesity rates is the “culture of health” that Japan has long promoted. In part, Japan has been the healthiest nation thanks to its meals of essays on humanism, vegetables, fish, and small portions. However, although Japan is can you to write essays, able to avoid the problem of obesity, it is experiencing a rapid. Anorexia nervosa , Body mass index , Body shape 1369 Words | 5 Pages. Japan and Earthquake/Tsunami Mitigation. Japan and thesis Earthquake/ Tsunami Mitigation Geography 312 – Term Paper Alexandra Bradshaw – 301144682 March 29th, 2012 On . March 11th 2011, Japan suffered a 9.0 magnitude earthquake off its northern coast, followed by an enormous tsunami which took the lives of around 20,000 people. An earthquake of this magnitude had never been experienced in the history of can you pay people to write essays, mankind, and came as a shock to many seismologists. With the title of being the most earthquake prepared country in the world, Japan was thought.

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Geothermal power 3287 Words | 8 Pages. Rizal in thesis statement higher, Japan (Land of Cherry Blossoms) Feb. 28 – April 13 1888 • Rizal left Hong Kong on board of the to write, Oceanic, an American steamer on his . way to tool, Japan . Places he went… YOKOHAMA GRAND HOTEL Places he went… TOKYO TOKYO HOTEL People he met JuanPerezCaballero • Secretary of the to write essays, Spanish legation visited him in thesis, the hotel inviting him to stay in the Spanish legation. • Knowing that it is a plot to monitor him, Rizal accepted the offer for the following reasons: REASONS WHY HE ACCEPTED CABALLERO’S. El filibusterismo , Honshu , Japan 373 Words | 19 Pages. 84:209–216 DOI 10.1007/s10551-008-9701-8 O Springer 2008 ‘‘Karoshi (Work to Death)’’ in essays, Japan Atsuko Kanai ABSTRACT. Since the . collapse of Japan’s bubble economy in the early 1990’s, the Japanese economy has only recovered slightly. Statement Higher! This has direct implications for can you to write, employment. Both the seniority wage system and an introduction speech the lifetime employment system, which were popular during the pay people essays, period of economic growth in Japan , unavoidably changed to an outcome-wage system. Now there is greater mobility in employment. Death , Economy of country persuasive essay, Japan , Employment 1246 Words | 5 Pages.

Essay on Tsunami, December 26th 2004 the can you, disaster that was caused by the Tsuanmi, and it takes a look into thesis diplomatic immunity, its sociological persepctives. On December 26, 2004 the essays, world experienced the most devastating natural disaster to hit the Indian Ocean. It was classified as a tsunami , a . Thesis Diplomatic Immunity! tsunami holding immense power equivalent to essays, the destruction of three nuclear bombs. Tsunami waves can become more than 30 feet high as they come into shore and group can rush miles inland across low-lying areas. The death tolls were astronomical causing much grief, pain and can you depression throughout the world. Estimates of the total toll from the eleven countries hit. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Aceh , Bay of Bengal 2086 Words | 6 Pages. ?Study Guide: China- Japan Unit Test 2014 For your first unit test, be able to: Use the following vocabulary terms in sentences of your own . Thesis Higher Education! showing you know the meaning of the term in context.

Porcelain Fire Lance Civil Service Exams Minamoto Yoritomo Forbidden City Shogun Genghis Khan Samurai Diamond Sutra Zheng He Steel Silk Feudalism Steppe Vassal Scholar-Officials Daimyo Census Terrorism Bushido Yuan Dynasty Meditation Shinto Confucianism Grand Canal Answer questions. Genghis Khan , Mongol Empire , Mongolia 2216 Words | 7 Pages. Cascadian Tsunami Barely had they set foot in the city in . mourning the death of their benefactor, they feel the earth shake beneath their feet, the sea rises bubbling in the harbor, and breaks the vessels that are to anchor. Can You Pay People! Swirls of statement higher education, flames and ashes covered the pay people to write essays, streets and public places; houses collapsed, roofs are reversed on the foundations, and foundations disperse, and writing speech thirty thousand inhabitants of all ages. 1700 Cascadia earthquake , Cascadia subduction zone , Earthquake 1515 Words | 5 Pages. History of Tsunami Events Need Emergency Advice?

Please listen to your local radio and TV announcements or call 1300 TSUNAMI . (1300 878 6264) for latest warning information. Can You Pay People! For emergency assistance, call your local emergency authority on 132 500 Recent Tsunamis affecting Australia * 28 February 2010 * 15 July 2009 List of past tsunami events around the world Tsunamis through history Destructive tsunamis have occurred in all of the thesis statement education, world's oceans and seas. The following table lists some. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Atlantic Ocean , Earthquake 2462 Words | 7 Pages. cost, fuel efficiency, and pay people to write essays exquisite design. In the early Eighties, dollars appreciated against major currencies including the Japanese yen. It boosted the . expansion of Japan's exports, U.S. government faced successive years of trade deficits against Japan , protectionist coalitions claimed that measures shall be taken to reverse the present trade situation. Informal Essay! As such, a new agreement called the Plaza Accord was brought onto the agenda. Instead of pay people to write essays, controlling domestic demands, U.S. government exerted.

Currency , Exchange rate , Foreign exchange market 1607 Words | 6 Pages. The wavelength is the horizontal distance between two troughs or crests. Country Essay! 2)The Largest and most dangerous of can you to write, oceanic waves is called tsunami . or tidal waves. It’s wave could reach up to thousands of feet tall. 3) Tsunami is word originated from japan , and it’s equivalent in English is called “seismic sea waves.” There are many factors causing Tsunami . Most tsunamis that has occured in the past few years are caused by online writing, the down drop or upthrust of the Earh’s crust that results in pay people to write, Earthquke. It can also. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of online writing, Tsunamis , Earth 1355 Words | 3 Pages.

in the 1870’s was raw cotton. It’s price fell 45 percent. Japan’s largest export in the 1870s was raw silk. Its price rose 50%. (8 points) Show using a . Pay People To Write Essays! graph why if these were Japan’s only export good and only import good, this would imply that Japan would have gained from trade. (note: the specific numbers don't matter, just showing the kind of change from autonomy to trade). Label all parts of your diagram. 70866016764000 1798320161290Cotton 2255520106680E1 4000020000E1 95250052070 214122011303000708660673100021031206350 . Daimyo , Edo period , Empire of Japan 1066 Words | 3 Pages. Tsunami in Japan Assesment Notes(A*)

4038600-137160How Are Tsunami’s Made -Initiation The sea floor rises and drops suddenly creating large columns of water -Split ddsddsThe initial . tsunami then splits into diplomatic, two, one heads further into sea another heads towards shore -Amplification As the wave appdsroaches shore, the can you essays, height of the wave is amplified as the wave gathers energy as approaches shore -Run Up The leading wave is steepened, the wave does not break at this point, instead it acts like a wall of water smashing everything. Earthquake , Japan , Nuclear power 3319 Words | 6 Pages. of Malaysia. Recently, Kampung Sungai Balang had been hitting by a Tsunami . Tsunami is one of the horrible natural disasters in . the world history. The earthquake that caused the online, wave of the tsunami measures up to 9.0 on the Richter scale.

In the morning, when all the people in the Kampung Sungai Balang slept, movements stated down below 10,000 feet in the epicentre. Can You Pay People To Write Essays! The disastrous horror that came in the form of a massive tsunami has ravaged and essays on humanism devastated an incredibly large area and has left many. Disease , Earthquake , Epidemiology 610 Words | 2 Pages. exactly are tsunamis ? Tsunamis are immensely strong, long length and long period sea waves. Tsunamis have caused . much grief and sorrow for anyone who have experienced it. The term tsunami comes from the Japanese language meaning harbor and pay people wave. The term was created by fishermen who returned to group essay, port to find the area surrounding their harbor devastated, although they had not been aware of any wave in can you essays, the open water. Tsunamis are common throughout Japanese history, as 195 events in country essay, Japan have been recorded. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Indian Ocean 1446 Words | 4 Pages. Essay: to What Extent Was Japan Modernized by 1920s?

Essay : To what extent was Japan modernized by 1920s? Modernization is can you pay people to write, a process by which human beings progress in political, . Online! economic, social, intellectual and military aspects for the betterment of society as a whole. In the early 20th century, Japan achieved different levels of modernization in political, social, economic and to write cultural aspects. Although Japan still kept many traditional beliefs, it was the most modernized country in Asia at that time. Country Music! Here, I will evaluate to what extent was. Diet of can you pay people to write essays, Japan , Empire of online writing, Japan , Prime minister 1024 Words | 3 Pages.

Water Problem In Japan Table of Contents Abstract In the introduction part, I will give the purpose and thesis . statement of the research and give some necessary background knowledge to provide some idea for readers. In the Methodology part, I will give the method how I collect the information. In the finding part, I give the information I find of the water problem in Japan . And in the discussion part, I give the can you pay people to write essays, process of the research and finally I justify the solution. Cadmium poisoning , Chernobyl disaster , Government of Japan 1648 Words | 5 Pages. Japan Railway System-Adaptation to Natural Disaster.

References 11 Abstract This research paper is about the country music, Japan railway systems that always face the natural disaster and its . adaptation in order to survive from the natural disaster and save its passengers from the disaster. This paper explains about the JR Company, which owns most of the japan railway and how it overcame all the odds and adapted to all the natural disasters which took place in Japan and lead less damage than usual. JR group installed seismometer. Earthquake , East Japan Railway Company , Greater Tokyo Area 1779 Words | 6 Pages. R. Can You Pay People To Write! N. L. Laresma ESSAY Japan , a country that shows us even through hard times, even a great war, could rise up from the essays, . ashes and to write essays be one of greatest countries in the world.

They have shown us their intellectual knowledge about advancement in technology, technology that we today, use throughout our daily lives. Their culture has shaped the minds of people from all over essay the world, sharing their skills and creativity through means of to write essays, modern day mediums. Tool! This, and other unique attributes of. 2007 singles , Civilization , Culture 374 Words | 2 Pages. Outline Format Introduction 1. Over 70% of pay people essays, Japan consists of mountains. The country also has over thesis statement higher 200 volcanoes. Can You! Raised floors help . indicate when to take off slippers or shoes. At the entrance to a home in Japan , the floor will usually be raised about 6 inches (15.24 cm.) indicating you should take off your shoes and put on slippers. If the online writing tool, house has a tatami mat room, its floor may be raised 1-2 inches (2.54-5.08 cm.) indicating you should take off your slippers. 2. Can You! Interested. 3. Tonight.

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , Attack on Pearl Harbor , Japan 1233 Words | 4 Pages. ?Investigating Earthquakes – Japan Gurjit Ashwin Preliminary questions: a. Why do earthquakes happen in higher education, this location? b. Does this . location fall on to write, any fault lines? c. What are they doing to prepare themselves? d. How often earthquakes happen in this location? e. Writing! The last earthquake? f. The strongest earthquake? g. Can You Pay People Essays! What are the hazards of earthquakes in this area? h. How are the informal group essay, structures built in this area Investigation: i. Can You To Write! Japan is located in an area where several continental. 2008 Sichuan earthquake , Earthquake , Fault 1063 Words | 3 Pages. Asia Tsunami Introduction 26th of December 2004 saw one of the on humanism, deadliest natural disasters in history; a tsunami killing . Can You Pay People To Write! more than 270,000 people in thesis statement higher, fourteen countries across two continents (The Bolton Council of Mosques 2007-2012). Pay People Essays! This essay will aim to address the following issues: the nature of the disaster, geographic and human factors that contributed to the disaster, the preparation involved, the essays, recovery process and the limitations of the data. Can You To Write! Nature of the South Asia tsunami . 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Aceh , Natural disaster 851 Words | 3 Pages. 2011 The Hilo Bay: Tsunami Magnet of thesis, Hawaii On the afternoon of can you, 22 May 1960 the Valdivia Earthquake struck the country of Chile with . devastating repercussions for the Chilean people and people around the world. Online! The Earthquake rated a 9.5 on the moment magnitude scale and is, to date, the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. It occurred at roughly 1911 GMT, 1411 local time, and generated a massive tsunami that struck Hawaii approximately fifteen hours later. The tsunami caused little damage.

1960 Valdivia earthquake , 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake 2408 Words | 6 Pages. Tsunami in essays, Japan The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued warnings for Russia, Taiwan, Hawaii, Indonesia, the informal, . Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and to write essays the west coasts the U.S., Mexico, Central America, and diplomatic immunity South America Earthquake Causes Nuclear Disaster The cooling system at the reactor failed shortly after the earthquake. Officials feared that a meltdown may occur, and radioactive material was detected outside the to write essays, plant. On Humanism! These fears were realized on Sunday, when officials said they. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Japan 461 Words | 2 Pages. [pic] Tsunami From Wikipedia, the can you pay people to write, free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Tsunami (disambiguation). . [pic] [pic] A destroyed town in Sumatra after being hit by a tsunami , caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake A tsunami (plural: tsunamis or tsunami ; from Japanese: ??, lit. Essays On Humanism! harbor wave;[1] English pronunciation: /su??n??mi/ soo-nah-mee or /tsu??n??mi/ tsoo-nah-mee[2]), also called a tsunami wave train,[3] and at one time referred to can you pay people, as a tidal wave, is a series. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Pacific Tsunami Warning Center 5676 Words | 27 Pages.

Japan earthquake and tsunami - 2011 Japan is an island nation located in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, . it lies to the east of the Sea of writing speech, Japan , China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia. Japan is an pay people to write essays, archipelago of 6,852 islands. The four largest islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku, together comprising about ninety-seven percent of Japan's land area. Japan is a major economic power and has the 3rd largest nominal GDP Its GDP per capita is immunity, $34,739 or the 25th highest in the. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Chernobyl disaster , Earthquake 1079 Words | 3 Pages.

Main article: Historic tsunami [-0] As early as 426 B.C.[-1] the Greek[-2] historian Thucydides[-3] inquired in his book History of the . Peloponnesian War[-4] about the causes of tsunami , and was the first to argue that ocean earthquakes must be the cause.[5]HYPERLINK l cite_note-Smid.2C_T._C._103f.-5[6] The cause, in can you pay people essays, my opinion, of speech, this phenomenon must be sought in the earthquake. Pay People Essays! At the point where its shock has been the most violent the thesis diplomatic, sea is driven back, and can you to write essays suddenly recoiling with. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Earthquake engineering 5523 Words | 19 Pages. Name: Andrew Gordon Subject: Exp201, Professor Morales Summary Assignment Forerunners Sei Shonagon: Hateful Things Essay question: . Consider Sei Shonagon’s definition of the word ‘hate’ in the Heian era. Is an opinion considered hostile if it focuses on honesty and writing an introduction speech transparency of a situation? “Hateful Things” is an opinionated extract from the book “Pillow Talk” written by Sei Shonagon. Can You Essays! Pillow Talk is a collection of the lists, desires, poetry and judgmental conversations by Shonagon. Sei. Essay , Heian period , Japan 1371 Words | 4 Pages. Warning Systems and Prevention Techniques of Tsunamis.

Tsunamis are series of ocean waves caused by underwater seismic activity or volcanic activity. Several countries all around the world are being . affected by this type of natural disaster and even though usually small tsunamis do not cause much damage, the giant waves are a threat. A tsunami while reaching the shore full of people. tsunami from December 2004 was generated by a 9.1 magnitude earthquake and its waves devastated the Indian. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Deep-ocean Assessment and thesis education Reporting of Tsunamis , Earthquake 1239 Words | 4 Pages. Tsunami EENS 3050 Tulane University Natural Disasters Prof. Stephen A. Can You To Write! Nelson Tsunami This page last updated on 02-Jul-2012 . Online Writing! Up until December of 2004, the phenomena of tsunami was not on the minds of can you, most of the world's population.

That changed on the morning of December 24, 2004 when an earthquake of moment magnitude 9.1 occurred along the essay, oceanic trench off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. Can You Pay People To Write Essays! This large earthquake resulted in vertical displacement of the sea floor and generated a tsunami that. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Japan 4029 Words | 12 Pages. Tsunamis Have The Same Impacts On MEDC S And LEDC S. ? Tsunamis have the same impacts on MEDC’s and LEDC’s. As seen on Boxing Day 2004, just off the west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, . On Humanism! and in March 2011, just off the eastern coast of Japan , earthquakes can have devastating consequences, as can the tsunamis that followed. Submarine earthquakes are the most common cause of tsunamis (responsible for pay people to write essays, about three-quarters of all tsunamis ), however they are not exclusively causal as they can also be triggered by volcanic eruptions above or below. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Earthquake , Indian Ocean 1411 Words | 3 Pages. TAMOY LOGAN GRADE 8E What is on humanism, a Tsunamis ? Tsunami are waves caused by sudden movement of the ocean due to earthquakes, . landslides on the sea floor, land slumping into the ocean, large volcanic eruptions or meteorite impact in the ocean. • Tsunamis generally consist of a series of waves withperiods ranging from minutes to can you to write essays, hours, arriving in a so-called wave train.[4] Wave heights of music persuasive, tens of metres can be generated by large events.

Although the impact of tsunamis is limited to can you essays, coastal areas, their. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake , Causality , Earthquake 498 Words | 9 Pages. The Causes of online, Tsunami All tsunamis are caused by the sudden displacement of large volumes of water. All are the can you pay people, result of . violent events with enough power to displace large volumes very rapidly. Moreover, Tsunamis are often referred to high waves of statement higher, water caused by changes in the flow and surge of the ocean. On the other hand, Tsunamis can be caused by a few different factors, which are an can you pay people to write, earthquake, a large-scale undersea landslide, a submarine volcanic eruption (Cause of Tsunami , n.d.). . Earth , Earthquake , Ocean 767 Words | 3 Pages. Gross Domestic Product of essays on humanism, Japan According to the business cycle graph of Japan shown above, Japan’s economy faced a recession . in three years consecutively, from years 2007 to 2009.

It only starts to recover from the essays, recession at year 2009 and gradually picking up its pace in growth in both the years 2010 and 2011. As seen in online, the graph, Japan’s economy made a plunge from pay people, year 2007 to year 2008, where GDP fell from ?525,469,000 to ?505,794,000 at a rate of 3.74%. This recession is the result of. 1917 , Economics , Financial crisis 1055 Words | 3 Pages.