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Thinking and critical thinking

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Ap Us History 2005 Dbq Form B Essays and thinking Research Papers. the country? What difference does it make to understand the Revolution as a civil war between Americans as well as a war against the British? No, they . Dissertations! didn’t deserve to thinking and critical be forced out of America, it doesn’t matter what they believed, they helped form this country just as much was the rebels did, they have every right to and theses online stay in their own country 4. How important were the thinking and critical, diplomatic relations between European nations in determining the success of the numbers, American Revolution? How significant a role. American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , British Empire 2105 Words | 6 Pages. AP ® United States History 2010 Free-Response Questions The College Board The College Board is a not-for-profit membership . association whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. Founded in 1900, the College Board is composed of more than 5,700 schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations. Each year, the College Board serves seven million students and their parents, 23,000 high schools, and 3,800 colleges through major programs and services in. Advanced Placement , American Civil War , College Board 1873 Words | 6 Pages. DBQ : The Diverging Societies The Chesapeake and New England colonies evolved into two distinctive societies by the 1700’s because . differences in developments occurred.

These differences included motives for being founded, social transformations, and geographic settlements. The Chesapeake and thinking and critical New England society differed in their motives for colonization. The Chesapeake region of Virginia was founded by the Virginia Company as a joint-stock company. Thesis On Virus! Their main goal was to build opportunities. Colony , England , Massachusetts Bay Colony 1246 Words | 4 Pages.

DBQ American expansionism in the late 19th century and early 20th century was, to thinking a large extent, a continuation of past United States . expansionism, while also departing with previous expansionism in criteria some aspects. During the thinking, period of thinking practice, time between the late 19th century and early 20th century, America was going through significant changes. After a revolution in Cuba against the Spanish, as well as the Americans starting the Spanish-American War, the Americans received several territorial concessions. 20th century , American Civil War , American Empire 977 Words | 3 Pages. AP US History 1) In Documents A, B , and C some problems in their colonial . government was that all colonies wanted to unite and become one government but one colony always tried to thinking thinking control all of it. Also, they tried to fix the way they would trade with the Indians by setting standards all would have to follow. Thesis On Virus! When they were untied for a moment in thinking time though, they had set laws that if one colony needed assistance, the other colonies must bring a certain number of soldiers to assist. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Colonialism 940 Words | 3 Pages. of U.S. becoming Communist. B . China Communist fear.

C. McCarthyism heightened fear. D. Hesitation of action to on assigment prevent WWIII ^ fear. . II. Eisenhower Administration A. Thinking! Massive retaliation; nuclear weapons prevented USSR attack. B . Containment policy to prevent war/attack. C. Interstate Highway System to ^ US defense against Communism. On Assigment! D. CIA overthrowing/prevention of spread of Communism. E. Korean Armistice/Peace treaty b /w China/North Korea amp; US . F. Domino Theory, eco/mil aid. Cold War , Communism , Communist state 1089 Words | 4 Pages. ?Elliott Gengo AP US DBQ Summary 10/7/14 Document A Thomas Jefferson wrote to Gibeon Granger . about the powers of the states. Jefferson believes the country is too large to have a single federal government.

He believes that the states should have some power too. Jefferson says the Republicans have accepted these rights from the Constitution and the federalists have opposed them. Document B Jefferson tells Samuel Miller that the Constitution doesn’t give the federal government. Thinking! Democratic-Republican Party , Federalism , James Madison 910 Words | 4 Pages. AP US History Period 4 23 April 2013 The Effects of the Vietnam War By 1965, few Americans protested . involvement in thinking tests practice the Vietnam War. However, soon after, a series of “teach-ins” on university campuses, created a massive debate over the war and United States involvement. By 1967, there was massive opposition to the war, from and critical students, the thesis on virus, general public, congressmen, including William Fulbright, and thinking even former members of the armed forces. This opposition was not the only tension in the nation. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution , Hubert Humphrey , John F. Kennedy 1048 Words | 3 Pages.

Articles of Confederation Ap Us History Dbq. Essay #4 Trevor Gaston 10/21/10 AP US History C-Block “From 1781 to 1789, the on assigment, Articles of Confederation . provided the United States with an thinking and critical thinking effective government;” a bold statement considering the fact that the Articles lasted only thesis statement 8 years. Although, I suppose the and critical, case could be made that the dissertations and theses, Articles of Confederation provided the means for a temporary government, only thinking thinking acting as a first-time attempt for the colonies in creating a more perfect representation for the colonies as a whole. This. Articles of contest judging criteria, Confederation , Federal government of the United States , Massachusetts 955 Words | 3 Pages. Thinking And Critical Thinking! US History AP Outline Chapter 17 The Transformation of the Trans-Mississippi West, 1860-1900 I. Native Americans . and the Trans-Mississippi West a. Dissertations And Theses! The Plains Indians i. Thinking And Critical! Three major sub regions: -The northern Plains: Lakota, Flatheads, Blackfeet, Assiniboins, northern Cheyennes, Arapahos, and Crows -The Central region: Five Civilized Tribes, agricultural life, before horses -South: western Kansas, Colorado, eastern New Mexico, and Texas: the Comanches, Kiowas, southern Arapahos, and Kiowa.

American Old West , Cheyenne , Great Plains 1789 Words | 6 Pages. Dbq American Revolution Ap Us History. effects of the Revolution in the period from 1775 to 1800. Notes from Mr. Williams: This essay was given to 2nd period APUSH on their first in- class . essay. Included were 10 documents (if interested in seeing them, please come into thinking tests practice class). The DBQ writer needed to take ideas and topics from the documents, and ADD significant outside fact and analysis. Notice that this writer does a complete job. He/she deals with the entire question (deals with extent) and answers the question from thinking thinking economic.

American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , Articles of Confederation 901 Words | 3 Pages. Anthony Edwards 8/24/12 AP US History - Jones Colonial America DBQ An . interesting characteristic of the colonies that the essay contest judging, English founded during the 17th and 18th centuries on the eastern coast of modern day America is thinking, that while all were indeed settled by people from England they each developed their own very distinct cultures and ways of life. While the varying environments from each colony to thesis on virus the next certainly isn’t a negligible factor in the diversification of. Colonialism , Colony , Connecticut 2011 Words | 5 Pages. AP US HISTORY DBQ - Era of Good Feelings. of poorness rose for them while in the urban areas factories and corporations that ran them were running in the ring of pleasure and could fatten upon them. . In Document B , John Calhoun says, the extent of the republic exposes us to the greatest of calamities disunitywe are rapidly growing this is our weakness and our strengthlet us , then, bind the republic together with a perfect system of roads This suggests the size and distance of our growing nation was going to be another source of thinking and critical, disunity. Because. New England , President of the United States , Southern United States 834 Words | 3 Pages.

Edmund Burke’s speech to Parliament, stating the Americans should not be compared to Englishmen. “Govern America as you govern an English town which happens . to not be represented in Parliament? Are Gentlemen really serious when they propose this?” ( B ). This article shows that even Parliament was aware of the opinion that Americans were equal to British citizens, yet they still passed the Sugar Act,Stamp Act, and Molasses Act. Contest Judging! This shared opinion in thinking thinking the colonies is the reason as to why they were. American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , First Continental Congress 999 Words | 3 Pages. US History Honors 29 October 2010 A Successful Man George Washington, a man of few yet insightful words, stepped into critical thinking tests practice his . presidency and defined the precedents for future presidents. Thinking And Critical Thinking! His intentions, on unifying the thesis statement on the, states, relieving economic stress and setting up the United States as a country worthy of respect, are worthy of praise due to the success that came out of his presidency. The way he handled each aspect of his presidency set the thinking and critical thinking, precedent for the future. George Washington had a very. Alexander Hamilton , George Washington , John Jay 815 Words | 3 Pages. AP United States History Document-Based Question After its victory over Britain in citing page numbers the War of 1812, the United States of . America became immersed in national pride which led to and critical Era of Good Feelings, a period of unprecedented political unity. Thinking Tests! However, problems and disagreements grew behind the facets of the era that manifested nationalism.

Sectionalism began to form as the thinking, dissent between the north and thesis on virus the south and different political figures intensified. Divergence among politicians was. American Civil War , James Monroe , John Quincy Adams 957 Words | 3 Pages. 1996 ap us history free response dbq. into a higher leveled power, their ideals began to fade and mix with Federalists' views. During Jefferson's second term as president, Jefferson's reasons . . tells me that civil powers along have been given to the President of the U.S. And Critical Thinking! (Document B ). Critical Thinking Tests! In four years time, Jefferson switched from his Jeffersonian Republicans' view to the Federalists'.

Furthermore, as Jefferson urged the removal/impeachment of thinking and critical, Supreme Court justice, Samuel Chase, Jefferson was - at the same time - further empowering. Aaron Burr , Alexander Hamilton , Democratic-Republican Party 1322 Words | 4 Pages. ? Payne 1 Max Payne AP English 11 Ms. Essay! Paul 13 November 2012 The Rise and Fall It is thinking, November 9, the on assigment, Year of Our Lord 1799, and thinking and critical a . battered French army begins the arduous climb up the Alps, just as a light snow begins to gently fall, a precursor of the hardship and bone chilling temperatures to come. They are led by dissertations, the newly crowned consulate and and critical France’s savior, Napoleon Bonaparte. There is a fear that Genoa may fall to tests practice Austrians. This fateful journey was captured in a painting by and critical thinking, artist. Charlotte Corday , First French Empire , French Revolution 1080 Words | 3 Pages. 2014-2015 School Year Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Advanced Placement United States History . Course for the 2014-2015 school year.

With over 100 well qualified applicants, you made the cut of only 36 students. You should be very proud of yourself. Prepare to immerse yourself in the great story that is U.S. History . As Mark Twain once wrote, “Truth is dissertations online, stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is thinking, obliged to thesis on the stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t. Africa , History of the United States , Martin Luther King, Jr.

623 Words | 2 Pages. 1993 DBQ New England and Chesapeake were two of the first colonies settled by people of English origin. That is where the similarities . end. These two colonies evolved into two completely different societies. Thinking! There are many factors that contributed to the different lifestyles.

These factors include government of page in essay, society, socioeconomic status, and climate. And Critical Thinking! These four exceedingly important aspects of any society provided a split in these two early English colonies. Those who arrived in the. Citing In Essay! Colonialism , Colony , New England 1241 Words | 4 Pages. ? AP U.S. History Summer HW Sec. 1: 1. The settlers were finally able to get food when the Indians decided to give them corn . and bread. Thinking Thinking! The problems that still remained were that they were once again running out of food and they had no houses to live in.

This led to sickness and starvation amongst the settlers. 2. And Theses! The indications that Smith gave that morale and leadership were problems for the young colony were that their president of the colony, Captain Wingfeild, was deposed of his presidency. Agriculture , Colonialism , Colony 1524 Words | 5 Pages. AP American History DBQ : Jacksonian Democracy Jacksonian democracy was created during the thinking, antebellum America. The . On Assigment! Jackson democrats made an attempt to thinking and critical grant power to judging criteria the lower classes while decreasing the and critical thinking, influence of the contest criteria, rich and and critical thinking potent. Citing Page Numbers! The Jacksonian democrats viewed themselves as saviors of the common people and ruled by the means of a powerful executive branch who attempted to destroy aristocracy in and critical America. In reality, they were typically very wealthy, they disregarded the capability of dissertations and theses, the. Andrew Jackson , Democracy , Democratic Party 715 Words | 3 Pages. DBQ : US expansion American expansion in the late 19th century and early 20th century held many similarities to thinking and critical that of early . American expansionism.

The motives for early American expansion held similar to citing page numbers that of the turn of the 19th century in thinking that the United States has grown in the reasoning of Manifest Destiny, the progress of the American economy and an increasing perception of American racial supremacy. Through the numbers, course of history , American expansionist incentives have shifted from withstanding. 19th century , American Civil War , Cold War 1159 Words | 4 Pages. railroads, pipe lines, etc, in his company were blessed with wealth beyond their dreams. The companies competing against Rockefeller gathered together to . form their own super pipeline to “outdo” him and beat him to the sea. They weren’t going to sit there and let him take over and critical thinking everything and put them out of business. The Standard Oil Company had its own form of union and through them they idea of a trust was formed, which evolved into huge aggregations of citing page numbers in essay, capital. In Document C, however, labor killed capital. Capitalism , Collective bargaining , Eight-hour day 1102 Words | 3 Pages. membership reaches 5 million Scopes Trial –Evolution, Tennessee Model T Ford drops to cost $290 (3 months wages) “Scarface” Al Capone begins 6 years of . gang warfare Nellie Tayloe Ross elected Governor of Wyoming, First woman governor of thinking, a U.S. State US troops occupy Nicaragua Lindbergh’s first solo flight across the Atlantic; Sacco and essay contest judging Vanzetti executed; Babe Ruth hits 60 home runs for the Yankees; Al Jolson stars in The Jazz Singer, the first talking film U.S. Thinking And Critical! citizenship granted to on assigment inhabitants.

Aaron Burr , Alexander Hamilton , Democratic-Republican Party 416 Words | 3 Pages. Ap Us History - Industrialization Notes. Bankers challenge industrialists for economic influence – J.P Morgan spearheads this; he seeks to consolidate entire industry into a sole monopoly; . forms Federal Steel Company Companies seek to become self-sufficient, independent from Carnegie – beginning inter-industrial conflict Morgan resolves to thinking thinking buy-out Carnegie - $.5 billion to critical practice form United States Steel Corp. in 1901; constitutes 3/5ths of steel business John Rockefeller, the Carnegie of Oil – similar to Carnegie in business astuteness. Andrew Carnegie , ExxonMobil , John D. Rockefeller 1135 Words | 7 Pages. Ch.

12 1) Among the primary reasons that young farm women moved from the farms to work in textile mill towns in the early 19th century was: To escape farm . life and earn wages 2) The history of Lowell epitomizes this transition: Self-sufficient farm families to urban wageworkers 3)In the pre-industrial system, a boy who wanted to learn a trade Entered a formal apprenticeship system 4)The organization of a family business in the pre-industrial era was Patriarchal 5) If you lived in Boston. Thinking And Critical Thinking! Abraham Lincoln , American Civil War , Compromise of 1850 1039 Words | 4 Pages. Cynthia Ms. Conboy AP U.S. History 25 January 2012 After the 13th Amendment was passed, African American slaves were . freed from their lifetime involuntary servitude, and life for thesis on the penalty them seemed to be on the way to and critical thinking happiness (Document A). An economy that worked without slaves was a new concept to the South; freedmen were joyous about it, and white planters loathed it.

The United States underwent a sort of revolution in its economy and its social hierarchy (Document D). After the Civil War ended. African American , American Civil War , Black people 717 Words | 2 Pages. ?Writing In AP US History U.S. History Essay Writing / Exam Information The AP U.S. . History Exam is critical, 3 hours and 15 minutes long and includes both a 100-minute multiple-choice / short-answer section (Part I) and a 95-minute free-response section (Part II). Each section is and critical thinking, divided into two parts, as shown in the table below. Student performance on thesis on the death, these four parts will be compiled and weighted to determine an AP Exam score. AP Scores are 5 – 1. Section Question Type Number of Questions Timing Percentage. American Civil War , Greek loanwords , Historiography 1641 Words | 6 Pages. Thinking! ?1.All of the following statements are true about Herbert Hoover’s responses to the Great Depression EXCEPT: B .:-) He saw the thesis on virus, Depression as . akin to an act of nature, about which nothing could be done except to ride it out. 2.Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program attempted or achieved all of the and critical, following EXCEPT C.:-) supported the essay criteria, creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

3.The “New Immigration” was made up primarily of D.:-) persons from Southern and Eastern Europe. . Franklin D. Roosevelt , Great Depression , Herbert Hoover 1672 Words | 8 Pages. New England region. New England was a family orientated colony (doc b ) . Most of the people on the ship heading to New england were familys . and this showed that the Massachuettes Bay colony was a stable , well ordered and well planned colony. The Chesapeake colony was not well planned and as organized as the New England Colony (doc c) . The emigrant list in doc c. And Critical Thinking! was less detailed then the New England colony and this shows us the lack of organization. The people in this colony often took oaths. Practice! Connecticut , Connecticut Colony , Human migration 563 Words | 2 Pages. 1990 Apush Dbq Paige Reinfeld Jacksonian DBQ The uproar of the people of the U.S. was heard after the corrupted . And Critical Thinking! elections of 1824. It wasn’t until 1828, the critical thinking tests, year the Jacksonians came into power and satisfied the popular demand after a mudslinging battle against the aristocrats. The Jacksonian Democrats claime Premium 599 Words 3 Pages Jacksonian Democrats: Oppressors of the Common Man Keegan Kylstra 12/9/12 APUSH Darnell Jacksonian Democrats: Ruthless Oppressors. Andrew Jackson , Democratic Party , History of the thinking, United States 1162 Words | 5 Pages. Ap World History Dbq Christianity.

Unit 6 DBQ When thinking about the history of the world, one must always consider that merchants as well as trade have played an . Thinking Tests Practice! immerse role in shaping the thinking, world as it is today. They are responsible for many of the cross-cultural interactions that we have had in numbers in essay the past. Christianity and thinking and critical thinking Islam, the two predominant religions of the citing page numbers, world today, have both grown and spread through merchants and trade also. These two chief religions both have attitudes towards merchants and trade that have either. International trade , Islam , Merchant 1597 Words | 4 Pages. 2013 1. The Great Gatsby motion pictures is a drama film. 2. And Critical Thinking! The Great Gatsby shows us the thesis on the death, various love affairs that goes on in the raging . 20s of New York City, through the viewpoint of Nick Carraway. Throughout the movie, relationships, hidden pasts, secrets, and affairs between Nick’s friends are revealed and shown. Thinking! Gatsby, who is thesis on virus, known to hold extravagant parties in the probation period of US history , befriends Nick in order to get close to his cousin Daisy, his first ever love. However.

F. Scott Fitzgerald , Film , Great Depression 2295 Words | 6 Pages. AP European History DBQ Activity Using the APEURO DBQ from 2008 answer the thinking and critical, . following questions. Online! Write down the question you are going to thinking thinking be answering. Explain the reasons for the adaptation of thesis on virus, a new calendar in the revolutionary France and thinking thinking analyze reactions to it in the period of 1789 to 1806. Write down the 6 elements of the basic core you will be scored on and explain how you will receive these points. 1. Thesis On Virus! Thesis 2. Majority. Catholic Church , Documents , Explanation 349 Words | 3 Pages. Throughout history , there is not an event that can relate to the one of the American Revolution.

This revolution that took place in the . Americas had many events that led to this revolution for the colonies. The events that slowly crept up to the much-needed revolution was in the period from 1750 to 1776. During this time, the struggling American colonies that were under control by and critical, the English and its parliament were dealing with different situations politically, socially and economically that led. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Boston Tea Party 1057 Words | 3 Pages. KYsassi US History B Assignment 9 Journal Write. Assignment #: Karolina Ysassi US History B 9 . US History B ­ Assignment 9 ­ Teacher Graded Journal Write ­ Rights vs. National Security Copying and Submitting Journal Assignments? : 1. ? Copy? : Click File, then ? Make a Copy? . Your copy will open in a new tab or window. Death Penalty! 2. ? Title? :? In your new copy, click File, then ? Rename? . Change title to: ? your first initial and last name ­ ? US History B ­ Assignment 9 ­ Journal Write For example: jsmith ­ US History B ­ Assignment 9­ Journal Write . Copy editing 434 Words | 2 Pages. And Critical! publication of The Jungle, Roosevelt soon seemed to reform the outrageous problem. The Neill-Reynolds report was a type of yellow journalism that angered . Roosevelt because it portrayed the meat packing industry and America into a dirty and horrid place (Doc. B ). The Pure Food And Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act were passed by Congress, which established sanitation standards and and theses online federal inspections. The Woman's Christian Temperance Union was the largest American women organization, they also protested.

History of the United States , President of the United States , Theodore Roosevelt 673 Words | 2 Pages. that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) By the 1830s, which of the thinking thinking, following groups was NOT denied suffrage? 1) __D____ A) women . B ) blacks C) indentured servants D) white males E) Native Americans 2) In the 1820s, a two-party system was fostered by 2) _E_____ A) an increasing concern about foreign policy issues. B ) the burgeoning population of the trans-Appalachian West. C) changes in dissertations online the Constitution regarding the party system. D) married women gaining the and critical, right to. Andrew Jackson , Daniel Webster , Henry Clay 1854 Words | 7 Pages. Thesis On Virus! Ap Us Dbq - Articles of Confederation. And Critical! The implementation of the Articles of Confederation, ratified in 1781, provided the first form of thesis on virus, government for the United States while the thinking and critical thinking, . nation was in its infancy. Often referred to as the “Articles of Confusion”, the document created a central government that lacked sufficient power to govern the nation successfully.

The Second Continental Congress and head writer John Dickinson purposely provided weak governmental power because the thesis on the death penalty, nation feared repeating the oppression they experienced under. Articles of thinking, Confederation , Continental Army , Massachusetts 1295 Words | 4 Pages. ?2007 DBQ At the practice, height of the Han and Roman Empires, the emergence of technological advancements heavily influenced their societies. Thinking And Critical! These . advancements had several benefits in improving the social order of the empires, however they also had their negative effects; the essential argument being that the more elaborate, and intricate the inventions were, the thesis on virus, higher they were considered in the social classes. The simpler, craft-like inventions on the other hand, were said to thinking be made by men who are. Essay Contest! Ancient Rome , Byzantine Empire , Elite 893 Words | 3 Pages.

James Richards Harris 3rd The Fatal Flaws of the Constitution ( DBQ ) During the 1850’s, the supreme and absolute Constitution, which had . previously seen no topic it couldn’t resolve or illuminate in the eyes of its interpreters, was faced with its toughest, unrelenting foe; the thinking, issue of dissertations online, slavery, and the locations that it existed in thinking thinking or was desired to exist in. Ultimately, this issue led to the demise of the Union that had been created under the watchful and guiding eye of the on assigment, Constitution. This. And Critical! American Civil War , Compromise of 1850 , Confederate States of on assigment, America 979 Words | 3 Pages. ? AP – United States History STUDY GUIDE - Test #1 (Units 1-3, Chapters 1-9) 1. Explain the official ending of the American . Revolution in 1783? 2. In 1754, identify Benjamin Franklin and his use of a political cartoon at the Albany Congress on “the present disunited state of the British Colonies”.

3. Thinking And Critical! On the issue of women’s rights, the critical tests, delegates to the Constitutional Convention did what? 4. Identify the English relationship with Native Americans in the early history of thinking and critical, Virginia. 5. Which general. Benjamin Franklin , North America , Thirteen Colonies 1347 Words | 4 Pages. sabotage British support of a British East India Company monopoly; British responded by thesis on virus, closing the port of Boston until damages were paid and order was . restored; prompted passage of the Intolerable Acts, including the thinking and critical, Boston Port Act Boycott effective form of on assigment, organized colonial resistance against the Stamp Act, which made homespun clothing fashionable Committees of correspondence underground networks of communication and propaganda, established by Samuel Adams, which sustained colonial resistance Continental. Thinking! American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , Boston Tea Party 1208 Words | 4 Pages. The 17th and thesis on the death 18th centuries saw the embryonic stage of women#8217;s quest for intellectual and social parity with men. The evolution of thinking thinking, women#8217;s fight . for equal opportunities was bogged down by a long history of stereotyping and thesis on virus condescension. Women were weaker physically, bore children and thinking and critical nurtured them. The economics and culture of Europe at this time was strongly influenced by religion and resulted in prejudice against women.

The dominating religions of Europe in the 1600#8217;s and 1700#8217;s. Discrimination , Equality , Equals sign 1046 Words | 3 Pages. Abraham Lincoln , African American , American Civil War 2062 Words | 7 Pages. ? Tips for writing a “9” DBQ : 1. As you read the thesis statement on the penalty, question, come up with at least three categories. Then try to fill in as much specific . factual information that you can think of, and put this into the categories. It’s important to do this BEFORE you read the documents, so that you don’t forget them when you are analyzing the documents. 2. After you do this, and ONLY after, start reading the documents. When looking at the documents, be sure to look at thinking who is the citing page in essay, author/painter/political cartoonist/historian. African American , African American history , Democratic Party 713 Words | 3 Pages. the Mohicans” HS: he was a very successful novelist in America in the early 19th century.

9. John Marshall- was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court . during 1801 to 1835 and presided over thinking many of the on assigment, most influencial cases in Supreme Court history like McCullouch vs Maryland. He was in favor of loose construction and this shows up in his case decisions. HS: Is considered the most influencial Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ever. 10. John C Calhoun- Leader of the Fugitive Slave Law.

Andrew Jackson , James Monroe , John Quincy Adams 2310 Words | 7 Pages. Imperialism Dbq Ap European History. believed that Imperialism gave the thinking, opportunity to civilize the barbaric people from the African colonies. Rudyard Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” . expresses their duty to do so. Prince Leopold, heir to the throne of Belgium and future king said “let us see where there are unoccupied lands… where are to on assigment be found peoples to civilize, to lead to progress in every sense” (Document 1). Thinking And Critical! Martial Henri Merlin, governor general of French Equatorial Africa announced that “We [France] went there by virtue of. Africa , British Empire , Colonialism 832 Words | 3 Pages. accurately analyze the responses to Buddhism is a document from a woman.

This document would be helpful due to the fact that all of these documents are . On Assigment! written by men and there isn’t a woman’s perspective to balance out the spectrum. This would give us a general idea of how someone of thinking, lesser power felt about the religion. However, not everyone thought that Buddhism could solve their problems and rejected the spread of Buddhism. Document four by Han Yu completely mocks Buddhism and thesis on virus claims it. Buddhism , China , Confucianism 1014 Words | 3 Pages. Thinking Thinking! then the essay contest judging criteria, VP shall act as President if he cannot -Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist within the US -Congress shall have power . to enforce this article by appropriate legislation -All persons born or naturalized in the US are citizens of the US and thinking and critical of the state where they reside -No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of US citizens -No state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of thesis penalty, law -No state shall. 1791 in American politics , Amendments of the Constitution of Ireland , Amendments to and critical the United States Constitution 704 Words | 4 Pages. Summer 2012 Assignments: Due Thursday, September 6th. Dissertations! Welcome to AP . Thinking And Critical Thinking! US History ! The following is a summer . assignment to get you started for the new school year. Part I: Textbook Assignment. (Use the textbook if you received it in June or download the PDF files or use the dropbox link) Part II: Free Response Question Essay Part I: Use your American Passages textbook if you have, or Download the pdf files titled “ AP US CH 1” and “ AP US Chapter 2 excerpts” Read. As you read, Outline the chapter and.

Essay , Following , Protestant Reformation 993 Words | 5 Pages. of 1789 1788 Bill of Rights 1786 Annapolis Convention 1787 Northwest Ordinance 1787 Shay’s Rebellion Great Compromise of 1787 1787 The Federalist . Papers 1790 Second Great Awakening 1791 Democratic Republican Party formed 1791 First Bank of US 1793 Eli Whitney- Cotton Gin 1795 Pinckney’s Treaty 1795 Treaty of Grenville 1794 Jays Treaty 1794 Whiskey Rebellion 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts 1798 Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 1797 XYZ affair 1798 Quasi- French War 1801 Midnight. American Revolution , Andrew Jackson , George Washington 810 Words | 6 Pages. in their way. This mental warfare is critical tests, described in document 3, where it is said that the Mongols would completely surround the thinking thinking, city they were attacking in . order to appear much larger in number that they actually were. While it is often said that history is told from the point of dissertations online, view of the victors, this does not pertain to thinking thinking the Mongols. Being illiterate, they could not keep records, and critical tests instead relied on the efforts of their subjects to keep the empire running smoothly. This also means that all primary.

Black Death , Central Asia , Genghis Khan 1120 Words | 3 Pages. Thomas Jefferson Outline Ap Us History. April 13 th , 1743 Goochland, VA b ) Died: July 4 th , 1826, Monticello, II. Thinking And Critical Thinking! VA Educational and Occupational Background a) College . of and theses, William and and critical Mary b ) VA delegate to Continental Congress (1783-1784) c) VA House of Burgesses (1769-1774) d) Governor of VA (1779-1791) e) Minister of death penalty, France f) Secretary of thinking, State for George Washington (1790-1793) g) Vice President for John Adams (1797-1801) III. Terms of Office a) First term: 1801-1805 b ) Second term: 1805-1809 IV. Aaron Burr , George Washington , James Madison 1242 Words | 4 Pages. The US’s victory in the Mexican War resulted in renewed controversy over the issue of thesis statement penalty, extending slavery into the territories, a possible split in the Whig . and Democrat parties over slavery, the cession by Mexico of an enormous amount of land to the US , and a rush of settlers to thinking thinking new American territory in California 3. Statement On The Death Penalty! The Wilmot Proviso, if adopted, would have prohibited slavery in any territory acquired in the Mexican War 4. Thinking And Critical! The debate over slavery in the Mexican Cession threatened to split. Abraham Lincoln , American Civil War , Compromise of thesis statement death penalty, 1850 1089 Words | 3 Pages. States during this time period was the and critical thinking, one of railroads.

Transcontinental railroads spanned the nation and brought the nation together as one. Railroads . stimulated agriculture in the West by bringing people as well as supplies. Thesis On Virus! For example, Document B demonstrates how railroads impacted agriculture. Due to the railroad expansions made from 1870-1890, westward settlement was encouraged and distributing agricultural products throughout the nation became much easier. As seen in Document F, items such. Agriculture , American Civil War , Americas 791 Words | 3 Pages. US History Prep 20 2012 1. The authors of the Articles of Confederation established a decentralized political system mainly . to 1. Thinking And Critical! cancel state debts incurred during the essay, Revolutionary War 2. assist the southern states in their efforts to and critical gain a manufacturing base 3. promote the common goal of national sovereignty 4. prevent the critical tests practice, abuses of thinking and critical, power that had existed under British rule 2. Senate ratification of treaties negotiated by citing in essay, the President is required by the United States. Articles of Confederation , President of the United States , Separation of powers 676 Words | 3 Pages. the AP U.S. History Exam © 2003 James L. Thinking And Critical! Smith TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The Advanced Placement U.S. . History Exam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thesis On Virus! . . . . . . . Thinking! . Thesis Death! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And Critical! . On Assigment! . And Critical Thinking! . 3 Information about the AP exam and helpful hints for obtaining the essay judging, highest grade possible. 2. Important Dates in U.S.

History . . . And Critical! . . . . . Thesis On The Death Penalty! . . . . . . . . . Thinking! . . . . . . . . . . . . . Citing! . . . Thinking And Critical! . Citing Page Numbers In Essay! . . . . . . . . Thinking And Critical! . Dissertations And Theses Online! . . . Thinking And Critical Thinking! . . . . . . 6 Memorize these dates! 3. 250 Things Every AP Student. American Civil War , Cold War , Dwight D. Eisenhower 7111 Words | 54 Pages. 11th November 2013 AP US History DBQ 2: The nature of the relationship between the Indians and . the dissertations, English along the Atlantic seaboard in the years 1600 to thinking 1700 was peaceful but became hostile as the century wore on, as evidenced by the peaceful relations, social disputes, and political clashes which occurred between the two groups. With various approaches to criteria peace in various portions of the Atlantic seaboard, many various groups saw very differentiating outcomes from their attempts. As hard.

17th century , Atlantic Ocean , Caribbean 872 Words | 3 Pages.

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Difference Between Thinking and Critical Thinking

Sample literary agent query letter. You want to know what a query letter should look like? Well, here’s an sample one below. Just before we look at it, I should say that I am a real author describing a real book – and I already have an agent. So the letter which follows simply pretends that this book is a first novel and I have no track record in the industry.

The second thing to say is that I’ve assumed the agent has allowed to me to send a synopsis and opening chapters along with the thinking, query letter. (That’s standard practice in the UK, though things can be different in the US.) But obviously you need to check what the agent’s requirements are and follow them. Third, this letter does NOT say anywhere, ‘I love Mr Angus Author, whom you represent, so I felt that your tastes and mine might have something in thesis on virus, common.’ If you want to put that in you can. I’ve got mixed feelings about whether it’s helpful. (Most literary agents represent 2-3 well known clients and a huge chunk of their query letters will reference those 2-3 authors. It’s therefore questionable whether you do anything positive by doing likewise. Agents tend to and critical thinking, vary in what they think about thesis on virus these kind of and critical thinking personalisations. On The. I tend to recommend the lower effort option, but it’s no big deal. You can do as you please.) OK. Thinking Thinking. That’s enough preamble.

If I were a total newbie, I’d probably write something like the thinking tests practice, following: I’m writing to seek representation for my first novel, TALKING TO THE DEAD, a police procedural of 115,000 words. The book opens with news of a murder: a young woman and her daughter have been found dead in a rough area of Cardiff. The house where they’re found is in very poor condition – a squat, with no power or working toilet – yet in thinking and critical, the corner of the room is critical tests a platinum bank card belonging to a local millionaire. A millionaire who died in a plane crash some nine months previously.

Puzzling as this crime looks, it’s not the heart of the book’s mystery. It becomes rapidly clear that Fiona Griffiths herself is a very peculiar woman, who is withholding crucial secrets from the reader. Who exactly is her father? What was her childhood illness? And what is it with her and corpses? I’m a [thirty-five year old lion tamer] and this is my first novel. I enclose the thinking and critical thinking, first three chapters and a synopsis. I very much hope you like what you see and look forward to hearing from you. There! Simple, no?All the letter actually has to do is: give a very brief 1-sentence summary of the book a somewhat longer, 1-2 para, introduction to the book. (Not a plot summary – that’s for the synopsis) a brief introduction to you not be badly written. If you achieve those things, then the literary agent will turn with curiosity to thesis on virus, your manuscript.

That’s all you can hope for at this stage – the rest is down to your novel. Oh, and if you get rejected 10 or more times, then don’t start stressing about your letter, or your synopsis or your star sign or anything else. You are being rejected because your book is not yet strong enough for commercial publication. That’s no big deal. All pro authors had to learn the game too. If you want to improve your manuscript (and you should want nothing more urgently than that), then get some tough honest feedback from a professional editor. Thinking Thinking. Pro authors get exactly that (for free, from their publishers). You’ll need to pay, but you need the same service, the critical thinking practice, same devastatingly accurate insight. Novel writing ain’t easy – and and critical thinking getting help does pay. Still trying to find an agent. Are you sure they read all the thesis statement on the death, submitted ms. Thinking And Critical. ? (Incidentally, I spotted the deliberate typo in para.

3 of your Sample Literary Agent Query Letter above) They’ll look at every MS that comes their way – “look at”, please note, not necessarily read. If an MS is and theses online obviously not making the thinking, grade from a cursory inspection, no on will be bothered to read on. And agents are correct to critical, be that brusque. Publishers are only going to take the best of the best, so a couple of awkward sounding sentences will strongly suggest that the author concerned hasn’t yet achieved the standard needed for success. Thinking And Critical. The harsh truth is citing numbers in essay that authors do need to thinking, be perfectionist if they want to succeed – and that at least 95% of thesis on the penalty books that are rejected, are rejected because they just aren’t yet good enough. The only thing I would add: of course some agents won’t look at stuff because they’re just overwhelmed with submissions or their other business. So never just send your stuff out to 1-2 agents and thinking and critical thinking think you’ll get a reliable guide from that.

You do need to hit 8-12 agents, give it a few weeks (6-8), and then take stock. But if you approach a dozen agents and get nowhere, your MS is not yet strong enough. Which is where we come in! Oh – and essay contest thanks for alerting us to that typo. Thanks, this was really helpful. Not sure if this is the thinking and critical thinking, right place to ask this question, but here goes.

If your novel has been rejected by an agent say two years ago, but is now completely improved and re-written, is it okay to send it to the same agent again or will it just be automatically rejected? Fine to on assigment, resend. But if so, just add a note giving the history. Thinking Thinking. Any sane agent will look at the MS. If that’s good, no worries … and, as ever, don’t go nuts.

If you get 10-15 rejection letters (with the thesis on virus, current draft) you almost certainly need to start paying attention to the MS, rather than figuring out a new list of agents to send to. That’s what our Critiques service is for! I had an agent for a year – I’m working on my first book, non-fiction, and the agent said that he really liked my work but he never submitted my proposal to publishers, so after a year I decided to initiate a parting of the ways as I felt I wasn’t going to get anywhere with it otherwise. He never told me why he didn’t submit it (even his PA was bewildered) but I think he was just busy with bigger projects and thinking thinking lost track of mine. Now that I’m writing to death, new agents, should I mention that I previously had an agent? Thank you. No, don’t tell them. It just raises a question as to thinking, whether you or the agent was the idiot here. Your proposal should be strong enough on its own. I do, however, think that behaviour of the sort you mention is essay contest totally unprofessional, unjustifiable under all circumstances – and thinking far too common.

Alas, however, there is thesis on the penalty no professional body to whom such things are reported, so nothing changes. Harry: you recommend above that an author sending queries should send out 8-12 queries to different agents. Thinking. Do you mean at the same time? I had read elsewhere it was best to wait a respectable amount of time between each agent before pursuing others. On Assigment. Can you clarify whether agents would really mind.

Is it something that should be mentioned in thinking and critical, the query letter, that ones have been sent to other agents? You might want to send those letters in two batches with a gap (of 6-8 weeks?) in thesis on virus, between, but it’s OK to and critical, do it all in one blast if you prefer. These guys aren’t endangered animals. They’re people who will, you hope, become important business partners and make a lot of money from you. So they ought to compete a bit, to fight for your business. Don’t worry about making them do a bit of thesis statement on the death penalty work. It’s their job. Having said that, I’m strongly against badgering agents with questions, sending work to dozens of agents, and so on. That’s pointless – it doesn’t help you and thinking and critical it creates unnecessary work for agents.

I have a few questions. Firstly, I am a teen writer, do I have to mention that in the query? Secondly, do you have to copyright your book and thesis on the death penalty can there be a chance of a agent stealing your book? Im in Canada but I want to thinking, publish in USA, is that a good idea or do you have to thesis on virus, meet the agent? If the agent likes your first 1-3 chapters, do you send the whole manuscript or can that be dangerous (in terms of the book getting stolen)? Hi Sonia, If you’re a teen writer, it’s probably better not to mention that: most agents will take your age as a sign that you will not yet have the maturity to write a saleable novel. So don’t say anything and let the thinking and critical thinking, novel itself make your case for you. And plenty of Canadian writers will have their agents in NY – no reason why not.

And please, please, please just forget about the risk of your manuscript getting stolen. In the first place, I’ve never heard of a manuscript getting stolen. Dissertations And Theses Online. Never. Remember that the thinking and critical, likely value of any individual manuscript is $0.00! And secondly, how are you going to contest, get an agent if he/she hasn’t read your MS?

You’ve got to trust these guys to do their job. Best of luck! Hi Harry, thanks for the great blog and for this post. I’m in need of and critical a little advice… I had two full MS requests for my novel this week (I gave it to both agents non-exclusively). One of the agents has now offered to represent me.

I plan to tell him that I’d love to meet up and discuss it etc. etc. I also plan to tell the tests, other agency that I’ve had this offer (I think it’s polite and thinking and critical professional – is that right?). I’ve been trawling around trying to essay judging criteria, find out what agents expect in this situation and the etiquette. I don’t want to offend the thinking and critical, agent that’s made an offer by looking like I’m holding out for dissertations online another one, but I also want to thinking, make sure I’m with the right agent. Anyway, the on assigment, bit of etiquette I can’t find an answer to is whether I should tell the thinking, three other agents I’ve submitted my partial to, or not. At the moment, presumably, my MS is sitting on on assigment, their slush piles. Should I tell them that I’ve got an thinking thinking, offer? Should I just tell them if/when I sign to an agency? They may well not be interested – I’ve had one other rejection already – but I want to critical practice, be polite and do things “properly”.

(By the way, although my book never went through WW, so you won’t consider it one of “your” books, I kind of thinking do. My first attempt at novel writing was critiqued by you and, although I didn’t find an agent for that, I learned so so so much from the critique I totally consider WW to have been vital to my “success” (I know getting an agent isn’t the same as getting a publishing contract!) with this one. Thanks very much!) Your article/advice has literally saved me endless days of angst and stress. The agency I’m planning on essay judging, sending my MS to have requested a synopsis, query and thinking first five pages of the final copy. My MS is close to 160,000 words. In your opinion, should I include the ending and ‘Every’ plot twist, character, location etc. in numbers, my synopsis? Look forward to hearing your reply, if not, thank you for the simple and informative query example, you’ve saved one man from another night of migraines. Thanks for the kind words – on the synopsis, you should describe the whole plot, but not necessarily every single twist etc. Keep the thinking, synopsis to a couple of judging pages and do what you can in that space.

There’s also more info on and critical thinking, this site about synopses. Good luck! And if you get stuck with agents, we’re here to help … I have written a religious memoir – my own story, hopefully interesting, thought-provoking, amusing, even moving, but definitely Christian. Critical Practice. Taking what you say about agents being generalist, while he/she does not of thinking course need to thesis on virus, be a believer, some familiarity with the and critical, Christian book market would definitely be an advantage. Is there any way of critical tests seeking out a list of such agents in UK? (I found online a long list of Christian agents, but ALL in USA!) There isn’t really a Christian book market here, the way there is in thinking thinking, the US. That is, books pitched specifically at Christians tend to on assigment, sell in far smaller volumes and therefore attract much less attention from thinking, agents. I’m not aware of a list of the kind you mention, but if you find one, do let us know as you’re not the first person to have asked. Best of luck!

Pleas help me out… below is the start of my query letter is thesis on virus it OK or just destine for the bin. I am seeking representation for a children’s fiction novel entitled Jacob Jones and the order of seven: The manuscript consist of 79,000 words, 14 chapters and has been professionally edited and formatted to industry standards. I am a self-employed animal behaviourist with a degree in thinking, psychology. Thesis On Virus. I started writing as a press officer for thinking and critical thinking an art gallery. Judging Criteria. My first press release was for and critical the beetles’ photographer Bill Zygmant. Thank you Damien. this is my first non-fiction novel, which contains child abuse and molestation.

It’s not very graphic or detailed. But I want to get a strong message across about sex abuse due to and theses, my childhood experiences. Is that something that i should mention in and critical, my query? Does most publishers stay away from that message when its dealing with sex abuse? If the novel is good enough, then your childhood past will actually help as a sales hook.

But approach the matter cautiously in your query letter: no agent wants to read a novel that is really a work of thesis statement on the death penalty therapy. They get too many of those! I stumbled across this page and have found it so useful although it has left me with lots of thinking questions. I have started writing a book, its basically about going from being married to online, single, and the fun journey that is had by thinking the newly single lady going out thesis on virus, drinking and meeting men and thinking learning to have fun again, some of on assigment it is thinking true (some of it is made up to make it more racy that I am) its a funny look at life, sex and drinking in your 30s. I have let about 6 of my friends read it and they all love it and critical say they cant wait for the next chapter. I now wonder what i should do? should i finish writing the book before finding an agent or should I show what I have written to an agent and see if its worth me completing. Sorry lots of questions but I’m very new at this and thinking and critical thinking am every excited that other people love my book and said they would actually buy it! Thank you for any advice that you could give me. An agent basically won’t look at something until it’s finished and in excellent shape. Thesis On Virus. If you want feedback between now and then – probably a good idea – you’ll need to get in independent critique, of the sort that we can offer. Thinking Thinking. See here for more info on what we do.

Thank you for taking the time to critical tests, reply and for your advice. This is such a helpful site! However, I have a query that I’m hoping you might be able to answer for thinking me. I have a recently published novel, and I’m two thirds of the way through the first draft of part two. I did not self publish, but I’m currently published by contest judging criteria an e-publisher. I’m Australian, and as you’re no doubt aware, attracting an agent in Australia, for a (soft) sci-fi novel is very difficult. Thinking And Critical Thinking. I was rejected – by the only thinking practice two agents accepting submissions in my genre – the year before last, so I’ve decided to try for an international agent. I have checked and rechecked the Australian Agent list a number of times, and there are still only the two I’ve already tried listed as accepting submissions. Is this the time to approach an agent for representation? Or should I wait until Book 2 is thinking and critical thinking completed?

And would it be acceptable to re-approach the previous two? Thanks for any assistance. No, don’t look for agents untl book #2 is completed, honed and polished. Then do reapproach the 2 Aussie agents, but also look for agents in the UK and the US. The best source for UK agents is our very own Agent Hunter. There are similar sources for the US market, and as an on assigment, Australian writer of sci-fi, it’s OK for and critical you to approach either market. Thank you very much for the advice. Much appreciated! Thank you for essay contest judging criteria all the and critical, really great advice. I had a couple of questions that were not answered through here though.

My first is and theses online how probable is it for thinking a first time author to gain an agent? I hear that you should provide your background and contest criteria credentials, but I’m a current graduate student with my studies concentrating in creative writing. I essentially have no experience publIshing. Also, I’ve read different blogs where some say to have a completely edited and and critical thinking publish ready book before seeking out an agent. Others however state that you want an citing page numbers in essay, agent before you even begin writing. What’s the story there? First question: newbies get agents and book deals all the time. Quality is what matters.

Nothing else. Second question: yes, of course you need to have completed (and edited and polished) your MS. Thinking Thinking. Aside from certain types of non-fiction, an critical tests practice, agent will never offer representation if you don’t have a completed MS. yes – but is that really a typo? I mean, we’d say A manuscript but surely AN MS. Hmm. Thinking And Critical Thinking. Let’s have a heated debate. Or a smallish war. Is the QL the on assigment, same for a non-fiction book as for a fiction novel? Can I follow the sample above with a non-fiction book?

Good question. The main differences are that: A) your covering letter can be longer for non-fiction, as you may have to thinking thinking, set out the territory in a little more detail. Thesis Statement On The Death. eg: if you’re writing about the second world war, you may have to thinking, explain a bit more why your angle is unique and compelling. B) you may have to say more about yourself as agents are more likely to care about your authority / platform. So give yourself enough room to numbers in essay, make the case for thinking and critical why you’re the right person to write this book.

I’m a very young writer, and people are always surprised to find out my age after reading any of on assigment my work. So, I was wondering if including my age (I’m 17) in and critical thinking, a query letter would be detrimental? Sometimes I feel like if people know how young I am, they assume my work will be mediocre- is thesis on virus this the case or not? Hi Elle, tough call. On the plus side, if your work IS strong enough then your age would be a superb selling point. On the other hand, if it’s not strong enough – and, in thinking and critical, truth, I don’t think we’ve ever seen novel-length teenage work that was strong enough to sell – then the thesis on virus, age would be a negative. Bit of a coin-flip which you go with. If it were me, I probably wouldn’t mention the issue and just let my work speak for itself.

Good luck! I just want to ask a question if I may.I am a first time novelist and thinking and critical thinking my book is fictional and thesis on virus contains witchcraft in thinking thinking, some places. I am actually a witch myself, none of the book is about me at all, but in essay contest, my query letter do I put that information? I want them to know that what I mention about thinking witches is true and thesis on virus factual, but don’t want to be rejected just because of my beliefs. I would rather be rejected because my book isn’t good enough rather than what I choose to be, so any advice would be gratefully received and thinking and critical thinking much appreciated #128578; Maria, I’d probably not go with that info if I were you, but it’s no biggie either way. But if you want your book to speak for itself, then you just don’t need to say much about yourself. All that can come later. Good luck! (If you need luck. If you have a spell, then phooey to luck.)

Regarding a manuscript idea being stolen – I have a professional model-making friend who submitted an extensive synopsis to critical, an agent, after 1 year, they sent it back saying no one was interested: A year or so later – a sci-fi movie came out starring Kurt Russell, which spawned a few spin-off TV series. I would be careful on who to send any manuscripts to thinking and critical thinking, … Some time ago I started writing on a regular basis and citing numbers left my career as a graphic designer. And Critical. I’ve research all angles but find errors from format ms to query letter to formatting chapters. How to save 80,000 word document plus backup? It seems to critical practice, be a colossal assignment This is my first novel and I feel it has. a chance for success because it’ s different from any publication. I spend hours on research and meticulous proofreading.

I’ll revise my query to eliminate long descriptions. I tried to save space. no agent address no chapters, only asterisks. Thinking Thinking. It was bad judgment. How does one write a query letter when concerning poetry? As in, what would be included? Would one write of the inter-poem coherency or ‘mood’ development throughout the book?

Ah, Matthew, a basic misapprehension here. The good news is that you do not need to and theses online, worry about thinking and critical a query letter. The bad news is contest criteria that no agent will represent your poetry unless you have achieved something like the stature of and critical thinking Seamus Heaney, Ted Hughes or Philip Larkin. Citing Page Numbers In Essay. The reason is that agents – the thinking and critical thinking, pests – have nothing to get them through their sad little lives except the thought of money. On Assigment. And poetry, beautiful and wondrous though it is, earns less money than a five-year-old’s homemade lemonade stall. So you don’t need an agent, because no agent will ever represent you. So – how do you get your Big Breakthrough?

Answer: you submit poems, one by one, to the various poetry magazines that take em. (They won’t pay you, but you might get a nice letter.) When you’ve had a few poems accepted, then you can go crawling to Bloodaxe or someone like them and ‘umbly beseech the thinking, favour of thesis on virus a collection. If you do get published in book form, you will still make no money – well, you might make enough to get a decent Indian takeaway – but you will have the happiness of Being a Poet, which means you are legally allowed to thinking, wear a velvet coat, even in thesis death penalty, summertime, and thinking thinking you’re allowed to take laudanum and die young. Good luck! In terms of publishers, there’s Banner of Truth Trust. Don’t know about agents though.

I stumbled across this site quite by accident and I love it! I’ve got a bit of critical thinking tests a query regarding my new novel. It’s 95,000 words long, a YA adventure, but I’m only fourteen. I’m really worried that my age means people won’t take me seriously. I’ve been writing for a long time, and though it might not be ideal for thinking and critical thinking everybody, I really think I’m onto thinking tests, something with my novel.

All my friends and some of my teachers have said they’d happily buy it in a shop. I’m going to apply to some agents – but what do I write in the bio section? And what can I do about my age? The answer to the question of age is simple: you just don’t mention it. No reason to.

The book’s what matters; you can discuss age later. Thinking And Critical Thinking. For that matter, you can leave the bio pretty much empty as well. “This is my first novel but – I adore writing – I’m certain it won’t be my last.” That’ll do fine. And, look, let me also say this. It’s brilliant that you’re writing, that you enjoy it, and that you had the guts and drive to write a full length 95,000 word novel. Citing Page In Essay. But I’ve never heard of and critical thinking a fourteen year old getting commercially published, simply because children your age don’t yet have the maturity and learning to citing page in essay, get this incredibly hard job right. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t send your work to agents – you blooming well should! – but don’t be too upset if you get rejected.

The fact is, you probably will get published one day . . Thinking And Critical. . it’s just that that day may be a little way off yet. Very best of luck! Harry. I never knew about your site – it’s really full of beneficial information. This page has been really useful. I’m assuming what you call a query letter is the cover letter? What if you are entering a competition which is to be judged by several people, one of whom will be the agent? Who do you address it to, and thinking tests practice how do you structure your first sentence?

Another Q – the said competition is run by a reputable publisher, and they have already selected the agent the winner will work with. This seems like a conflict of interest to me, seeing how the agent should represent the author and not be hand-picked by and critical thinking the publisher…? Further, if the competition has already stated the advance that will be paid to the winner, and contest criteria guarantees their work to thinking thinking, be published, what is contest judging criteria there left for the agent to do? Isn’t an thinking and critical thinking, agent’s job to find a publisher for the manuscript? In this case the critical thinking, publisher is thinking already guaranteed. Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks. Hard to and theses online, say, since I don’t know the precise set up. But just write a covering letter (=query letter) that would suit your situation. And Critical. And remember that an thinking practice, agent is and critical thinking there for your whole career, and for much more than just the sale process, so yes you will need an agent whatever.

Just a quick question. Thesis On Virus. I live in London with my husband and I’ve just finished my novel. I’m waiting for thinking critique from in essay, my reader. I’d like to thinking and critical, ask you something though. Essay Judging Criteria. I’m on a spouse visa here in the UK. Thinking Thinking. I don’t intend to leave the country. My husband is a kind of on assigment manager for me. He helps a lot with my book and we’re planning to thinking and critical, start looking for an agent very soon.

But I’m not sure whether my visa could be a problem for publishers. I would appreciate your opinion. They couldn’t give a damn, is the short answer! They won’t ask, won’t think about it. Just sell that book #038; be happy. I find your site when google this, How to get my book published, I find it very helpful going through it. But am a Nigerian living in the city of Lagos, am an adult who have been writing since 2012 but yet to be published. Critical Practice. In fact I have about three books ready for thinking and critical now in my laptop that I need to and theses online, get publisher for.

My challenges here is first my way of writing which is in (except form) although what I write about do make sense, the second is and critical where am base. Please I your advice on how I can be able to an agent, thanks. Surely NEVER a consonant next to another.. so “A MS” .. “An MS” is critical thinking tests practice unpronouceable! Problem. I seem to have screwed things up. I self published two non-fiction works to get feedback and and critical thinking they sold 6,000 and 2,000 mainly to tourist retailers and only a few on Amazon etc. Thinking this was standard procedure I also put my two science fiction books up on LuLu, Amazon etc. and they haven’t sold more than half a dozen copies. I then discovered from SFF Chronicles that I have ruined any chance of an agent or publisher now considering them because I self published (they are also on Wattpad).

Have I ruined any chance for them? They have now been extensively edited and I hope they are close to being REALLY ready. When writing to agents, do I tell them about thesis statement on the death my foolishness or keep quiet about it? I didn’t go reading ‘how to publish’ books/websites until it was too late. I’m also attending the and critical, WW event on 4th March so I have the dilemma over what to do for my sample agent’s letter. Advice please – we have a really high bridge nearby! No, mate, don’t worry. On Assigment. Self-pub used to be a way to thinking, tattoo “I’m a nutter” on practice, your forehead without going through the and critical, whole ink-and-needle thing. These days, no one really cares.

I’d just take the thesis statement on the death penalty, books down and forget about it. If/when an thinking, agent takes you on, just mention that they were briefly self-pubbed – the agent won’t care, but at thesis statement death least that way it’ll be off your mind. Thank you for that info. I tried taking one down, but it still remains on Goodreads and Amazon but says not available. I spoke to thinking and critical thinking, Goodreads and they said it would be there forever. Should I change the titles to get around that?

Nah. It’s just not a big deal. Have a beer and forget it. I am 44 and have finally written my debut novel after wanting to numbers in essay, write since I was in my teens. The time was just never right for thinking thinking me, until now. Thesis On Virus. I am just about to and critical, start my query letter and synopsis. What I would be very grateful to critical, know, is whether having a criminal record will effect my chances of ever being published. Thinking. To my knowledge there are some very famous writers who have been published from behind bars, so I’m thinking along the lines of something you said to somebody earlier, “They couldn’t care a less as long as it sells.” I do hope this to be the case, in dissertations and theses, both not caring and it being accepted and selling. It’ll make no difference at all.

Don’t even mention it until you sign up with an agent, then ask how they suggest dealing with it. to be hoens with you, a little bit of spice in your past is actually likely to help, if anything. Thank you so much for your advice. I read a bunch of sample query letters before writing mine. I only just began querying. Most websites advice on getting to the point, that being said, I wonder if starting my letter a little differently, just a little, would hurt my case? (P.S- Just because of my style of writing). For example, my first paragraph looks something like this, and would love to know your opinion on and critical thinking, the same. Two years ago, I chanced upon thesis on the death an idea that turned me into the Duracell rabbit. It gave me hope, and a hefty dose of validation, and with that same hope, Jaded Dreams transformed from a few pages into an 84,000-word manuscript; a contemporary romance where, when Manhattan royalty, Ian Sanders’ seemingly flawless world collides with aspiring, bright-eyed chef, Ella Scott, who has the power to reduce his intellectual abilities to alarming proportions; their lives are sprinkled with sexy liaisons, a dollop of hope, and a tragic dose of and critical thinking consequences that would bury them under a cloak of darkness, forever. The first novel in a series of three is complete, and ready for your consideration. Um. I’d probably go more conventional if I were you.

And you need to pay more attention to your sentence structure. Thinking Practice. Read this bit again: ” a contemporary romance where, when Manhattan royalty, Ian Sanders’ seemingly flawless world collides with aspiring, bright-eyed chef, Ella Scott.” Where and when? And “Manhattan royalty” seems to and critical thinking, be tagged to the phrase “Ian S’s seeminly flawless world”. But a world can’t be royalty. Critical Tests. A human can. You need to slow down and get more attentive.


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The Reality of Writing for Content Mills — 14 Writers’ True Stories. Have you ever wondered if there is and critical thinking a content mill out critical thinking practice, there somewhere that’s better than all the rest? I get this question a lot, from writers hoping that if they can just find the right content mill, they will finally be able to easily earn a living from their craft. Maybe there’s one where the and critical, editors are nicer or the assignments easier? The thing is, I’ve never written for a content mill. Page? I’ve used my business-reporter skills to and critical thinking, analyze Demand Media’s financials, so I’m aware that the “stuff site with junk content, put up ads, and thesis statement on the death hope for thinking and critical, revenue” business model popular with content mills isn’t doing that well, especially as Google continues to change its algorithm to on assigment, penalize these sorts of thinking and critical sites. I’ve also asked content mill owners why they don’t pay more. On Assigment? Basically, see the previous paragraph. This business model isn’t very profitable, so there isn’t a lot of pay for you. My sense is debating the differences between different mills is a bit like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. But I wanted to find out more.

So I’ve asked my Freelance Writers Den community to share their experiences. Thinking And Critical Thinking? I’ve linked to their websites or LinkedIn profiles if links were provided in the Den. Some of these writers have worked for mills in the past, and others are still using them as they market proactively to dissertations, find better clients. I think this provides a frank look at thinking and critical thinking the real life of content mill writers. Thesis On Virus? I’ve bolded some of the key reactions and feelings about thinking and critical thinking, writing for mills that the writers shared. Here it is, in their own words, organized by mill.

Mills are in no particular order: Holly Case says: Assignments are virtually unavailable now except for a select few. Pay was $15.00 an on assigment article, editors were unreasonable and requested revisions without allowing you to ask for clarification. If you didn’t guess correctly, your article would be rejected, which meant that not only did you not get paid, it was also a black mark against you. I started writing for them in thinking 2010 and numbers wrote a steady 6-12 articles a week or more for about a year and a half.

They used to thinking and critical, have a lot of mostly boring topics that paid $15/article. They now have a lot of specialty topics that you have to get approved for on assigment, that pay $25/article. And Critical? What’s improved, though, is that some of the sites where the content goes are ones I’m not embarrassed to statement on the penalty, use a byline on. I’m approved as a parenting writer, and one of the sites they publish to is — a totally legitimate site. You also get to thinking, write in a more interesting, “snarky” tone for thesis death, that site instead of the dry, boring tone they wanted for eHow. I am trying to quit Demand but it’s like crack — I keep going back when funds get low. If I’m getting $50/post for clients, then $25/post with no marketing starts to look like a better rate…once I have the $100/post clients I want to have, Demand will be a lot less tempting!

Biggest annoyance with Demand is the editors. Thinking? You get one chance to revise, often with confusing instructions or instructions that conflict with the guidelines. However, it’s usually pretty easy to get articles accepted on the second try if you do exactly what the editor says. I’ve had one article rejected and two or three that I just let expire because I didn’t want to do the recommended edits, but I’ve had far more published than I care to admit. For over thesis on virus, a year, I churned out four to thinking thinking, five articles per on assigment day at $15 each.

Then all the good assignments started to go south, so I backed out of thinking that situation. I started contributing to Demand in 2009. Citing Page Numbers In Essay? Then it was pretty much all eHow, Answerbag, and LiveStrong and articles paid $15, short answers paid $3. Pretty much anyone who signed up was accepted. Recently, they’ve really cleaned up. You now have to thinking and critical, be approved to write on certain topics. But I question how they go about critical tests, determining this. Thinking And Critical? I applied to be a travel writer and a parenting writer. Death? At the time, I was working for and critical thinking, a travel company as their blogger, I had several travel clips from websites, blogs, and magazines, travel Europe and the US extensively and dissertations online often, had my own expat/travel blog and was the Netherlands travel Examiner for

Years ago I worked for several years as a substitute teacher and had my own after school company here in the Netherlands and I had a 3-month-old. Demand denied me as a travel writer but took me on as a parenting writer even though I was (in my opinion) under-qualified. They have stepped up and are now doing more legit sites like,, and thinking a few others, and the topics are much more interesting and statement on the penalty better categorized. Pay is now $25-30 depending on thinking, the site you’re writing for. But, still, that’s for a 400-500 word article. Contest? All you get is a title (Best Workout Shoes to thinking, Prevent Sore Calves, Behavior Strategies for tests practice, Sibling Conflict) and are told to just go in whichever way your research takes you. You’re supposed to thinking thinking, list any resources and references you used to write the article, which are included at on assigment the bottom of the piece in college-term-paper footnote fashion. It just looks really amateur.

Under the thinking thinking, title of each article that’s approved and posted online is “Your name, Demand Media,” so the thesis on the death penalty, site may be a good one, but any editor who checks them out is thinking going to see my name tied with Demand Media before they even start reading the article. Dissertations Online? Yes, there are editors out there who don’t care, but there are enough of them who do and will write you off immediately that I will always hide those articles, no matter how well-written they are or for what site they were used. DM hates direct quotes, so they’re looking for you to thinking, find all the info on websites and in books and paraphrase. You also have to watch out for the “blacklisted” sites (you absolutely cannot use them to thinking practice, get information). Editors can also take a week or more to review and approve/reject your work or ask for rewrites. Yet, if you’re given rewrites, you’re expected to get it done and thinking thinking turn it in again in three days. The only nice thing is that you get paid once a week, so you’re never waiting around for payment. I wrote one piece for and theses, Textbroker at $.05 cents per word.

I have never gone back to write enough to meet the minimum threshold for payout, so they still owe me $1.50. I chalked it up to thinking and critical thinking, a life lesson and went on to find real clients that pay real money . My strategy is to critical thinking, take assignments from all of thinking my favorite categories and write the very best article I can. Eventually, a client “clicks” with me and starts requesting me at my “personal rates.” I almost never need to accept job board prices anymore. I wrote for Textbroker for a couple of on assigment months when I first started, and the work was easy. The pay was usually around $0.02 per word, depending on your level as a writer. There were seldom any requests for revisions and the pay was regular. Thinking? That being said, you couldn’t get any clips from the thesis on virus, work and I never got any regular clients.

The problem with all of these sites is you can get so used to them that you don’t get motivated to and critical thinking, get better work… until you burn out. With Textbroker there’s no bidding, no resume, I just did a writing sample, submitted it for review and waited on my rating. Little did I know I would be toiling away at a penny per word until I broke my comma habit and criteria propensity for dangling participles. In order to move up in pay, your articles must be reviewed and thinking and critical rated on a scale of two to five. The article review takes place once per month. Until your articles are rated you will continue to write for a penny per word. However, there is a very wide variety of page numbers articles to thinking and critical thinking, choose from at or below your approved level. Everything from automotive to on assigment, movies to sexual dysfunction. Articles are approved, typically within 48 hours and the money is deposited into your Textbroker account immediately upon approval.

The nice thing is Textbroker payments are made weekly provided you have $10 in thinking and critical thinking your account. However, you will never be given a byline or any other credit for your work. There was still a writing test for a rating and a rather arduous application process [when I applied]. You are able to thesis death penalty, select assignments based upon your writing level. The pay is usually $0.01 to $0.05 per word for Level 3 writers. The variety of thinking and critical articles is unfortunately, rather mundane.

A lot of prospective college student articles lately or other college-level coursework as well as computer hardware product descriptions. The customer serves as their own editor and the changes requested were pretty simple, most of the time verbiage changes related to judging, their keywords. The biggest drawback — WriterAccess only pays once per month by the tenth day of the following month, painfully slow in the content mill world. There are no bylines or credit for your work. Writer Access – pay between $.01 and thinking and critical $.15 a word but most assignments pay between 1 cent and 3.2 cents. Very few revisions and you deal directly with the citing, client, so your experience varies widely based on who hires you. There is a feedback system so you can get a heads up if a client is difficult. Thinking Thinking? No bylines. Lots of work available. Topics can be interesting but usually aren’t. Yahoo Contributor Network (Associated Content)

I’ve written a couple of thesis on the penalty pieces for Associated Content and Suite 101. Both of those are fun because you can write anything you want. AC pays a little bit per thinking piece, so if you just want to blog and contest wouldn’t ever monetize your own blog, it can be OK for hobbyists. Pays per page view and thinking thinking you don’t really have editors. You can write about anything you want. I have one friend who writes 5-10 articles for them a week about fairly popular topics like celebrity gossip. She gets a lot of page views, but the most money she’s ever made was $18.00. Most of my content mill experience is judging with Yahoo! Contributor Network, known as Associated Content when I started writing there in July 2009. I was a Featured Contributor (an application-only program they ended in Dec.

2012) where I made $15-$18 per 400-500 word article. I also had a few “beats” where I could contribute a certain amount of articles ($10-$15 each) per month. Each topic in the Featured program (Pets, Movies, TV, etc.) had a designated editor who you could contact. But I never received feedback once the and critical, article was submitted or got any rewrites, so there wasn’t any sort of on assigment real writer/editor relationship. I did get bylined articles placed on Yahoo’s Movies, News, and OMG! platforms. There’s also the Yahoo Voices platform (which pays in the single digits per article) that replaced the thinking and critical, old Associated Content site. Essay Criteria? Since the Yahoo takeover, it seems like the thinking, whole point of writing for them is to essay contest judging criteria, get your stuff published on one of the “higher-end” platforms. But in thinking and critical order to make any sort of regular income, you have to be fast and write five to citing numbers, six 400-500 word articles a day. I’ve used my Yahoo Movies clips to get paying gigs on thinking thinking, non-content mill sites, which in turn got me a few private clients who found me via those sites, but no clients who found and contacted me directly from my Yahoo work. When Yahoo discontinued the Featured Contributor program, they killed their better-paying assignments for many writers.

I still get a few bucks a month from views. I also still have one daily “beat” ($10 per page article), but I haven’t written anything for them since March 2012. When I started writing for them in 2009, it was a way for me to learn about web writing, not to make a living. I had no idea at that time what a content mill was or that they were considered lowbrow or insulting to the journalistic world. And Critical? On a positive note, I did learn a lot about web content and how to thesis death penalty, apply SEO tactics in a non-spammy way, write catchy headlines, and use social media as a marketing tool. To Yahoo’s credit, they do encourage these skills in their new writers and recently started a web writing course called the Academy to help newbies learn. Thinking And Critical? Their book, The Yahoo! Style Guide, is actually a great web writing resource.

Overall, in my experience, it was a good introduction to criteria, the web writing world but not somewhere to and critical, make a decent income. I’ve also written for dissertations online, [several other mills] — from what I observed, all of them require a lot of time and effort for little pay . I did a short stint with Suite 101 several years ago when I wanted to break into travel writing. At the time, I was working as a travel planner. To start, you had to write a sample article, a few hundred words on a topic of your choice. Editors then approve you as a writer, at which point you were required to write seven articles a month, I believe (in 2008). I only did it that first month before I saw the writing on the wall. Thinking Thinking? Articles went through an approval process before being posted, but I don’t recall the process being too terribly arduous.

Suite 101 gives you a byline, and and theses you are paid via paypal periodically. Thinking Thinking? If I recall correctly, there’s a minimal amount you have to thesis on virus, reach ($10?) before they make a deposit. And Critical? In the essay contest, past five years, I’ve probably made about $50 from that little batch of articles. I’m pretty sure they changed up their pay scheme, as I’m not being paid for them anymore, and thinking and critical thinking I’m definitely sure I don’t care. I also write for citing in essay, Seed but didn’t sell anything there either. That was supposedly better paying work, but you have to choose from thinking thinking their titles (like a content mill) and compete against lots of other writers (like a job board). And you have to write the piece on spec. Numbers In Essay? So lots of disadvantages there. I started writing for and critical, in September as a TV Examiner. I was lucky that I had a built-in audience since I already write for thesis on virus, a TV Magazine site (for free, sadly). Anyway, at first, I was doing great.

I made $350 my first month, which was a nice supplement to my day job income. I did even better the second month, but I was writing over 100 articles. In November, Examiner decided that it was no longer going to pay for international page views so an article that would have gotten me $10 the month before was suddenly only paying $3 or $4. It was very discouraging and it has made me slow down how many articles I’m willing to write for them each month. Editor-wise, it’s a crapshoot. They forget their own rules and sometimes they dock you for dumb things and other times, they miss glaring errors.

It just depends on which volunteer is editing the copy that day. And Critical? But if they do dock you, you lose your status and have to start over from zero. There is on assigment zero communication. They’ve made it very difficult to thinking and critical, talk to a live person and thesis statement death sometimes you need to email five or six times before you get a real response. I wrote for Examiner, too. You can write anything you want. They force you to thinking, stay within a niche, which I guess is good if you don’t know how to write in a niche. Critical Tests Practice? But I never got paid a cent from them. For all those pay-per-click sites, you have to write a ton of pieces before you see any return. has changed their policies multiple times since I started writing for and critical, them in 2010. The way things work now is that you get money based on on assigment, page views, comments, and article shares — to give you an example, yesterday my articles had seven page views and my slideshows had four views, and I earned $.05). Payment comes on the 20th of every month, BUT you have to earn a minimum of $10 to get paid AND you have to have published at least one article that month. If you don’t write an article or you don’t accumulate $10, your earnings get rolled over to the next month. If you go more than three months without contributing, you’re stripped of thinking and critical thinking your earnings and your Examiner title. How much you earn depends on how many articles you write, the popularity of your topic, and the amount of time you invest in promoting yourself.

Long story short, even if you have the most popular topic on thesis on virus, the internet, have written hundreds of thinking articles, and citing page in essay Tweet, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc, etc, you may be making nice money, but when you figure in the hours you spend working on Examiner, you’ll always be making less than minimum wage. There are editors, but they only leave comments reminding you to thinking thinking, use pictures, let you know when you haven’t written the minimum number of words, and ask you to change little things in dissertations and theses the headlines. The other wonky thing? I am the Netherlands Travel Examiner. But there’s also a Netherlands Lifestyle and Travel Examiner, and a Netherlands Tourism Examiner.

I love my adoptive country, but, the thinking thinking, way I see it, it’s just not big enough and there’s just not enough going on to warrant three Examiners. I did learn a lot of valuable things from working at the mills, but you don’t need them to get a writing career off the ground — and they’re so easy to get sucked into and so difficult to pull yourself out of. Eventually you reach the point where you realize what a huge waste it was and that you’ll never get those hours of your life back (and that those articles are on the internet to stay and haunt you for thesis on virus, the rest of thinking and critical thinking your life). I’m there right now and it’s not a pretty place to be. The new kid on thinking, the block is Blogmutt. The pay at thinking Blogmutt is $8 per article if approved. Customers sign up to have blogs written for their business based on a selection of keywords. Numbers In Essay? Articles are typically 300-400 words and do not require an extensive amount of research in an area you’re familiar with. However, when you get out of your expertise area, providing blog topics on such things as battery backup systems, real estate in Alaska or IT management you can get bogged down in research in a hurry. Customers edit their own articles and at times, can be arbitrary from “too short” to thinking, “just didn’t like the post.” The site owner is very good about keeping the customers in line with their demands.

Customers rate their own posts on a star system. The drawback is when there’s a small set of keywords from essay contest judging criteria which to derive an thinking thinking article. Thesis On Virus? Payment is made weekly upon article acceptance by the customer but as blogs go into the customer’s queue, the customer can pick and choose which blogs to post which weeks. This can cause your blog to thinking and critical, slide down the on assigment, list. While content mills are a good place to see if your writing is commercially acceptable, staying in the mills is nothing more than intellectual slavery. If you can write with very few spelling or grammatical errors and can sell or product or engage a person’s interest in a business niche then you, too, can be a business blogger. I’ve written for CopyPress since 2011.

The best people I worked with are now no longer there. Their pay started at $2 dollars per 300 words and paid out once a month. Thinking And Critical? They now pay $30 for “sharebait” articles, $7 for product descriptions, $4–$6 for regular blog posts. CP also pays out twice a month, but with the little work they have available, you’re likely to bring in $150 – $200 every two weeks. But, because it takes an additional two weeks for clients to approve anything, you’re not likely to get your pay on time during the two week payout. Waiting for this little pay is particularly unfavorable. Only one editor was ever helpful there. She was awesome, to say the least. Recently, they’ve changed how they want their content, which in my opinion is way too high for even $30 dollars. I believe they have a lead editor who is useless and doesn’t point out anything to improve in your work due to “far too many mistakes to citing page numbers, begin with.” These comments are mysterious and non-constructive because editors I’ve worked with at CP in the past were extremely helpful, unlike this mess now.

Also, any mistakes, even minor ones are immediately reported to the content manager. The CM will kick you out and critical thinking, of the online, system if the lead editor complains to her. My advice here: don’t even bother reasoning with that editor or asking her to explain something—she goes straight to the content manager. Forget about getting enough assignments for gas money here, unless you want to put in thinking thinking long hours for a measly $30 dollars. Work was never consistent since they had lost two seriously generous clients.

And, if your work is contest not up to and critical thinking, par, CP will cut your pay by half. There is essay judging no byline on and critical thinking, anything. Contest Criteria? All content is thinking and critical thinking ghostwritten so the client can put their name on it. They did start a blog called “Copy for Bylines,” which is essentially content for free. But, the company killed CFB not long after it was launched. I did inquire of running it for them, but I never heard back from them after the initial conversation.

Now, there was a huge variety of topics when they had work. Contest Judging Criteria? I wrote on gambling, technology, property management, business, product descriptions, education, law, and more. Thinking? There were always so many different topics I was never bored. But, like I said, work was scarce, so I jumped on penalty, the opportunity when higher pay came up. I’m certain they would create useful clips, but because you don’t own the content they would prefer you not to post it anywhere else online. I don’t think you can even state it is ghostwritten. And Critical Thinking? They’re funny about that. Right now, it’s a pain to write for CP. After that useless feedback with the “sharebait” editor, I moved onto thesis statement on the death another company that pays far better, and the editor has been very helpful and thinking supportive. For advice to others aspiring to online, work for CP, I wouldn’t make them a primary source of income, if at all.

Unreliability is the word that comes to and critical thinking, my mind. They have a connectors program (which is the same as writing guest blog posts) that pays out $400 dollars per post. Yeah, it sounds great, right? Just try getting that $400 dollars. You’ll be jumping through hoops and pulling your hair out. Statement Penalty? You’ll spend a good two months without pay while you wait for someone to thinking and critical, accept a post. Another catch is when someone does allow you a post, and it’s not up to CP’s client’s standards, you’ll be posting for free. Honestly, I didn’t need the dissertations online, extra stress and work without pay for my effort.

I loved CP when they started. The team they had was genuine and awesome. Thinking Thinking? Now, they are beating down on thesis on virus, writers to produce great content, which I’m sure many of my fellow writers do, but for pennies. I’m learning I can make $50 and more per blog post on my own without their help. I started Copypress as an thinking thinking advanced writer. I was used for the pilot schemes for five big projects, with very big names. Three of them we won. One was my project alone, and statement on the paid $20 per thinking post, two were expanded to citing page, bring in other writers.

Pay has always been low-ish. The editors were relatively friendly, and the community was awesome. CP constantly promise higher pay. Last year, they lost the three big clients in the same month. All said that they needed higher quality work. CP’s response was to ask the writers if they’d write for lower rates. It put most of the writing down to $5 a piece. Thinking And Critical Thinking? I refused, but some writers continued. They then brought in a certification program, where writers needed to take training and criteria submit original samples to get work.

All the work is now $30 Sharebait or $7 product descriptions. They have sacked all the editors, and all writers are now responsible for their own work. Any mistakes equal being sacked. The Facebook groups are in meltdown, the usually friendly staff are endlessly being “reshuffled” to be never heard from again, and there seems to be less work every time I check. They do send out thinking thinking, emails asking for advanced writers to help getting a project, but they expect you to be available at a moment’s notice for death, rewrites/changes, and thinking and critical thinking don’t pay extra. The biggest issue with CP is the pay. They promise the earth, and many people fall for it. The new big thing in mills seems to be promising the earth, and dissertations delivering a pittance. I only wrote for thinking and critical thinking, them for a few months back in 2008. I made about $25 total.

They paid no more than $5 for 100-150 word, SEO-heavy, coupon-code blurbs that probably ended up on citing page numbers, some scam-ridden pop up page. I barely communicated with any editors. The only time I heard from them was a form email that may mention a change to their stylebook. Yes, even crappy content mills have stylebooks. The assignments were kind of thinking and critical thinking scarce since the pieces were so small and critical thinking tests practice so easy to write. You just had to be quick on the draw. I did not get a byline. Thinking? I couldn’t even tell you where my pieces are on the Internet. Coupon code clips that were written according to a stylebook have proven to be useless.

I wrote 2 articles for them back in 2008. They were paying $8 per article then. There weren’t multiple rewrites. Thesis On Virus? I faintly remember being asked to change a comma or something. That’s it. There were actually a lot of assignments available on a wide variety of topics. I did have a byline. My articles are still online on one of their sites.

I got two useful clips out of it that I actually use to this day. That’s the only positive thing I got out of working for a content mill. I volunteered to thinking and critical thinking, sign up and see if the “headache factor” was similar to the only other content mill I know — Demand Studios. I got a reply to my application two weeks later. They loved my portfolio, and wanted me to write a test article for in essay, them, for which I’d be paid their standard rate ($25 for thinking, a 500-word blog post).

They provided the on assigment, title and gave general guidelines for what they wanted included — which is thinking much more than Demand provides. The editor who contacted me seemed very nice, and gave me three days to write the test post. I wrote and submitted it, and heard back the next morning – they loved my test post, and wanted me to sign their writer agreement. Dissertations Online? I received payment that day. Their agreement requires you to and critical thinking, “keep all information relating to statement death, your work with Media Shower confidential, now and thinking forever,” and also that all work you produce for them is theirs, and you can’t reproduce it without permission.

This means that you can’t use work you do for Media Shower in your portfolio. I’m guessing that you can ask them on essay judging criteria, specific pieces, or get links, but as I haven’t gone any farther than this with the company I don’t know what the response would be. Payment (aside from the test article, for which you’re paid immediately) is between the 7th and 10th of the month (depending on weekends, etc), for all work completed the previous month. Pay is between $.007 and $.015 per word and they have different tiers. Everyone starts at thinking Tier 1 and then works their way up, getting a review after five articles per tier or so – most writers on their forum are at Tier 3 and get 0.01 per word. There’s no direct contact with clients but the page numbers, editors are quite easy to work with. They’ll only thinking, send pieces back if the client as requested something or there is something really bad missing – the odd full stop missing or capital letter and the editors will change it usually. If the critical thinking practice, client asks for something that wasn’t in thinking thinking the original piece, there is the opportunity to dispute. No byline.

The only reason some people stick around is for the knowledge you gain in essay the earlier stages. I’ve seen many people comment on how much it has helped their writing so they’ve managed to go onto bigger and better pastures. That’s my experience, except with the thinking, sites like Suite101 and HubPages, where I write for sample pieces and just for fun really – not Suite101 anymore since that went down the drain and I got my pieces off there before it affected me too much with bad press. They paid pretty decently through my first year or two with them, and then they cut revenue share to less than half of what they had been paying. Buh-bye. I still spend about half an citing page in essay hour on Web Answers a day. Answering the questions (where do folks come up with these things?) is a good way to relax, and thinking thinking every couple of months, I get a deposit of about $150 to my account. Not bad for a little light entertainment. What do I take away from all this?

I’m struck by how many stories are about critical thinking tests practice, sudden changes in pay and working conditions. If you write for mills, remember it’s writer beware — especially if you have all your eggs in one mill basket.

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. The SAT Essay is thinking, scored separately from the rest of the SAT now, thanks to the changes that went into effect in March 2016. While the essay is now optional (you don't automatically have to take it every time you take the on assigment, SAT), some colleges still require students to thinking and critical thinking, submit SAT essay scores with their applications. Learning how to consistently write a perfect SAT essay will be a huge boost to your application to these schools. In this article, we'll discuss what it takes to get a perfect 8/8/8 on the SAT essay and what you need to do to dissertations and theses online, train yourself to get this top score. If you’re reading this, we’re assuming that you already have a basic understanding of the SAT essay. You know the standard format of how you should write an essay – introduction, evidence paragraph 1, evidence paragraph 2, (optional) evidence paragraph 3, conclusion. Thinking And Critical Thinking! You know that you should state your thesis in online, the introduction. All of this will get you a 5/8 as long as you develop your points enough. And Critical Thinking! If you aren’t fully aware of this, take a spin through our 15 SAT Essay tips to raise your essay score. But how do you push your essay to the next level?

That’s what this article is about. feature image credit: NEW YORK 1970'S TRAILER PLATE 888-883 by Jerry Woody, used under CC BY-SA 2.0/Cropped from original. You’ll have to practice this. The perfect SAT essay is like a puzzle that happens to be in on assigment, written form – it can be mastered, but to do it well and completely every time requires practice with a lot of sample topics. You need to learn the format of an thinking thinking, effective essay and how to fill out a complete essay within 50 minutes. What an essay contest criteria, SAT Essay Score of 8 Means. If you’re already scoring a 5 or above in all three areas on practice (or real) SAT essays, you have a shot at thinking and critical completely nailing what the graders want, represented by a score of on assigment 8/8/8, with a little practice. Thinking And Critical Thinking! But there’s something important to remember in your question for essay contest perfection: on the SAT essay, an 8 in all categories is not always achievable.

We’ve got good news and bad news for those of you who are determined to score an 8/8/8 on the SAT essay. Good News and and critical thinking, Bad News by Mike Licht, used under CC BY 2.0/Cropped from original. Because the whole essay task (reading, analyzing, planning, and writing) must be completed in 50 minutes, getting an 8 in Reading, Analysis, and Writing requires some luck. You have to read the article and analyze the way the author builds her/his argument, pick out the thesis statement on the death penalty, most important components to the argument, find evidence to support your interpretation, and and critical, plan out your essay before you can even start writing. A lot depends on how quickly you can come up with a thesis and relevant support for whatever the prompt happens to be – you might find some articles easier to read and analyze the argumentative structure of than others. You'll need to use precise language to show mastery of English writing. And because essays with perfect scores are almost always at least two pages long, you don't have any time to spare . If you fumble on any one of these aspects, the grader might not give your SAT essay an 8/8/8. Because the essay is so formulaic, it's always possible to get a reliable 6 across the board . Sometimes you might find the dissertations online, author's argument to thinking, analyze harder than others, or sometimes you might find the article more difficult to get through, but you will always be able to impress them enough to get a 6/6/6.

No college worth its salt is going to base your college admissions decision on getting those last two points on dissertations an essay you had 50 minutes to write (especially when the essay is optional). The goal, really, is to thinking, show that you can write a decent essay in that time, and a 6/6/6 shows that just as well as an 8/8/8 does. But you should aim as high as you can, so keep reading to critical tests, find out what it really takes to get a perfect score on thinking the SAT essay. The Difference Between a 6 and an 8. If we asked the College Board what the difference is between a 6 and an 8 SAT essay, they would direct us to their scoring criteria below that describes the critical thinking, difference between the 3 and 4 essays scores in Reading, Analysis, and Writing (a total score of 8 comes from two readers separately giving your essay a 4 in each of those three areas). Thinking And Critical! We’ve marked the differences between the 3 and 4 criteria in bold.

The response demonstrates effective comprehension of the judging criteria, source text. The response shows an understanding of the thinking, text’s central idea(s) and important details. The response is free of substantive errors of fact and citing page in essay, interpretation with regard to the text. The response makes appropriate use of textual evidence (quotations, paraphrases, or both), demonstrating an understanding of the source text. Thinking And Critical! The response demonstrates thorough comprehension of the essay, source text. Thinking Thinking! The response shows an understanding of the text’s central idea(s) and of most important details and how they interrelate, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the text. The response is dissertations and theses, free of thinking errors of fact or interpretation with regard to the text. The response makes skillful use of textual evidence (quotations, paraphrases, or both), demonstrating a complete understanding of the source text.

A 3 essay demonstrates your understanding of the text’s central ideas, while a 4 essay also shows that you know what the thesis death, details and examples in the text are and how they relate to the central idea . The response offers an and critical, effective analysis of the source text and demonstrates an understanding of the analytical task. The response competently evaluates the author’s use of evidence, reasoning, and/or stylistic and persuasive elements, and/or feature(s) of the student’s own choosing. The response contains relevant and page in essay, sufficient support for claim(s) or point(s) made. The response focuses primarily on those features of the text that are most relevant to addressing the task. The response offers an insightful analysis of the source text and demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the analytical task. The response offers a thorough, well-considered evaluation of the author’s use of evidence, reasoning, and/or stylistic and persuasive elements, and/or feature(s) of the student’s own choosing. The response contains relevant, sufficient, and strategically chosen support for thinking and critical claim(s) or point(s) made. Citing! The response focuses consistently on those features of the text that are most relevant to addressing the task. The 4 essay delves into the structure of the author’s argument more deeply. The writer not only states the and critical, techniques used in the text, but also thoroughly explains their impact on dissertations and theses online the reader.

These explanations are backed up with evidence from the text that enhances the writer’s discussion of the structure of the text. The response is and critical, mostly cohesive and demonstrates effective use and control of language. Online! The response includes a central claim or implicit controlling idea. The response includes an effective introduction and thinking thinking, conclusion. The response demonstrates a clear progression of ideas both within paragraphs and throughout the essay. The response has variety in sentence structures. The response demonstrates some precise word choice.

The response maintains a formal style and on assigment, objective tone. The response shows a good control of the conventions of thinking standard written English and on assigment, is free of significant errors that detract from the and critical, quality of thesis on virus writing. The response is cohesive and demonstrates a highly effective use and command of language. The response includes a precise central claim. The response includes a skillful introduction and conclusion. The response demonstrates a deliberate and thinking, highly effective progression of ideas both within paragraphs and throughout the essay. The response has a wide variety in sentence structures. The response demonstrates a consistent use of precise word choice. The response maintains a formal style and objective tone. The response shows a strong command of the conventions of standard written English and is free or virtually free of errors . The 4 essay is written extremely well , whereas the 3 essay is written fairly well.

In addition, the 4 essay is organized in thesis statement on the death penalty, a way that positively influences the impact of the thinking, writer’s argument, while the and theses online, 3 is just organized clearly. Let’s condense the thinking thinking, information above. A perfect 4 essay : is extremely clear is consistent, smooth, and easy to read has few errors is criteria, not repetitive in content or language is sufficiently detailed (using evidence from the text) to and critical, fully support the writer’s thesis demonstrates that you understand the text and thesis on virus, the author’s claim(s) In other words, you need to excel in every one of these aspects to get a perfect score. Now we’ll look at a sample 8/8/8 SAT essay, and make note of how it fits the criteria above. The prompt (taken from thinking thinking The Official SAT Study Guide ) for the sample essay is contest judging, as follows: Write an thinking and critical, essay in which you explain how Peter S. Goodman builds an argument to persuade his audience that news organizations should increase the amount of professional foreign news coverage provided to people in the United States.

In your essay, analyze how Goodman uses one or more of the thesis on the death, features listed in the box above (or features of your own choice) to strengthen the logic and persuasiveness of his argument. Be sure that your analysis focuses on the most relevant features of the passage. The passage to which this prompt refers appears on pp. 183-185 of The Official SAT Study Guide (March 2016 Beyond) , or on slightly different pages in thinking and critical thinking, later editions. You'll need the on assigment, passage to follow along with the sample essay below. Here’s the essay.

Read it first, and we’ll have annotations below. In the thinking, article “Foreign News at a Crisis Point,” Peter S. Goodman eloquently argues the ‘point’ that news organizations should increase the amount of professional foreign news coverage provided to people in the United States. Goodman builds his argument by on assigment, using facts and evidence, addressing the counterarguments, and couching it all in persuasive and thinking, compelling language. Thesis On Virus! Goodman begins the article by bombarding the reader with facts and statistics. And Critical Thinking! He states that, according to and theses online, a census conducted by the American Journalism Review, the number of full-time foreign news correspondents in the United States dropped from 307 in 2003 to 234 in 2011. In addition, the thinking and critical thinking, AJR survey also discovered that “the space devoted to foreign news [in American papers] had shrunk by 53 percent” in the last 25 years. Beginning the article with all of these facts and figures has a couple of strengtheing effects on on assigment Goodman’s argument. First, by and critical thinking, starting out with hard evidence, Goodman lays the groundwork of his own credibility. He’s not just writing an opinion piece – his opinion is backed by the truth. This will bring the readers onboard and make them more likely to trust everything else he says. Second, because Goodman presents these facts without much explaining/interpreting, the online, reader is forced to thinking and critical, do the thesis on virus, math herself.

This engaging of the reader’s mind also ensures that Goodman has the reader’s attention. When the reader does the math to find a drop of 73 full-time foreign news correspondents employed by US papers in just 8 short years, she will find herself predisposed to agree with Goodman’s call for more professional foreign news reporting. In addition to employing facts to his argument’s advantage, Goodman also cunningly discusses the counterargument to his position. By writing about how social media and man-on-the-ground reporting has had some positive impact on the state of foreign news reporting, Goodman heads off naysayers at the pass. It would have been very easy for Goodman to and critical thinking, elide over the whole issue of citizen reporting, but the resultant one-sided argument would have been much less convincing. Instead, Goodman acknowledges things like “the force of social media during the Arab Spring, as activists convened and reacted to changing circumstances.” As a result, when he partially refutes this counterargument, stating the “unease” many longtime profession correspondents feel over on assigment, the trend of ‘citizen journalism’ feel, the and critical, reader is much more likely to believe him. After all, Goodman acknowledges that social media does have some power. Knowing that Goodman takes the power of critical thinking tests social media seriously will make the thinking and critical thinking, reader more inclined, in turn, to take Goodman’s concern about the tests practice, limits of social media seriously.

The final piece that helps bolster Goodman’s argument that US news organizations should have more professional foreign correspondents is Goodman’s linguistic + stylistic choices. Goodman uses contrasts to draw the reader deeper into his mindset. By setting up the contrast between professional reporters as “informational filters” that discriminate good from bad and amateur, man-on-the-spot reporters as undiscriminating “funnels,” Goodman forces the thinking and critical thinking, reader to essay contest judging criteria, view the two in opposition and admit that professional filters are to be preferred over thinking thinking, funnels that add “speculatio, propaganda, and other white noise” to their reporting. In addition, Goodman drives the thinking, reader along toward agreeing with his conclusion in the penultimate paragraph of the article with the repetition of the phrase “We need.” With every repetition, Goodman hammers even further home the inescapable rightness of his argument. The use of “We” more generally through the article serves to make the thinking, readers feel sympathetic towards Goodman and identify with him.

By employing the rhetorical techniques of presenting facts, acknowledging the other side, and using persuasive language, Goodman convinces the reader of his claim. Here are our notes on what stands out in numbers, this essay (general comments are in purple, spelling/grammar errors are highlighted in yellow): Note that not every 8/8/8 essay needs to have exactly the same items in thinking thinking, here, nor do you need to argue in exactly the same way. But the elements in this essay make it a standout and demonstrate clear mastery. And now for the million-dollar question: What Makes This SAT Essay an 8 Rather Than a 6? Maybe you get the theory behind what makes an essay an 8/8/8, but what about in practice? Read on to find out what distinguishes this particular SAT essay as a perfect 8 in critical tests, Reading, Analysis, and Writing.

SAT graders are big on and critical thinking clarity, and clarity requires precise language and obvious, sound logic. In this essay, vivid language is used effectively and appropriately: Goodman is described as bombarding the thesis on virus, reader with facts and figures The writer describes Goodman as arguing his point using not just language but persuasive and compelling language : The effect of Goodman’s argument is not just that it convinces the reader, but that the reader…will find herself predisposed to thinking, agree with Goodman’s call for thesis on virus more professional foreign news reporting. All of and critical this clear and precise language helps support and explain the author's point (just as Goodman’s language supports his point in the text!) Effective Analysis and Organization. The writer's clarity extends to her logic as well. Sufficient background is given to make it clear the writer read and understood the and theses online, text. The examples used are clear and logically connected within paragraphs. The writer also makes sure to identify the what/why/what of the author's argumentative devices: What are the and critical, techniques the author used to persuade the reader of his claim? Why did the thinking, author use them?

What effect does their use have on the reader? The organization of the essay follows the organization set out in the introduction: the writer first discusses facts and evidence, then the presentation and refutation of a counterargument, then compelling language. Organization in the essay is aided by transitions between all paragraphs, which create a smooth, consistent argument that is easy to follow. The clarity of the thinking thinking, argument and the lack of errors remain consistent from start to finish. The highlighted errors are few and do not detract or distract from the on assigment, meaning of the essay. The wording of the thesis statement in the introduction and the conclusion is similar but not identical, and thinking, the description of how Goodman builds his argument is the same.

Dos piezas by Raul Hernandez Gonzalez, used under CC BY 2.0/Cropped from original. On Assigment! The author uses a variety of words (marked in blue) and sentence structures to convey similar ideas in different ways throughout the essay. For instance, social media , man-on-the-ground (or man-on-the-spot ) reporting , citizen journalism , and amateur reporting are all different words and phrases used to describe the same phenomenon of non-professional foreign news correspondents. Another example of this can be found in Paragraph 4. “Knowing that Goodman takes the power of thinking and critical social media seriously will make the reader more inclined…” could easily be the simpler “Goodman takes the power of social media seriously, which makes the reader more likely to agree…” This kind of linguistic flourish can be found in most top-scoring SAT Essays. Note that this usage is effective, and essay contest criteria, SAT vocab words aren't thrown into the essay haphazardly - it's clear, effective writing like what you might read in the New York Times. The essay is long enough to detail 3 complex examples (discussing Goodman’s use of facts and evidence, a counterargument, and thinking, vivid language) and essay judging, include introductory and concluding paragraphs. With the thinking, updates to the essay rubric, College Board made it explicit that your essay should have an introduction and online, conclusion. In The Official SAT Study Guide (March 2016 Beyond) , they also make it clear that shorter essays will receive lower Writing scores (because if you don't write more than a couple of thinking paragraphs, there's not enough writing by which essay graders can accurately judge your writing abilities).

But length means nothing if there isn't valuable information filling the space, so long SAT essays also need to be detailed—this author uses the dissertations and theses, space to give lots of context for her examples. Dos and Don’ts for an 8/8/8 SAT Essay. The key for a perfect score on the SAT essay is to use your time wisely and stay focused on the task. To help you do this, we've compiled tips for things to do (and things to avoid). Writing as much as you can without including repetitive or irrelevant information. Revising the thinking thinking, first and last paragraphs (they stand out in readers’ minds). Making sure you have effective transitions for a seamless essay. Page In Essay! Explaining the persuasive effect the author’s argumentative techniques have on the reader. Thinking of “smart-sounding evidence – analysis of how the thinking thinking, author used a personal anecdote is dissertations and theses online, just as viable as a discussion of the author’s use of logos and other rhetorical strategies.

Trying to correct every single error – the grammar and the spelling do not have to be perfect to score an 8 in Writing. This doesn't mean that you should just leave sentence fragments all over the place, but it does mean that accidentally leaving off the last letter of thinking a word or making a small subject/verb agreement error won't be the end of the world (or of your perfect SAT essay score). Citing Page Numbers In Essay! Spend the extra time trying to thinking and critical thinking, write more and develop your points. Adding as many vocabulary words as you can – you do need some stylistic flourishes, as noted above, but you shouldn’t overdo it, or your writing will sound clunky. Thesis On Virus! How to Train to Improve Your SAT Essay Score. As I mentioned above, most anyone can train to reliably get a 6 on all sections of the essay, and many can move beyond that to consistently get 8/6/6, 6/6/8, or 8/8/8. Here’s a framework for how to do this: Read through our complete list of SAT essay prompts Memorize a list of persuasive techniques that you can find in most essay prompt articles Start by practicing with extended length time (80 minutes) so you can feel what it takes to get a top-scoring essay. If you’re struggling, you can also split up the different parts of the essay task for practice. For instance, you can practice reading and analyzing articles separately from writing the essay.

Find a way to grade your essay. If you can be objective about your writing , you can notice weak spots, especially if you ran out of time but know what to do (and it'll be good practice for analyzing the passage on the essay!). Otherwise, try to get help from an and critical thinking, English teacher or a friend who’s a better writer. Start narrowing the time down to 50 minutes to mirror the actual test. Dissertations! Looking for a great way to prep?

Check out PrepScholar's online prep program. It customizes your prep program to your strengths and weaknesses so you get the most effective prep possible. Even better, we give detailed essay feedback from a leading SAT instructor. You'll get point-by-point comments on where you're falling short, and how to improve your weak spots to jump up in SAT essay score. Click below to sign up for our 5-day free trial. Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! Laura graduated magna cum laude from thinking and critical thinking Wellesley College with a BA in Music and Psychology, and on assigment, earned a Master's degree in Composition from the Longy School of thinking Music of essay contest criteria Bard College. She scored 99 percentile scores on the SAT and GRE and thinking, loves advising students on how to excel in tests practice, high school.

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Essays, Moral, Political, and Literary. Liberty Fund, Inc. MONEY is and critical not, properly speaking, one of the subjects of commerce; but only the instrument which men have agreed upon to facilitate the exchange of one commodity for another. It is none of the on assigment, wheels of trade: It is the oil which renders the motion of the wheels more smooth and easy. If we consider any one kingdom by itself, it is evident, that the greater or less plenty of money is of no consequence; since the prices of commodities are always proportioned to the plenty of money, and a crown in HARRY VII.'s time served the same purpose as a pound does at present. *22 It is only the public which draws any advantage from the greater plenty of thinking and critical thinking, money; and that only in its wars and negociations with foreign states.

And this is the reason, why all rich and trading countries from CARTHAGE to GREAT BRITAIN and HOLLAND, have employed mercenary troops, which they hired from statement penalty, their poorer neighbours. Were they to make use of their native subjects, they would find less advantage from their superior riches, and from their great plenty of gold and silver; since the pay of all their servants must rise in proportion to the public opulence. And Critical? Our small army of 20,000 men is maintained at as great expence as a FRENCH army a twice as numerous. The ENGLISH fleet, during the late war, *23 required as much money to thesis statement death penalty support it as all the thinking and critical thinking, ROMAN legions, which kept the whole world in subjection, during the time of the emperors. *24. The greater number of thesis on the penalty, people and and critical thinking their greater industry are serviceable in all cases; at home and abroad, in private, and in online, public. But the greater plenty of money, is very limited in its use, and may even sometimes be a loss to a nation in its commerce with foreigners. There seems to be a happy concurrence of causes in human affairs, which checks the and critical, growth of trade and riches, and hinders them from being confined entirely to one people; as might naturally at first be dreaded from the advantages of an established commerce.

Where one nation has gotten the start of another in trade, it is very difficult for the latter to regain the ground it has lost; because of the superior industry and skill of the former, and the greater stocks, of which its merchants are possessed, and which enable them to trade on so much smaller profits. But these advantages are compensated, in some measure, by the low price of labour in every nation which has not an extensive commerce, and statement on the death penalty does not much abound in gold and silver. Manufactures, therefore gradually shift their places, leaving those countries and provinces which they have already enriched, and flying to others, whither they are allured by the cheapness of provisions and labour; till they have enriched these also, and and critical are again banished by the same causes. And, in general, we may observe, that the dearness#x00B0; of every thing, from plenty of money, is thinking practice a disadvantage, which attends an established commerce, and sets bounds to it in every country, by thinking and critical thinking, enabling the poorer states to undersel the richer in all foreign markets. This has made me entertain a doubt concerning the dissertations, benefit of banks and paper-credit, which are so generally esteemed advantageous to every nation.

That provisions and labour should become dear by the encrease of trade and money, is, in thinking and critical thinking, many respects, an inconvenience; but an inconvenience that is dissertations online unavoidable, and thinking the effect of that public wealth and dissertations and theses prosperity which are the end of all our wishes. It is compensated by the advantages, which we reap from the thinking thinking, possession of these precious metals, and the weight, which they give the nation in all foreign wars and negociations. But there appears no reason for encreasing that inconvenience by a counterfeit money, which foreigners will not accept of in any payment, and which any great disorder in on assigment, the state will reduce to nothing. There are, it is true, many people in every rich state, who having large sums of thinking, money, would prefer paper with good security; as being of more easy transport and statement more safe custody. And Critical? If the public provide not a bank, private bankers will take advantage of this circumstance; as the goldsmiths formerly did in LONDON, or as the bankers do at present in DUBLIN: And therefore it is better, it may be thought, that a public company should enjoy the benefit of that paper-credit, which always will have place in every opulent kingdom. But to endeavour artificially to encrease such a credit, can never be the interest of thesis on virus, any trading nation; but must lay them under disadvantages, by encreasing money beyond its natural proportion to labour and thinking thinking commodities, and thereby heightening their price to the merchant and manufacturer. And in this view, it must be allowed, that no bank could be more advantageous, than such a one as locked up all the money it received, *25 and never augmented the circulating coin, as is usual, by returning part of its treasure into commerce. A public bank, by this expedient, might cut off much of the dealings of private bankers and money-jobbers; and though the thesis on virus, state bore the charge of salaries to and critical thinking the directors and tellers of this bank (for, according to the preceding supposition, it would have no profit from its dealings), the national advantage, resulting from the low price of labour and the destruction of paper-credit, would be a sufficient compensation. Not to mention, that so large a sum, lying ready at command, would be a convenience in times of great public danger and thinking distress; and what part of it was used might be replaced at leisure, when peace and tranquillity was restored to and critical the nation. But of this subject of paper credit we shall treat more largely hereafter.

And I shall finish this essay on money, by proposing and explaining two observations, which may, perhaps, serve to employ the thoughts of our speculative politicians. c. It was a shrewd observation of ANACHARSIS *26 the SCYTHIAN, who had never seen money in his own country, that gold and silver seemed to him of no use to dissertations and theses the GREEKS, but to thinking assist them in numeration and arithmetic. It is indeed evident, that money is nothing but the representation of labour and commodities, and thesis on the death serves only as a method of rating or estimating them. Thinking? Where coin is in greater plenty; as a greater quantity of thesis on virus, it is and critical required to represent the same quantity of goods; it can have no effect, either good or bad, taking a nation within itself; any more than it would make an essay judging criteria alteration on a merchant's books, if, instead of the ARABIAN method of thinking, notation, which requires few characters, he should make use of the ROMAN, which requires a great many. Nay, the greater quantity of money, like the ROMAN characters, is rather inconvenient, and requires greater trouble both to keep and transport it. But notwithstanding this conclusion, which must be allowed just, it is certain, that, since the discovery of the on assigment, mines in AMERICA, industry has encreased in all the nations of EUROPE, except in and critical thinking, the possessors of those mines; and this may justly be ascribed, amongst other reasons, to the encrease of gold and silver. Tests Practice? Accordingly we find, that, in every kingdom, into and critical thinking which money begins to flow in greater abundance than formerly, every thing takes a new face: labour and industry gain life; the merchant becomes more enterprising, the manufacturer more diligent and dissertations online skilful, and even the farmer follows his plough with greater alacrity and attention.

This is thinking thinking not easily to be accounted for, if we consider only the influence which a greater abundance of coin has in the kingdom itself, by heightening the price of commodities, and contest obliging every one to pay a greater number of these little yellow or white pieces for every thing he purchases. Thinking? And as to foreign trade, it appears, that great plenty of money is rather disadvantageous, by on assigment, raising the and critical, price of every kind of labour. To account, then, for this phenomenon, we must consider, that though the high price of commodities be a necessary consequence of the encrease of gold and silver, yet it follows not immediately upon thesis on the penalty, that encrease; but some time is and critical required before the money circulates through the whole state, and makes its effect be felt on all ranks of people. At first, no alteration is perceived; by statement on the, degrees the price rises, first of one commodity, then of another; till the whole at last reaches a just proportion with the new quantity of specie which is in the kingdom. In my opinion, it is only in this interval or intermediate situation, between the acquisition of money and rise of prices, that the encreasing quantity of gold and silver is favourable to industry. When any quantity of money is thinking and critical imported into a nation, it is not at first dispersed into many hands; but is confined to the coffers of a few persons, who immediately seek to employ it to advantage. Here are a set of manufacturers or merchants, we shall suppose, who have received returns of gold and silver for goods which they sent to CADIZ. *27 They are thereby enabled to employ more workmen than formerly, who never dream of demanding higher wages, but are glad of on assigment, employment from and critical, such good paymasters.

If workmen become scarce, the manufacturer gives higher wages, but at first requires an encrease of labour; and this is willingly submitted to by the artisan, who can now eat and drink better, to thesis on virus compensate his additional toil and thinking fatigue. Thesis Statement On The? He carries his money to market, where he finds every thing at the same price as formerly, but returns with greater quantity and of better kinds, for the use of his family. The farmer and gardener, finding, that all their commodities are taken off, apply themselves with alacrity to the raising more; and at the same time can afford to take better and more cloths from their tradesmen, whose price is the same as formerly, and their industry only whetted by so much new gain. Thinking? It is easy to on assigment trace the money in its progress through the whole commonwealth; where we shall find, that it must first quicken the thinking, diligence of every individual, before it encrease the price of on assigment, labour. And that the specie#x00B0; may encrease to a considerable pitch, before it have this latter effect, appears, amongst other instances, from the frequent operations of the FRENCH king on the money; where it was always found, that the augmenting of the numerary value did not produce a proportional rise of the prices, at least for thinking some time. Online? In the last year of LOUIS XIV. money was raised three-sevenths, but prices augmented only thinking and critical, one. Corn in tests, FRANCE is now sold at the same price, or for the same number of livres, it was in 1683; though silver was then at 30 livres the thinking, mark, and is now at 50. *28 Not to mention the great addition of gold and silver, which may have come into that kingdom since the online, former period.

From the whole of this reasoning we may conclude, that it is of no manner of consequence, with regard to the domestic happiness of a state, whether money be in a greater or less quantity. The good policy of the magistrate consists only in keeping it, if possible, still encreasing; because, by that means, he keeps alive a spirit of industry in the nation, and encreases the stock of labour, in which consists all real power and riches. A nation, whose money decreases, is actually, at thinking and critical that time, weaker and more miserable than another nation, which possesses no more money, but is on the encreasing hand. This will be easily accounted for, if we consider, that the dissertations, alterations in the quantity of money, either on thinking thinking one side or the other, are not immediately attended with proportionable alterations in the price of commodities. On Assigment? There is always an interval before matters be adjusted to their new situation; and thinking this interval is on assigment as pernicious to industry, when gold and silver are diminishing, as it is advantageous when these metals are encreasing. Thinking And Critical Thinking? The workman has not the same employment from the manufacturer and merchant; though he pays the same price for every thing in the market. The farmer cannot dispose of his corn and citing numbers cattle; though he must pay the thinking thinking, same rent to his landlord. The poverty, and beggary, and and theses online sloth, which must ensue, are easily foreseen. II.

The second observation which I proposed to make with regard to money, may be explained after the following manner. There are some kingdoms, and many provinces in EUROPE, (and all of them were once in the same condition) where money is so scarce, that the landlord can get none at all from his tenants; but is obliged to take his rent in kind, and either to consume it himself, or transport it to places where he may find a market. In those countries, the prince can levy few or no taxes, but in the same manner: And as he will receive small benefit from impositions so paid, it is evident that such a kingdom has little force even at home; and cannot maintain fleets and armies to the same extent, as if every part of it abounded in gold and thinking silver. There is surely a greater disproportion between the force of GERMANY, at present, and what it was three centuries ago, *29 than there is in its industry, people, and manufactures. The AUSTRIAN dominions in the empire are in general well peopled and well cultivated, and are of on assigment, great extent; but have not a proportionable weight in the balance of EUROPE; proceeding, as is commonly supposed, from the scarcity of money.

How do all these facts agree with that principle of reason, that the and critical thinking, quantity of gold and silver is in essay judging, itself altogether indifferent? According to that principle wherever a sovereign has numbers of subjects, and these have plenty of thinking thinking, commodities, he should of course be great and thesis on virus powerful, and they rich and happy, independent of the greater or lesser abundance of the precious metals. These admit of divisions and subdivisions to a great extent; and where the pieces might become so small as to be in danger of being lost, it is easy to mix the gold or silver with a baser metal, as is practised in some countries of EUROPE; and by that means raise the pieces to a bulk more sensible and convenient. They still serve the same purposes of thinking, exchange, whatever their number may be, or whatever colour they may be supposed to have. To these difficulties I answer, that the effect, here supposed to flow from scarcity of money, really arises from the manners and customs of the people; and thinking that we mistake, as is thinking and critical thinking too usual, a collateral effect for a cause.

The contradiction is only apparent; but it requires some thought and reflection to discover the principles, by which we can reconcile reason to experience. It seems a maxim almost self-evident, that the prices of every thing depend on the proportion between commodities and money, and that any considerable alteration on either has the thesis on virus, same effect, either of heightening or lowering the price. Encrease the commodities, they become cheaper; encrease the money, they rise in their value. As, on thinking the other hand, a diminution of the former, and that of the latter, have contrary tendencies. It is also evident, that the prices do not so much depend on the absolute quantity of commodities and that of money, which are in a nation, as on that of the commodities, which come or may come to market, and of the money which circulates. If the page, coin be locked up in chests, it is the same thing with regard to prices, as if it were annihilated; if the commodities be hoarded in e magazines and granaries, a like effect follows.

As the thinking thinking, money and commodities, in these cases, never meet, they cannot affect each other. Were we, at any time, to thinking tests form conjectures concerning the price of provisions, the thinking, corn, which the farmer must reserve f for seed and for the maintenance of thesis on virus, himself and family, ought never to enter into the estimation. Thinking And Critical? It is only the overplus,#x00B0; compared to the demand, that determines the essay contest judging criteria, value. To apply these principles, we must consider, that, in the first and and critical more uncultivated ages of any state, ere fancy has confounded her wants with those of nature, men, content with the produce of their own fields, or with those rude improvements which they themselves can work upon them, have little occasion for exchange, at least for money, which, by on assigment, agreement, is the common measure of exchange. The wool of the farmer's own flock, spun in his own family, and wrought by a neighbouring weaver, who receives his payment in corn or wool, suffices for furniture and cloathing. The carpenter, the smith, the mason, the tailor, are retained by wages of a like nature; and the landlord himself, dwelling in the neighbourhood, is content to and critical receive his rent in the commodities raised by the farmer.

The greater part of these he consumes at home, in rustic hospitality: The rest, perhaps, he disposes of for money to the neighbouring town, whence he draws the page numbers, few materials of his expence and luxury. But after men begin to thinking refine on criteria all these enjoyments, and live not always at home, nor are content with what can be raised in their neighbourhood, there is more exchange and commerce of thinking, all kinds, and more money enters into that exchange. The tradesmen will not be paid in corn; because they want something more than barely to eat. The farmer goes beyond his own parish for the commodities he purchases, and cannot always carry his commodities to contest the merchant who supplies him. The landlord lives in the capital, or in a foreign country; and demands his rent in gold and silver, which can easily be transported to him. Great undertakers, and manufacturers, and merchants, arise in every commodity; and these can conveniently deal in and critical thinking, nothing but in specie. And consequently, in this situation of society, the coin enters into many more contracts, and by that means is much more employed than in the former. The necessary effect is, that, provided the money encrease not in the nation, every thing must become much cheaper in times of industry and refinement, than in citing numbers, rude, uncultivated ages. It is the thinking and critical, proportion between the circulating money, and the commodities in the market, which determines the prices. Goods, that are consumed at home, or exchanged with other goods in thesis on virus, the neighbourhood, never come to market; they affect not in the least the current specie; with regard to it they are as if totally annihilated; and consequently this method of thinking, using them sinks the proportion on the side of the commodities, and encreases the prices. On Assigment? But after money enters into all contracts and sales, and is every where the measure of exchange, the same national cash has a much greater task to thinking and critical perform; all commodities are then in the market; the sphere of in essay, circulation is enlarged; it is the same case as if that individual sum were to serve a larger kingdom; and therefore, the proportion being here lessened on the side of the money, every thing must become cheaper, and the prices gradually fall.

By the most exact computations, that have been formed all over EUROPE, after making allowance for the alteration in the numerary#x00B0; value or the denomination, it is found, that the prices of all things have only risen three, or at most, four times, since the discovery of the WEST INDIES. *30 But will any one assert, that there is not much more than four times the coin in EUROPE, that was in the fifteenth century, and the centuries preceding it? The SPANIARDS and PORTUGUESE from their mines, the ENGLISH, FRENCH, and DUTCH, by their AFRICAN trade, and by their interlopers in the WEST INDIES, bring home about g six millions a year, of which not above a third goes to the EAST-INDIES. This sum alone, in ten years, would probably double the ancient stock of money in thinking, EUROPE. And no other satisfactory reason can be given, why all prices have not risen to a much more exorbitant height, except that which is on assigment derived from a change of customs and manners. Besides that more commodities are produced by additional industry, the same commodities come more to market, after men depart from their ancient simplicity of manners. And though this encrease has not been equal to that of money, it has, however, been considerable, and has preserved the proportion between coin and commodities nearer the ancient standard.

Were the question proposed, Which of these methods of living in the people, the simple or refined, is the thinking and critical thinking, most advantageous to the state or public? I should, without much scruple, prefer the latter, in a view to politics at least; and should produce this as an additional reason for critical thinking tests the encouragement of trade and thinking and critical thinking manufactures. While men live in the ancient simple manner, and supply all their necessaries from domestic industry or from the neighbourhood, the sovereign can levy no taxes in money from a considerable part of his subjects; and if he will impose on them any burthens, he must take payment in commodities, with which alone they abound; a method attended with such great and obvious inconveniencies, that they need not here be insisted on. All the on assigment, money he can pretend to raise, must be from his principal cities, where alone it circulates; and these, it is evident, cannot afford him so much as the whole state could, did gold and silver circulate throughout the whole. But besides this obvious diminution of the revenue, there is another cause of the poverty of the public in such a situation. Not only the sovereign receives less money, but the same money goes not so far as in times of industry and general commerce. Every thing is dearer, where the gold and and critical silver are supposed equal; and that because fewer commodities come to market, and the whole coin bears a higher proportion to what is to be purchased by it; whence alone the prices of every thing are fixed and thesis death penalty determined. Here then we may learn the fallacy of the remark, often to thinking and critical thinking be met with in historians, and even in common conversation, that any particular state is weak, though fertile, populous, and well cultivated, merely because it wants money. It appears, that the want of citing page numbers, money can never injure any state within itself: For men and commodities are the real strength of any community. It is the simple manner of living which here hurts the public, by confining the gold and silver to few hands, and preventing its universal diffusion and circulation. On the contrary, industry and refinements of all kinds incorporate it with the whole state, however small its quantity may be: They digest it into every vein, so to speak; and make it enter into every transaction and contract.

No hand is entirely empty of thinking and critical, it. And as the prices of every thing fall by that means, the sovereign has a double advantage: He may draw money by his taxes from every part of the state; and what he receives, goes farther in critical practice, every purchase and payment. We may infer, from a comparison of prices, that money is thinking not more plentiful in CHINA, than it was in EUROPE three centuries ago: But what immense power is that empire possessed of, if we may judge by the civil and military establishment maintained by it? POLYBIUS *31 tells us, that provisions were so cheap in ITALY during his time, that in some places the h stated price for a meal at the inns was a semis a head, little more than a farthing! Yet the ROMAN power had even then subdued the whole known world. About a century before that period, the CARTHAGINIAN ambassador said, by way of raillery, that no people lived more sociably amongst themselves than the ROMANS; for that, in citing in essay, every entertainment, which, as foreign ministers, they received, they still observed the same plate at every table. *32 The absolute quantity of the precious metals is a matter of great indifference. There are only two circumstances of any importance, namely, their gradual encrease, and their thorough concoction and circulation through the state; and the influence of both these circumstances has here been explained. In the thinking thinking, following Essay we shall see an instance of contest judging, a like fallacy as that above mentioned; where a collateral effect is taken for a cause, and where a consequence is ascribed to the plenty of money; though it be really owing to a change in the manners and thinking and critical thinking customs of the people. By the by, this seems to be one of the best reasons which can be given, for a gradual and universal encrease of the denomination of page numbers in essay, money, though it has been entirely overlooked in all those volumes which have been written on thinking and critical thinking that question by MELON, Du TOT, and PARIS de VERNEY #x005B;Joseph Paris-Duverney, Examen du livre intitul#x00E9; R#x00E9;flections politiques sur les finances et le commerce, par de Tott (Examination of a book entitled Political reflections upon finances and commerce, by Dutot), 1740#x005D;. Were all our money, for instance, recoined, and online a penny's worth of silver taken from every shilling, the new shilling would probably purchase every thing that could have been bought by the old; the prices of every thing would thereby be insensibly diminished; foreign trade enlivened; and thinking domestic industry, by the circulation of a great number of pounds and shillings, would receive some encrease and encouragement.

In executing such a project, it would be better to make the new shilling pass for 24 halfpence, in thesis on virus, order to preserve the illusion, and make it be taken for the same. And as a recoinage of our silver begins to be requisite, by the continual wearing of thinking thinking, our shillings and sixpences, it may be doubtful, whether we ought to thesis death penalty imitate the example in thinking and critical thinking, King WILLIAM'S reign, when the clipt money was raised to the old standard. d.